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We are licensed to handle hazardous, alcohol and in-bond shipments. Our drivers are trained and certified to handle hazardous domestic or ocean shipments with the care and professionalism they deserve.

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2.3/592 reviews
  • on 01.07.2022

  • on 22.06.2022

    Yes she is very rude moody and sick act like dictator. No respect for drivers at all. Drivers are not slave she need to know that. Am not in favor of someone loose their job BUT she definitely need to be replaced. Very bad experience at this place.

  • on 24.05.2022

  • on 19.05.2022

    Very bad place 6 hours for loading time office Laddy very rude

  • on 28.03.2022

  • on 24.02.2022

  • on 29.01.2022

    In and out in an hour.

  • on 03.12.2021

    Nada profesional la señora necesita jubilarse..

  • on 06.11.2021

  • on 04.11.2021

    Please truck drivers Don't come here They do not appreciate your time !

    Very Terrible place

    They don't respect truck drivers ! 100% I'm sure of it

    I will never come to this place again I swear to god

  • on 12.10.2021

    Overload me, after seven hours waiting in a line. And, after I come back from the scale, put me in a line again. Worth service I ever see. Stay away to do something with this company.

  • on 05.10.2021

  • on 04.10.2021

    for the second day I'm trying to load on this company but to no avail! be careful, it is better to take another pickup right away

  • on 02.10.2021

    Went there and they were on lunch till 1pm so plan accordingly. Went inside, got kicked out to wait outside, they need to post a sign on the outside telling all drivers 1 driver inside at a time and mask. Yes like all the review, the lady could be rude but is New jersey that's how. People talk around here, ain't like the south

  • on 18.09.2021

  • on 23.08.2021

    This is one of the worst Warehouse I have ever been to, the staff is totally unprofessional and very rude they make you wait for several hours without any legit answer and they provide you with no bathrooms at all. I waited there for 6 hours to unload my 20 pallets. It is highly recommended to avoid this place either for pick up or delivery because they don’t care about your time.

  • on 12.08.2021

    DRIVERS READ— Lady is very nice. Sometimes us as drivers need to learn how to talk to ppl. If you come to this place and you are polite talking, she will friendly assist you. Loader was quick also . 5 stars. Make sure you have your load # , reference # or pick up #. Otherwise ull not get loaded.

  • on 12.08.2021

    Muy chico el lugar para poder estacionar el Truck

  • on 04.08.2021

    Omg..This horrible comments gives me sick!.I have a pickup today from this place.. and can’t say anything about this place till I see how they treat me or load me. Drivers what’s wrong with the front lady?

  • on 01.07.2021

  • on 01.07.2021


  • on 30.06.2021

    This is the place you wanna go. Please don't the woman at front desk she's the worsed I have ever met in my entire life,very rude and angry she should go do something else, may be a police officer or something else and she very agly

  • on 30.06.2021

    Last time coming here, very unprofessional manners!!
    Absolutely 0 attention to the drivers, they need a whole new BETTER staff!!

  • on 23.06.2021

    Ok people docks are slow still waiting to get unload

  • on 07.06.2021

    Only appointment pick up or delivery very bad place I am never come back Very very slow???????

  • on 04.06.2021

    Nice people, loading to fast good job!!!!!

  • on 04.06.2021

    Dont come to this place in the morning your day will be bad just talk to that lady at the front never pleasant.To the owner Answer to your statement do you listen to the lady at the front desk how she talk to the driver .that why I can write these comments.) This morning I had a good experience there was some one different at the front desk very pleasant and polite they need to keep that guy there .

  • on 06.05.2021

  • on 05.05.2021

    Front office lady was very rude she treats drivers like they are 3rd class citizens

  • on 29.04.2021

  • on 27.04.2021

  • on 24.04.2021

    Horrible place ,avoid avoid avoid!

  • on 23.04.2021

  • on 20.04.2021

    The lady in front desk is very rude and unprofessional

  • on 05.04.2021

    To the owner: Lady at the front/check-in desk is very rude. I see a lot of drivers complaining about this. It’s not about appointment time or BOL’s info. Even if I came on time and had the right info, her attitude was the same.

  • on 25.03.2021

    Avoid at all cost, unless you want to spend all day there. Very rude people. They don’t care about drivers.

