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Transglobal Express has been providing door-to-door courier services and air and sea freight forwarding services for over 25 years. Our mission is to provide high-quality service and value for money.

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Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

Transglobal Express Ltd reviews

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  • on 23.05.2022


  • on 19.05.2022

    Very poor response to my claim for compensation for parcel damaged in transit. I have used TG express for over 2 years without a problem. Recently had a parcel damaged by them and tried to claim on the additional insurance I had paid for. After several emails to their claims department it appears that it is my fault they damaged it. Apparently I should have wrapped the 20kg lawnmower base in bubble wrap , that would have protected it when they dropped it.
    Don't think the insurance cover they offer is worth paying for, they will weasel out of paying any claim you make.
    Won't be using TG express again.

  • on 18.05.2022

    Just sent a pallet to Los Angeles. Outstanding service throughout.

  • on 17.05.2022

    I have had 17 parcels go missing recently. I have now been told I cannot claim for some even though I first required within 30 days of collection. This company continually fobs me off to delay me being able to claim. Avoid this company else it will cost your business

  • on 12.05.2022

  • on 10.05.2022

    I use their services quite often

  • on 07.05.2022

    I chose TransGlobal as I needed a 1 day delivery service from London to Paris. Safe to say, they were completely the wrong company for this. Not only did my package arrive 5 days later, there was no apology, no explanation and no compensation. Just a reference to some small print that states that you are not guaranteed what you pay for. I then spoke to the actual company that was to courier my package (TNT) who were apologetic and it turns out, TransGlobal got my request to them late. Transglobal are simply opportunistic and unprofessional middle-men. Avoid them and go straight to the real couriers.

  • on 29.04.2022

    Personally, I think your service was unhelpful and lacked customer care. I found your knowledge of the system woeful and wholly inadequate.

    The sheer absence of urgency is not something I am used to when dealing with companies. I should have realised right at the start when our first interaction was that you provided the wrong price in the quote, and took no responsibility for the error. It all went downhill from there.

    I don’t normally interact like this, but I feel completely let down by the whole episode.

  • on 28.04.2022

    Transglobal Express are unreliable. I purchased a knee brace on ebay. It was picked up by Transglobal and misplaced, They have sent the sender a claim form as they have failed to locate it and says it is "LOST". I now have no opportunity to purchase another before a knee consultants meeting. Do not rely on this company for anything important or valuable. TP-4448919

  • on 28.04.2022

    Excellent service! Highly Recommended!
    Nikki Gonzalez answered the phone promptly and guided me through my shipment step by step, even finding the time to fill in forms for me.
    In a world of companies that are non contactable or have 1 hour waiting times, this company is a breath of Fresh Air!

  • on 25.04.2022

  • on 23.04.2022

  • on 14.04.2022

  • on 13.04.2022

  • on 13.04.2022

    Отвратительное обслуживание. С нами связался Br. Anthony Orton ,нам ввели налог на добавленную стоимость взимается в размере 1950 долларов. Посылка шла с Америки в Кыргызстан, скрины всей переписки у нас есть. После оплаты (все справки у нас так же имеются) посылка прибыла в Турцию, и вечером того же дня нам написали что у нас нет гербового сбора и запросили ещё 3400 евро. Беспредел полный, вина компании а с нас сдирают деньги. Так ещё ко всему этому никто не хочет брать ответственность, виновата компания а точнее невнимательный работник. Компания ничего не хочет делать ,не хочет увольнять этого сотрудника, не хочет взымать деньги из его зарплаты за его оплошность, такой проблемой а просто требует ещё деньги.

  • on 13.04.2022

    They don't even deserve one star.. My shipment took over 25 days to reach me and we lost the event and they refused to carry their responsibility and refused to compensate us for the losses..

  • on 13.04.2022

    I'm a little confused how this company makes any profit! Why would you use Royal Mail when these people effortlessly arrange delivery for peanuts. Excellent service.

  • on 12.04.2022

  • on 12.04.2022

    Very friendly staff , all very helpful

  • on 11.04.2022

    Very good service with reasonable price quotes. Super communicative customer support and I strongly recommend. :)

  • on 05.04.2022

    I was able to rebook a shipment that I had cancelled thanks to brilliant work by Nikki. And the phone was answered right away -- no long wait with horrid music.

  • on 01.04.2022

    I cannot fault the service I received, from my initial enquiry to Transglobal accepting my parcels. I am acting on behalf of a small publishing social enterprise, and this was the first batch of books to be shipped overseas. We had no experience of doing this previously but I needn’t have worried. Everyone I came into contact with was very helpful and professional and made the whole process easy. I will certainly be using them in the future.

