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Shipping for Businesses

Our objective at Tudor International Freight is simple - to provide a first-class service for businesses and individuals that require a professional international shipping service.

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  • Air freight
  • Road freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Logistics
  • Customs services
  • Hazardous goods
  • Packing & Crating

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Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

Tudor International Freight Limited reviews

4.3/536 reviews
  • on 17.05.2022

    Extremely helpful and reliable team

  • on 16.03.2022

    Amazing service. I was moving to Morocco, and I used Tudor Freight twice to ship my stuff. My items arrived on time and it didn't take that long. I want to thank Tom and Elliot for providing such a great sevice and always available to answer my questions. I highly recommend this company, the price is also very reasonable compare to other companies.

  • on 15.11.2021

    My goods arrived in Cape Town after 4 working days. What a great service

  • on 15.06.2021

    I must say that they are very professional company. They have helped me with my pallet and sending things over to Africa.
    Very well infromed, polite and professional.
    I will definitely be doing business again with them.
    Highly recommended.

  • on 14.06.2021

    My experience of Tudor Freight has been excellent. Just moved to Zambia from the UK. On very short notice - almost 24 hours, Tudor Freight picked up my packages on time, weighed them within 12 hours and sent me my final quote. I paid immediately, and in 2 days time they were shipped out to Zambia. I arrived in Zambia on 9th of June and my cargo arrived a few days later. I picked them up. Minus one item - which was ceramic and I was silly enough to pack it - everything came in one piece. All charges were VERY REASONABLE, in comparison to others.

    I cannot thank Tom and his team enough for all the kind cooperation and support to help me move to Zambia. A definite 5 stars and to be frank, I'm stingy with my stars :-)

  • on 17.04.2021

  • on 23.03.2021

    Very knowledgeable imports and exports teams that retain the personal touch of a family owned business

  • on 17.12.2020

    Thought i would take the time to thank Adam Johnson from Tudor freight for displaying integrity and credibility during very testing times in the freight industry. He has gone above and beyond for us as a company and we are very pleased with his service and approach.


  • on 04.10.2020

    Used for a mini house move from UK to Sicily. Good price for a massive sea shipment and excellent,helpful service. Stephen was extremely helpful dealing with a difficult shipping depot in Italy.

  • on 15.07.2020

    Do not use this service!!!

  • on 19.03.2020


  • on 29.01.2020

  • on 15.12.2019

  • on 25.08.2019

    Do not deliver on time!

  • on 16.05.2019

  • on 02.05.2019

    I have dealt with Tudor twice now, specifically Richard Cross, and the service I received was incredible. We needed to ship some dangerous goods at short notice and kept on getting blank responses from several companies. I then contacted Tudor who came up with a solution straight away. The second time we used them the turnaround time between initoal quote and pick up was 4 hours which is amazing. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • on 04.09.2018

    These guys really ‘get’ the implications of Brexit. Highly knowledgeable and professional.

  • on 30.08.2018

    A very friendly, punctual and helpful service-very much appreciated during the stressful time that is moving to another country. This company went the extra mile for me when the agent in the destination country, over whom they have no real control, charged us more than double the expected amount. They reduced the charges on their side to compensate, which was very understanding.

  • on 16.08.2018

    Great transport company

  • on 03.08.2018

  • on 26.07.2018

    We are a young company with a lot of things that need managing. Happily for us, shipping, clearance, customs, duties and all things import-related including talking to our suppliers and sorting out both air and sea freight aren't on our 'worry' list. Tudor are looking after us perfectly. The quality, quantity and timeliness of their communication with us means we can concentrate on other things. They are the benchmark, and my goal is to get our other suppliers up to Tudor's level of service. Thank you Tudor.

  • on 13.03.2018

    I was impressed with the service , appreciating, understanding and very quick took 6 days for my things to be delivered

  • on 04.10.2017

    Very reliable and efficient Service

  • on 19.09.2017

    Overall pretty good for high volume small parcels.

  • on 14.12.2016

    I was extremely impressed and pleased with the service Tudor Freight provided. The initial customer service was very informative, the driver arrived on time and was very pleasant and helpful (tip: Sundays are their own driver and he weighs and measures the packages on spot, weekdays they send a courier service and weigh the package/suitcases later at the warehouse, either way free collection nationwide), the information provided on the shipment and airway bills was sent a few days later by email and of course the final outcome of the goods arriving in good condition without any damages was great! There are no hidden costs! Highly recommended! Thank you Tudor Freight!

  • on 09.10.2016

    Excellent Service. I called them a couple of time when i had enquiries and everything went smoothly.\
    My items were delivered from the UK to Oman in 2 working days and their rates were excellent!

  • on 20.09.2016

    An unprofessional business with poor customer service! It has been a nightmare dealing with them when facing issues of retrieving the shipment at the end destination.

    The "hidden" freight charges defeat the attractive low costs of using this business.

    This whole process has not been worth it, I recommend you try any other company!

  • on 20.09.2016

    Probably the worst experience I've had shipping something, initially it was cheap. But I came across so many 'hidden costs' and ended up paying double for shipping a small item.

    I would recommend that you use professionals, I spent a whole week trying to get my stuff back!

  • on 25.04.2016

    Very arrogant bunch of guys on the phone who have no patience. Too pompous and abrupt for a group of guys who throw boxes for a living. They seem to be in a hurry to throw you off like a box than provide you the services for which they charge. Their website attempts to address this but not fully explanatory. Besides there are hidden fees to charges upon clearing of goods. They are certainly not the cheapest.

  • on 21.12.2015

  • on 24.04.2014

    a wonderful family business

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