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  • on 01.08.2022

    Box half smashed in. NO way in hell that wasn't done on purpose

  • on 17.07.2022

  • on 14.06.2022

    Customer service only open 3 to 630.

  • on 20.05.2022

    Very nice people, quick and easy shipping process, clear and concise instructions and warnings for items being shipped. Never really had a problem coming here vs the UPS store in Dover.

  • on 29.04.2022

    Usually i never have a problem. But I ordered a apple watch for my fiance for Christmas. It ended up being 3 weeks behind on being sent out(very delayed from sender) but I understand that. BUT when the ups driver knocks on the door and tells me they “lost” my package and shows me a ripped bag(that i didnt even see my name on the label, that supposedly the watch may have been in??) now i cannot talk to anyone at ups because their automated answering system about if my item was ever found. Honestly I suspect it was i have to wait another 2 months for a replacement. why is this acceptable? The item came from the west coast with zero issues than when its in my home town it goes missing on day of delivery??

  • on 14.04.2022

    I was in and out. I did have everything in order and the lady there is very efficient.

  • on 25.03.2022

  • on 23.03.2022

    The 800 number is beyond unhelpful. Trying to find out if this is a UPS hub or not is impossible. Even the automated line won't tell me this. I had to call the UPS Store in Dover for them to tell me the Harrington location is a hub. Impossible to speak with a human calling the 800 number.

  • on 23.02.2022

    The person was very helpful and friendly .

  • on 18.02.2022

    This place has horrible service and the way they conduct business is unacceptable.
    I was waiting for a package and they brought the package to my home but they didn't knock then a ticket was left on my door with no return date or any further attempt to re-deliver the package. After calling their package center I was told I had to pay $7.99 for them to hold my package at their mail center and after I paid the money I would get my package that evening. So I paid it and I was then told it would be available for pick-up after 7pm. at their access point (Advance auto parts) in Milford DE. so I went there only to find out that no package had been placed with them for me.
    The next day I called ups all day and no one knew where my package was

  • on 22.12.2021

    Worst experience I've ever had with UPS. I have the app and I am expecting a package which is supposed to be delivered 12/24. However, I have been invited to another person's house and I will not be home. Wanted to change delivery option. NO LUCK WITH APP, SUPPORT OR EVEN REP AT LOCAL UPS IN HARRINGTON!!!

  • on 18.12.2021

    Lady behind the counter was very helpful.

  • on 10.11.2021

  • on 31.10.2021

    Absolutely by far the most incompetent people I’ve ever encountered. With the technology we have in 2021 it should not be rocket science to deliver to the correct address but somehow UPS finds a way to screw up daily. They will forge signatures, randomly pick a place to drop your package off. The place needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. Pure stupidity and I have to give them one star. Should be negative stars

  • on 10.09.2021

  • on 24.08.2021

    Terrible service, suppose to deliver package on 8/21 between 2 and 6 pm.per email provided by UPS. We saw truck back into drive our driveway at 12:02 pm on our Ring. Never saw driver come to door or ring door bell. Waited on 8/23 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm per UPS email for package outside in
    garage to ensure present for packagr again UPS a no show. Still waiting for package

  • on 21.08.2021

  • on 06.08.2021

    Great service!

  • on 04.08.2021

    Grson gets medicine delivered monthly. Cost of $29,000. Don't even blow horn or knock on door. I called you can't speak to anyone locally, the call center said someone from there would call never did. I know they are busy all i ask is blow horn esp bad weather. Can youimagine trying to get insurance to replace if damaged? This is life saving med.

  • on 20.07.2021

  • on 07.07.2021

    Good people here. Very helpful.

  • on 01.07.2021

    I want to talk to a person not a machine!

  • on 12.04.2021

  • on 09.04.2021

    Took 15 minutes for someone to come help 5 people in line. I was in the phone with ups when someone came to help. I needed a receipt that my item was shipped.

  • on 13.03.2021

    I am trying to find the actual number for this store because I have a very important problem to to contact them about with a package of mine that is being delivered there. If someone or the owner could please reply about where I could directly contact them I would really appreciate it. It is a super important matter.

  • on 05.03.2021

    Very professional!

  • on 23.02.2021


  • on 20.02.2021

  • on 05.02.2021

    Easy no drama shipping. Only open for a few hours 3:30pm - 6:30pm. You have to type up and print your own shipping label. You can use one of two computers there. Or just print it at home and drop off your package. They only take credit cards for payment. Not sure if you can get packing materials here or not. I didn't see any boxes or tape. So if you need to have the item packed too then I suggest somewhere like a mail center. I also found it odd they said they can't ship hazardous materials from there. So you may want to go elsewhere if you need to ship Li-on batteries or something that can't be sent via air.