  • on 31.03.2022

    I used to use these years ago and forgot why I stopped using them.I then quickly found out why!! Without being a long drawn review its simply this you weigh your box and measure out you information in like the price book pay send. However then you get an email saying either it weighs more than stated or your measurements are wrong.Them you have to go through the hassle of sending in pics measurements etc that’s if you have taken pics. I have lost counts of how many times they have tried this on me. Why would I put in incorrect information knowing there’s a good chance it going to get checked. I’m going back to an honest company that I can simply book,pay and send without the hassle I suggest you really think before you book with these guys.

  • on 25.03.2022

    Package not delivered. No effort being made to sort it out. Terrible.

  • on 22.03.2022

  • on 21.03.2022

    Nikki Gonzalez have been great in providing the service, she wad patience,professional and friendly through out the call and helped myself and my son to take the order. She is an asset to the company. Thanks

  • on 15.03.2022

    I wouldn't use this company ever again.My wife packed up 3 large boxes to be exported to France. Three days her elderly mother in law sat indoors in the UK in her conservatory awaiting a sub contracted courier to pick up the goods. Twice the driver said he had been. Twice he lied because he had not. Transglobal were spoken to on the phone when we were in Francebto complain. They rescheduled again for yesterday but thisvtime no text was sent to say they would be collecting nor did they turn up. So we are left in Frsnce without numerous items we need. Absolutely useless company. Now when we phone they just get you off. Awful and unreliable.

  • on 07.03.2022

  • on 03.03.2022

    Nikki dealt with my enquiry in a very professional manner and whilst she was not able to fully resolve my problem I felt that she had done all that she could.

  • on 28.02.2022

    Hola Cómo podría Saber Si me enviaron un paquete de esta empresa Me lo enviaron desde Australia y piden que cancele 100$ en Wester unión En el pais donde vivo .. Piden que cencele a nombre de ROBOT PETER OVER No SE SI TRABAJARA COMO OPERADOR DE ESA EMPRESA QUIERO SABER PARA PODER CANCELAR Y NO ME ESTAFEN XFAVOR DENME UNA RESPUESTA JUSTA FELIZ DIA

  • on 27.02.2022

    Used these to deliver a couple parcels never again will I use them

  • on 25.02.2022

  • on 15.02.2022

    Mark, thank you , great service

  • on 14.02.2022

    My first experience using TG Express, and let me tell you, never, never again! I do not recommend anyone using this service, especially if it’s your first time. Let me explain why.

    I was looking for a reliable and affordable shipping company to ship my belongings from the UK to South Africa. I found TG Express online and had looked through the various reviews (trustpilot, google) which seemed decent, and the online quote I received was definitely better than other suppliers available, so it was a no brainer for me.

    HOWEVER, this is where I wish I had given more weight to those ‘poor’ reviews on trustpilot and google reviews (like mine now).

    My shipment consisted of four bags, I thought, once the bags were collected, all I would have to do is sit back and wait till they arrived at my door in SA – which is what I expected reading the reviews. However, what I got was, lost bags, delayed shipping, multiple follow-ups, additional charges, filling out tedious claims, dealing with multiple different people, repeated & parallel communication threads, no shipment at all.

    Below you will get a glimpse of the type of experience and customer service your going to go through if you decide to select TG Express with your shipping needs;
    • January 5th – bags collected
    • January 10th (Jessica Cliff) - notified my bags were lost and asked for further details on the contents of the bags – details were provided including photographs of the bags and the list of contents
    • January 10th (Lydnsey Lloyd) - will not be able to ship two parcels to get the bags that they had available to me whilst they were searching for my lost bags
    • Jan 10th – 21st multiple calls to Transglobal to find out status of bags that were lost.
    • January 12th – formally starts investigating lost bags
    • January 17th (Cally Ogram) – saying that an invoice has been raised on my account for an ‘additional handling’ – with no further information by what this meant
    • January 20th (Kelly Blything) – requesting further information about the bags that was lost (which was already provided to Jessica Cliff on the 10th Jan.
    • January 24th (Lydnsey Lloyd) – found one of my suitcases, the other is still missing
    • January 29th (Laura German) – search over, unable to find bag – need to submit a claim
    • February 2nd Wednesday – I formally submit the claim which totals GBP953 including the cost of items, cost of the expensive bag and shipping fee.
    • February 2nd Wednesday ( Emma Gooding) - Claims will be processed in 15working days, will reach out on the status of remaining pieces to be shipped to SA
    • February 11th (Jacqui Hill), following up on my payment for the ‘additional handling’
    • February 11th – response to email thread I told them they should be looking after any additional handling
    • February 11th (Sam Bell) – acknowledges claim has been made
    • February 11th (Anna Beattie) – contacted about consignment, asking what to do with the shipping that has been returned to their warehouse
    • February 13th – I told them they need to coordinate amongst themselves and stop emailing me the same questions.