  • on 23.03.2021

    Took 3hr. to get loaded and the receptionist was rude

  • on 10.03.2021

  • on 26.02.2021

    Avoid this place at any cost!! 0 respect for the drivers, checked in 8 clock in the morning and they haven't gave me dock until now 4 hours. The lady in the front is very rude. She thinks, she is working for the white house . She is mannerless with unacceptable attitude.

  • on 03.02.2021

    Rudest, unfriendly liars. Do yourself a favor and avoid at any cost. One star is one too many

  • on 29.01.2021

    Not recommended they don’t respect the driver’s.

  • on 28.01.2021

    Rude people 8 hours for delivery.

  • on 02.01.2021

    Great People , Great Service would definitely use again.

  • on 01.09.2020

    Very fast guys. Thanks

  • on 17.08.2020

    The lady at front desk she’s very rude

  • on 13.08.2020

    Hard to get to

  • on 11.08.2020

    Never seen like this people Especially The lady front desk She's so rude For the drivers

  • on 22.07.2020

    This place is good.

  • on 20.07.2020

    0 stars!!! The lady at the front desk is rude.

  • on 13.06.2020

    Lo malo de ése lugar que es muy transitado por trailers y además el espacio es muy pequeño

  • on 14.05.2020

    Good place not that bad

  • on 03.04.2020

    0 stars!!! The lady at the front desk is rude, ill-mannered and dramatic. Please get rid of her and find suitably qualified people to do this job. She lies and makes it impossible for drivers to be nice to her.

  • on 30.03.2020


  • on 21.02.2020

    Worst people I ever met in my life . Don’t know how to talk man . Go to school again learn some manners

  • on 28.01.2020

    What a crazy company.Unfriendly people works here.The white girl on the front desk is crazy,screaming on the phone and in live too.
    2* because of the fast loading otherwise 0.

  • on 20.01.2020

    MOST RUDEST people. They don’t care about drivers. But they know they’re getting paid cause here is a drivers

  • on 10.12.2019

    I only loaded eight pallets here, but I waited for three hours. The staff had a very bad attitude, and there were racist, garbage warehouses.

  • on 24.11.2019

    Нет места для парковки

  • on 19.11.2019

  • on 25.10.2019

    Good company.

  • on 29.09.2019

  • on 12.09.2019

    Another food warehouse for multiple customers

  • on 17.07.2019

    excelente servicios

  • on 24.05.2019

  • on 22.05.2019

    I deliver water here all the Warehouse guys are very cool and helpful

  • on 25.01.2019

    Understand port congestion can be bad which is understandable. However its worse when a carrier pulls 2 containers from the port successfully. Then you get a call the next morning 30 minutes before the pickup is to take place. Letting you know they cannot bring the containers to load at the warehouse because the ports are backed up and there is a driver shortage. Could not even load until the following week. Uncommon would not let us find a carrier to recover or offer any solution. Sales rep was avoiding calls with voicemail full so could not leave a message. Operations manager says nothing we can do. Then they charge me for the extra chassis and yard storage they have caused. So much for working with the customer.

  • on 26.05.2018

  • on 28.02.2018

    Good for 10 hour break.

  • on 27.02.2018

  • on 21.02.2018

  • on 19.01.2018

    Came in yesterday at noon and it's 10 am today still didn't have a dock never come back here again

  • on 18.01.2018

    Still waiting on a pair of shoes I ordered on the 5th. They have arrived at this location 4 times now according to tracking info. Are they shipping each shoe and laces separately? Their inventory control staff is being very diligent. Trying to rectify thus problem. The tracking info is for a UPN CARRIER that no one has heard of. Shipping nightmares! LOL!

  • on 17.11.2017

    Waiting time one of the worst. I arrived early in a morning. I saw my pallets being ready but they told me to wait till noon because “its not ready”. Changing warehouse after this.

  • on 01.09.2017

  • on 22.08.2017

    The experience was a good one it took me directly to where I wanted to go.

  • on 15.08.2017

    If you arrive in the A.M. to be loaded, bring breakfast and lunch. If you arrive midday, bring lunch and dinner. The entrance can be congested at times, so be ptepsred. If you are energetic I suggest you take a Chill Pill, for they aren't too swift in moving here.

  • on 16.07.2017

  • on 14.07.2017

  • on 15.05.2017

    Great C.S.
    Waiting time to load so Awful

  • on 29.01.2017

  • on 09.12.2016

    Great costumer service

  • on 25.08.2016

    They are slow plan on spending most of your day here

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