  • on 05.02.2021

  • on 22.01.2021

    So......I'm sitting in my chair taking a break when I see the UPS driver walk towards the porch. He stopped at the edge of the porch (which has a railing that is approximately 6 feet high) & DROPPED my packages on to the porch. I heard a THUD! I got up to check as he was walking away from the porch. Yup.....he just walked over to the railing & DROPPED the packages. It is a DAMN good thing he didn't break my new iron!!!!!

  • on 19.01.2021

    Always a great experience. Very nice customer service

  • on 11.01.2021

    For 20 years we had the same driver. He recently retired and the new UPS man can't get my packages to the door. He is leaving them out in front of the garage which IS NOT attached to my house and we had 3 boxes freeze that had g tube feeding in them. Today he left a package in front of the garage. I have called and made a complaint without success. There is NO REASON my packages can't be delivered to my door our driveway even has a turn around!!!!! Harrington Delaware driver

  • on 31.12.2020

    No problem with our driver...he is very friendly and professional. Customer Center employees are helpful. Hours of operation need to be changed on your website. Several customers were waiting today when I went out at 3:30 to drop off a package. None of us knew that the Customer Center hours had been changed to open at 4:30.

  • on 31.12.2020

  • on 19.12.2020

  • on 15.12.2020

  • on 08.12.2020

  • on 23.11.2020

  • on 17.11.2020

  • on 12.11.2020

    I couldn't believe the customer counter was closed during the day and opened after 3pm

  • on 28.08.2020

  • on 15.08.2020

    Horrible customer service

  • on 22.07.2020

    still waiting for my package. Have you guys found it yet?

  • on 18.07.2020

    Cant get ahold of anyone.... never received my packages and now i get the run around i give them no stars if i could. I will just stick with amazon

  • on 08.07.2020

    Today, a UPS driver dropped packages on my front step. I tried to contact someone about him, once again to no avail.

    It is my understanding that they are union, so therefore they can do what they want with no repercussions.

    I'm more than disappointed so now we all have to be careful not to allow our deliveries to go VIA UPS because the drivers actually suck.

  • on 28.05.2020

    Very nice people

  • on 15.04.2020

    I had a package that went missing after receiving a notification saying that it was delivered to my house and that I signed off on the package , I called the customer service number for UPS to ask them where my package was and I was put on hold for two hours with no music , so at times I was unsure if I was still on hold and then the phone hung up and when I tried to call back again they put me right back on hold and I sat on the phone for another 30 minutes , they need to get better customer service

  • on 13.02.2020

    Always tries delivering to my business outside of business hours then never leaves anything on the door. The last 4 times this has happened I’ve found out by looking at the tracking info online. They either need another driver that does closer runs later or figure something out. It’s getting ridiculous. At least leave something on the damn door or hold it at the facility.

  • on 11.02.2020

    My husband and I came from Federalsburg, MD. to this location to just simply send out a bottle of perfume. I guess it wasn't enough to have sat there 2 hours until they opened at the insaine hour of 3:30 pm but then we couldn't even pay cash for the transaction and neither of us had our one credit card on us. What is wrong with this place?

  • on 14.01.2020

    I called the UPS center and they ensured me the drive very would call the driver to get my package to me by 530. No one ever came and I leave for vacation tomorrow. UPS is garbage.

  • on 21.12.2019

    I paid $37.07 to have a package guaranteed to be delivered by UPS in 3 days even though it normally would be to me in 3-4 days anyway. I really wanted to make sure this package got to me before the weekend since it was my child’s much needed supplements. Tracking said it was out for delivery on the day it was expected by 8pm. We waited until 8pm. No package. Saturday the tracking says expected delivery on Monday. Ugh...I call customer service cause we need that package !! They say we can drive the 2 hours to the UPS center to get it in Harrington. I’ve been waiting a whole hour for them to contact us as to if they have located it and we can head there but why not leave it at a LOCAL UPS location within minutes of my home?? I look online and it says the Harrington location is closed until Monday. Why did the operator tell me I could go there to get it? I’m so frustrated!! I need that package!! At least prioritize the packages that people paid so much extra to have delivered within a certain time frame!! There is usually a reason they do this like that there is something they REALLY NEED inside such as my child’s supplements she relies on. I’ve had more luck with on time delivery using USPS and FedEx so will request shippers to use this form of shipment from now on. I hope I can get my $37 back too. I never leave reviews unless it’s to complement someone but there is not a good excuse for this trouble we are dealing with.