    This has been my experience since the 5th of January, this has been a complete and utter nightmare. In hindsight, it would have served me better to just fly to the UK pick-up my bags and come back to South Africa with them. I do not usually write reviews, but I needed to write this one and share sharing this experience so others do not have to go through the same. Please do not make the same mistake I made. If you do decide to choose TG Express with your shipping needs – good luck, you will need it!

  • on 11.02.2022

    They provide excellent customer service even though they can be a bit expensive but the service is worth it. Make sure to ask for goods insurance whenever you book for air cargo.

  • on 11.02.2022

  • on 07.02.2022

    Very good

  • on 05.02.2022

    Hola, estoy usando el servicio de una empresa llamada Global Delivery Service's y la dirección es esta misma pero veo que es de otra empresa.
    Otra empresa esta usando su ubicación para estafar personas con el servicio.

  • on 05.02.2022

    First time I have sent a package to USA. Transglobal were cheapest I found and very helpful. I made a mistake on the address and was able to phone and correct instantly. Brilliant service

  • on 02.02.2022

  • on 01.02.2022

    One star, only because no stars is not an option. Quite cheap but there is a reason. Unless you have a package which you don't mind getting lost and never arriving at its destination, I recommend you avoid this company.
    More details of the painful experience:
    They didn't collect from the London pick up as agreed as they failed to pass pick up details to the driver, which meant I had to take my envelope containing important papers to their drop point which lost a day.
    They then lost the envelope which I only found out about when I asked the recipient in New York if they had received it.
    When I phoned to ask where the envelope was I was told DHL had lost it. It turns out TransGlobal is a freight forwarder which means they don't actually do any deliveries, they just get a lot of packages together and use volume to get a discount from a proper courier company like DHL.
    It then took almost a month before they accepted that the envelope was lost. Apparently they have to give DHL time to look for it. Their excuse for the time it took was that Christmas came in the middle of all of this. They didn't accept any responsibility for losing the package.
    I had not taken out additional insurance as there was nothing breakable in the envelope, just legal papers which had been notarised at a cost of £270. I did not expect TransGlobal to lose the package.
    So when it came to compensation I received the standard £50 plus the cost of the freight. Nothing for the additional cost of second notarisations or my time in getting the papers renotarised, or anything for the opportunity cost of the delay.
    I am reminded of John Ruskin's quotation:
    There is hardly anything in this world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.
    Do yourself a favour. Use a different courier.

  • on 27.01.2022

    Spoke to a CSA today with a problem.
    Nicola Gonzalez what an absolutely lovey experience.
    Professional happy to help, nothing to much trouble
    I’m left happy

  • on 14.01.2022

    All the staff , bar none , go out of there way to ensure all your problems are sorted out

  • on 13.01.2022

    Simply the best! 15 orders placed with success since 2020

  • on 07.01.2022

    Absolutely shocking service. Lost parcels terrible communication and an insurance policy that isn't fit for purpose.

    Don't use them.

  • on 06.01.2022

  • on 04.01.2022

    Transglobal express is a professional transport & shipping parcel company I have now sent many items this year with them and with telephone enquiry ( real person )Option, online option is easy, Fantastic on international shipping bureaucracy they are so knowledgeable.
    They delivered the clock below from Manchester UK to Tennessee USA it arrived perfectly 5 days later

  • on 31.12.2021

    Very helpful, parcel collected and delivered expeditiously and staff assisted in preparation of customers invoice.

  • on 20.12.2021

  • on 17.12.2021

    Absolutely disgusted. I asked for these people to return a £400 Oak door to a supplier in the packaging it arrived in. I took out the insurance just in case.

    This is how it arrived !

    There response was

    Unfortunately, we have found the materials used to cushion your shipment were not sufficient to protect the contents from the rigours of transit on a courier network, which can include the use of automated sorting facilities, such as gravity chutes and conveyor belts. We therefore regret that we are unable to offer any compensation in this instance for the damaged goods.

    All carriers handle parcels with the same level of care, regardless of “Fragile” or other such labels. Parcels may be stacked and are processed through automated sortation centres using the aforementioned conveyors and chutes, therefore “This Way Up” labels may not help, as orientation cannot be guaranteed.

    We would always recommend the use of cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, craft paper and loose fill polystyrene to protect your items. There should be at least 5cm of cushioning between each item, and between the items and the carton wall, so that the goods could withstand a drop from waist height onto a solid floor.

