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We are Watkins Trucking. Founded in 1944, Watkins Trucking is a national leader in flatbed trucking. For over 75 years, our family owned and operated business has been dedicated to providing timely, safe, and experienced service to our customers.

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  • on 31.01.2022

    Today is 1/31/22 @1pm eastern time zone. I am driving on interstate I-20Westbound in a car & this truck #1017 is driving as reckless as they come. I am a truck driver myself . This man doesn’t need to be on the road . He drives like a bully. Very fast & dangerous lane changes . Not a professional driver at all.

  • on 23.11.2021

    I was employed for 30 years and I retired from there. No better place to work for. If I was still healthy I would still be working there loved it.

  • on 13.10.2021

    The guys and lady down there, are tha best. If you ever need there help, call and ask for Mr. Gabe.

  • on 12.10.2021

  • on 23.07.2021

    Great people to work for

  • on 22.05.2021

  • on 11.05.2021

  • on 08.04.2021

  • on 16.10.2020

    Great people and a great company to drive for

  • on 07.10.2020

    We had an amazing experience with Watkins Trucking. Joe is an extremely professional and dedicated driver. Chelsea did an amazing job as a dispatcher. We're looking forward to working with Watkins in the near future.

  • on 26.09.2020

    Best company I have ever worked for in my 21 years of trucking! Great people!

  • on 29.07.2020

  • on 03.07.2020

    Flatbed operation: Been here 30 years, as company driver then OO. No dispatch pressure. Oldest company trucks about 3 YO. Money's always good. About 4-5 drivers have 15+ years here.

  • on 02.07.2020

  • on 28.06.2020

    Good place to work

  • on 21.06.2020

  • on 01.06.2020

    No very professional throwing trash out in the fuel island feet away from a trash can. Typical super trucker at work I suppose.

  • on 05.03.2020

  • on 09.02.2020

  • on 27.08.2019

    They are the best folks to work for they care

  • on 20.08.2019


  • on 06.08.2019

    I've been working for Watkins on and off since 2010 ,company driver, owner operator, then company driver again. Been driving a truck for 32 years, drove for alot of companies some treated me like just a truck number, some companies you have to make a appointment to talk to the owners. But not here walk thru the door and everyone from bosses daughters to all the owners treat me like one of the family, heck even 1boss is your dispatcher not hiding in a office. Every Saturday the all 3 are on yard checking tires,trucks . My wife told me she will kick my butt if i evet thought of quitting.

  • on 05.08.2019

    Lousy inconsiderate Reckless driver's apparently. This guy (see dash cam snapshot) decided this morning in Madison AL to completely cut me off by pulling that "signal at the very last second and squeeze between two cars" maneuver. Apparently he is very near sighted because there were no cars behind me. Had he just waited 5 seconds he could have moved over without making me slam the brakes.

  • on 05.07.2019

  • on 15.06.2019

    Never visited the company but one of their drivers was in Knoxville Tn today honking at cars and running up on them. We had to change lanes to prevent from getting hit. Very unprofessional. Truck number 842 shame on you.

  • on 05.03.2019

    Fantastic service from initial call on a Saturday, pick up Monday morning, to delivery on 9am on Tuesday 2 states away. Just scheduled the return trip. Thank you Wayne!

  • on 19.02.2019

    Excellent service

  • on 06.02.2019

  • on 23.01.2019

    Worked here for almost 3 years and it’s by far the best company I’ve ever drove for. I missed ONE weekend home and never had any pay problems!! I couldn’t recommend this place more.

  • on 31.07.2018

    My husband has worked here for a little over a year and has been OTR trucking for approximately 16 years. We have never known a company to care so much for their drivers. He makes better money than he has ever made. I used to have to constantly check his paychecks to make sure he was getting paid for every load, but since he has been here I haven't had to worry about his paychecks and have been able to focus more on family & home life. Thank you Watkins!

  • on 17.07.2018

    Best place to work, never have any problems with dispatch, always friendly and fair here. Home any time I want. I've work 3 other places and have spoken to 100's of drivers. This is the place to be.

  • on 17.06.2018

  • on 01.06.2018


  • on 12.04.2018

    Good place to work for. Honest people.

  • on 08.12.2017

    Best place to work.

  • on 27.11.2017

  • on 22.08.2017

    These reviews are lies. This place will drive you into the ground and hardly pay you anything. Seriously. My husband made 1:54 on his last check. I'm not kidding. One dollar and fifty four cents. I have the pay stub to prove it. When ask why they just kept saying. He didn't work that much. I mean diving from South Carolina to Savannah GA to Alabama isn't working hard I don't know what is. Lots of physical work as well. This place is corrupt.

  • on 20.07.2017

    Because it's where I get a lot of my money

  • on 12.07.2017

    Great place to work

  • on 09.09.2016

    I've been a truck driver for more than two decades and Watkins Trucking company is by far the best company I have ever worked for. If you're a truck driver and you're looking for a company that really takes to heart treating their drivers like family this is the place for you.

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