  • on 20.12.2019

    Friendly &Helpful

  • on 13.12.2019

    Excellent customer service

  • on 05.12.2019

    UPS always sends me a notification that my address is wrong and it takes 2 extra days to get my package to me. And I literally live 15 minutes from them and it's a straight shot down to me. But yet FedEx always finds me with no problem and my package is usually 2 days early? Really starting to think UPS needs to update their GPS.

  • on 21.11.2019

    A couple days ago I ordered two pairs of shoes (in the same order) a pair or Nike roshes and Air Force ones. Yesterday (11/20/2019) the roshes were delivered. The other pair was sent to another address and signed for!!!! How can you mess that up? When I called there was no apologies for the inconvenience, and the woman said she would message the delivery driver and call me back within the hour to update me. Hours later, the woman finally called back and said the driver would go back out today (11/21/2019) and retrieve my package. I’m infuriated.

  • on 14.11.2019

  • on 11.11.2019

  • on 08.11.2019

  • on 11.10.2019

    Excelente atención

  • on 06.10.2019

  • on 27.09.2019

    Always nice people

  • on 26.08.2019

  • on 09.07.2019

  • on 07.06.2019

    My package was “incorrectly sorted” In Harrington, DE two days ago. It’s still sitting in Harrington after 53 hours. The web site says they don’t even until 3:00 this afternoon. Customer service was no help, as they see the same thing on line that I do and wouldn’t or couldn’t contact the Harrington distribution center. This a 2 lb. package that could have been walked to me in far less time, after all Delaware is a small state.

  • on 01.05.2019

    Sharon and Patty saved the day!! They helped find the package I was waiting on for my wedding that is in 3 days - I cannot thank them enough for going above and beyond to help me! So incredibly grateful!

  • on 31.03.2019

    Excellent service

  • on 28.02.2019

  • on 10.02.2019

  • on 11.01.2019

  • on 30.12.2018

    The drivers are DISHONEST. I literally waited for an important package that required a signature all day. Right by my front door and checked outside frequently to make sure I wouldn’t miss the delivery. I randomly refreshed my tracking page and it said they attempted to deliver my package and I wasn’t available. FLAT OUT LIED! Not to mention when they do try to attempt to deliver a package that requires a signature, they always leave a note stating when they tried and when they will attempt and there was NO NOTE! I will be taking this issue to the highest authority because it’s one thing to be too busy and notate it or whatever the issue, it’s quite another to LIE, especially when it’s not your property. UPS may have just lost a customer that uses their services frequently.

  • on 27.12.2018

    Horrible customer service. Takes customers money to deliver packages late if at all! I guess their uniform is brown to represent the sh*tty service you’ll receive

  • on 15.12.2018

  • on 28.11.2018

  • on 27.11.2018

    This is not a ups store
    Call ahead before making the drive.

  • on 09.11.2018

    The ladies at this store are very professional and attentive to customers. They treat every customer with respect and promptness. I always go here for my shopping needs for FedEx and UPS, and notary services.

  • on 20.09.2018

    The friendly face at the front counter she is great

  • on 15.08.2018

  • on 15.07.2018

    I went to return a very expensive purchase here a few days ago and I was told I had to pay for shipping and handling however if I return the product back to store I can return it for free! It was a waste of time even going here and I was extremely unhappy!!!

  • on 24.06.2018

  • on 13.06.2018

    Fast efficient service

  • on 05.06.2018

  • on 04.06.2018

    Great service

  • on 02.06.2018

  • on 01.06.2018

    Nice customer service

  • on 01.06.2018

    Detail-oriented staff explained everything I was a first-time customer I will be your return customer

  • on 14.05.2018

    Great customer service. Need to have ability to print labels for all customers.

  • on 08.05.2018

  • on 07.05.2018

  • on 06.04.2018

    They let me come around the back and drop off a package after the doors were locked. That was awesome!!! Thank you!

  • on 30.03.2018

    Small for your typical UPS hub and easy to miss from the road as the sign is blocked. Staff were great -- Very helpful!!

  • on 30.03.2018

    Was told my package was undeliverable despite the fact that USPS delivered a package to the same address provided a few hours before (it was all items from amazon that for some reason were split up between USPS and UPS).
    Then, abismal customer service to include yelling at drivers and discussing personal business while I was kept waiting. It was also suggested that I should go chase down the driver to get my package sooner, when I wouldn’t have been kept waiting at all if they had made a phone call to let me know when to pick my package up as they had promised to originally.

  • on 13.03.2018

    Visited recently for my needs and had a very good experience, they were very helpful :)

  • on 03.02.2018

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