  • on 16.12.2021

    Nikki Was so helpful with the new rules I was lost she was fantastic & calm I have no hesitation in recommending your company you deserve all the business

  • on 14.12.2021

    Amazing customer service.
    Searched for a courier to take a parcel to Romania for us. After trying to get in touch with several brokers to ask questions, we found Transglobal Express who immediately answered our call and helped us through the process. They then followed up by contacting us, keeping us informed of progress along the way.
    Their customer services is second to none. Thank you for helping through the minefield of international shipping.

  • on 11.12.2021

    Very professional team with excellent service & comunication on a regular basis. We made the right choice of Agent to ship our items, plus feeling reassured that in the rare cases that a problem arises, (like an item is damaged in transit), Transglobal Insurance Team is also ready to help in a fair, & effective manner.
    Roomscape London, Sergio Guazzelli.

  • on 10.12.2021

  • on 10.12.2021

  • on 06.12.2021

    Your Representative was all of the above and more. Nicola Gonzalrz. Nicola was patient, understanding and genuinely caring about getting my parcel off to Texas to continue our 40 year Christmas Eve tradition,
    She put my mind at rest immediately and took control of my account and the new baffling Customs Form which I had completed 5 times only to be told after I had nearly completed it that I was now logged out due to time constraints! So frustrating and time consuming.. Nicola helped me to complete the task that had totally eluded me to the point of changing from Transglobal to anyone else who could help me send off my Christmas parcel. but not now she has restored my faith in Customer Service. Nicola is a truly wonderful lady and a credit to your Compsny.Thank you again for all your help and I shall look forward to using and recommending Transglobal again.
    Wishing all the staff a very Happy Christmas and a much better 2022x
    Kind regards Lesley Hussey

  • on 03.12.2021

    Please don't ever use this company. Please! Go elsewhere for your mental health and the protection of your items! Avoid at all costs!

  • on 25.11.2021

    Great service in person and on the phone

  • on 20.11.2021

    Terrible service.
    Booked a collection for a Monday, no courier showed up. No courier showed up Tuesday either, or halfway through Wednesday afternoon so I called up to find out why.

    They told me that their system does not monitor the collections and does not automatically rebook missed collections! (If I hadn't called, they wouldn't have even known!!)

    So promised it would be rebooked for the Thursday, as now too late for Wednesday, but of course, no show again, or Friday.

    Cheaper courier service, but this is obviously why, you get what you pay for.
    Arranged FedEx now instead!

  • on 10.11.2021

    Always happy to help no matter how bad you think the problem is
    wrong address ,parcels not pick up ,When i phone they understand what am saying only use transglobal for this reson

  • on 08.11.2021

    The above elements of GOOD MARKETING PRACTICE are excellently achieved!!
    Furthermore, Ms. Nicola Gonzalez, transglobal representative attended to me in a very proficient and professional manner: Nikki was very courteous, transparent and displayed emotional intelligence to manage my worries applicably. A woman of integrity and experience!!

    Profound regards


  • on 05.11.2021

    Easy to use effective service and reasonable price. Very responsive by phone.
    Two small items to note: service advertised was 2 days, but took 4 days - however, this could be attributed to the receiver's address being almost in a war zone. Other item: I find it difficult in places to navigate the Website e g trying to pick up previous jobs as a model for a new one is not straightforward.

  • on 05.11.2021

  • on 04.11.2021

  • on 28.10.2021

    I have used Transglobal several times for items to Australia. The quality of service is to the highest standards which could be expected. The help line is the best and easiest I have ever contacted. I cannot speak too highly of the service I have received.

  • on 25.10.2021

    I would avoid this company. The very first time I used that to send a 1.3m brightly multicoloured sack was able to get lost as soon as it was scanned into the depot.. never found it , lots of claim forms filled in but a complete loss in the end and kept me waiting and waiting for nothing.

  • on 19.10.2021

    Catherine was excellent and extremely pleasant, efficient and professional. A real asset to the company. Oh how I wish all operators were as knowledgeable and helpful as she is.

  • on 14.10.2021

    The package went halfway round the World. BUT it was all sorted in an extremely profesional maner, Thank you Nicola.

  • on 08.10.2021

    I have just had fantastic service from Nikki at transglobal who helped me complete the information required to send my son a package to Colombia. Thank you Nikki you were brilliant!

  • on 08.10.2021

  • on 07.10.2021

  • on 07.10.2021

    Very easy to use website, and any issues the phone is always answered and issues dealt with and documented. Very professional and would recommend

  • on 07.10.2021

    Helpful customer service, incredibly competitive pricing, and have delivered the goods both time used on time and in good condition. Recommended.

  • on 06.10.2021

    I love the service of them.

  • on 05.10.2021

    professional and helpful operator

  • on 03.10.2021

    Great, quick service

  • on 29.09.2021


    They are thieves, manipulators, and liars. All the employee starting from the mangers are not professional and they are trained to make stories and excuses to steal your money and parcels.

    -The driver harassed me about the parcel documents, which I was totally prepared.

    -They changed the parcels' dimensions and wights based on fallacies, and I am glad that I did not pay the full suggested new amount as I showed how they made the huge fallacy and manipulation in dimensions and wights.

    -Not accurate about the delivery. I have got part of the parcel after months.

    -Their chat service is horrible, the employee close the chat while i WAS COMMUNICATING WITH HIM, how rude! see the example below:
    ([Scott] I am closing this chat due to inactivity. If you require anything further, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Thank you!).

    -Lost parcel, and they tried to make a story that it's already delivered.

    -They asked for a description about the lost items, and after I spend long time making the report upon their request, they said that the insurance will not cover for all that amount, and they offer 50 pound for parcel worth 800 pound.

    A summary, I hope the UK government close this company soon, as this company makes the costumers have a really difficult time, and the company gives UK industry and trade a bad reputation.

  • on 23.09.2021

    Always impressed with the speed of making bookings and the seamless experience Transglobal provide. Great online portal too

  • on 22.09.2021

    Booked a UK Domestic shipment with Transglobal.

    A Transglobal driver picked it up, but never handed the package over to the depot (left it in his van).

    As a result, Transglobal did not hand over the package to the courier company and so my package was not delivered on time.

    Transglobal refused to offer an apology for *their* mistake.

    Transglobal refused to offer a refund for *their* mistake.

    Shocking lack of any sort of customer service

  • on 21.09.2021

    I'm very happy with the customer support provided by Mark Dias. Mark was very professional and courteous, and helped solved all my queries related to a package from UK to Norway.

  • on 15.09.2021

    Thank you for offering amazing customer support!

  • on 15.09.2021

    I placed a consignment order with TGE and had a query. I phoned up and spoke to Michaela Williamson who was very very helpful. She was polite, knowledgable and emailed me back within ten minutes offering a service which saved me 80 pounds. Michaela is the very reason that I have stopped using my worldwide TNT account. I'll be back!!

  • on 09.09.2021

    Go Transglobal Express Ltd, the company with VFM, if you would like to send personal box abroad door to door!

  • on 01.09.2021

    I was not sure at first but my Goods arrived their destination on time. Reasonable prices and very responsive. Leanne is a good customer service provider and I am going to use the same company next month. Highly recommend

  • on 31.08.2021

    I send my packages (personal stuff) over a month ago. It has not been delivered, it was returned without explanation and nobody knows when it will be delivered again, one of the parcels is missing. And they are completely unable to fix it or tell me the reason why. I would not recommend this service at all, specially if you are sending from the UK to any European country.

  • on 31.08.2021

  • on 18.08.2021

    Excellent customer service! I encountered registration issues with my vehicle and had to establish last minute shipping support from Transglobal. They delivered ahead of schedule and kept in touch throughout the process to ensure I was informed of their progress. Highly recommend this shipping company!

  • on 18.08.2021

  • on 11.08.2021

    Charlotte Cook was a massive help dealing with issues we were having with an import, thanks again!

  • on 07.08.2021

  • on 03.08.2021

    Fast and correct service

  • on 27.07.2021

    Such helpful, informative and friendly service from agent: Nikki Gonzalez.
    So grateful thanks!

  • on 26.07.2021

    Destroyed my beautiful Mandolin after passing it through dpd and dhl. Maybe frozen in the plane's non-insulated/pressurised hold. £100 'comoensation'. Do not use these gangsters

  • on 23.07.2021

    I was having real difficulty in getting a Parcel collected from South Africa to be delivered to me in UK. DHL who were the couriers involved were of no help at all. After a few days of running around like a headless chicken a customer service adviser by the name of Chandra Potaraju took my call and took all of the pressure off this for me. He is a credit to this company as he took control of what DHL required and prepared everything on my behalf. The parcel left SA on Monday and within 4 days its on my doorstep. Would use Transglobal Express all the time going forward and you have created a lasting impression of goodwill on me.

  • on 14.07.2021

    Chandra potaraju was the person I was in contact with. I am very happy with his service, very helpful and gave me great advice and saved me money. Special thanks to him and highly recommended him. Will be back for future needs.
    Company - Westoning Source LTD

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