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Risinger proudly serves the United States in the mid-west, south-west, south, east, and north-east. Our services are expedited loads, regional solutions, logistics and supply chain management and payload efficiency solutions.

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Risinger Brothers Transfer Inc reviews

4/5100 reviews
  • on 04.08.2022

    Hands down this is the best company I’ve ever worked for. Everyone’s friendly & helpful & they actually WANT you to have ownership.

  • on 29.07.2022

  • on 29.07.2022

    Very nice place to work. Very honest

  • on 29.07.2022

    I currently work for them ,,, money is there if your are willing to run , the entire staff from recruiting, safety,, dispatchers , planners, maintenance, everyone are helpful in helping you accomplish your goals,, and this company actually give you the title to your truck when it’s paid off - no hidden lies. Best company to lease from

  • on 22.07.2022

    My husband Harold Decker is leasing a truck from Risinger Brother Transfer and they treat him very well. I love his dispatcher Nicky she is amazing and the make a good team. When Harold got sick they called him once a month to check up on him. When he returned the first thing we asked if Nicky will still be his dispatcher. This why Harold and I love this company.This is the best company he has ever driven for

  • on 21.07.2022

    I love Risinger they treat me like I am family and they give me the miles I want and more and they take care of me and my family. Thanks Harold decker Risnger driver.

  • on 15.07.2022

  • on 20.06.2022

    The staff is down to Earth and very accommodating. The orientation process was "Swift". The mechanics really know what they're doing so your truck won't be in the shop for long.

  • on 15.06.2022

    Keep getting texted when I requested to be removed from there spam system

  • on 05.05.2022

    An awesome company and not just cause my husband work there.

  • on 28.04.2022

    I changed my previous review after receiving new information. I will give an honest review of this lease purchase. I have several friends that drive and use to drive for Risinger. It's a good company to go too to get a short term lease truck paid off. Most drivers settlements will be between $800 to $1400 a week. If that's enough money then it's fine to do a short lease and get the title. I recommend Artur Express you pick your own loads and make $2 to $3 thousand every week. VL trucking and Super Ego are good too. VL trucking has low deductions only pay truck note and you take home $3000 to $6000 a week. Super Ego similar with no money down but deductions $1150 a week. Be safe and courteous drivers. Professionalism is a must

  • on 07.04.2022

    Great company to drive for. Know you by name not just a number.

  • on 29.03.2022

    I really like working here. Everyone is great. They take care of the drivers and treat them like family.

  • on 27.03.2022

    Good place to work if your willing to put in the work they take care of you give them a call for more details

  • on 17.03.2022


  • on 15.03.2022

  • on 09.03.2022

  • on 07.03.2022

  • on 05.03.2022

  • on 25.02.2022

  • on 21.02.2022

  • on 04.02.2022

  • on 27.01.2022

    Great place with great people

  • on 21.01.2022

    The best company I have worked for miles is not a problem if you want them. Bonus programs are second to none and,I am talking about real money just recently they awarded the top 5 drivers of 2021 5000.00 apiece and,that's just one of many. Quarterly bonuses covid bonuses drivers appreciate bonuses all they ask is drive safe don't speed do proper pretrips and stay out of third lane how hard is this.

  • on 21.01.2022

    I have worked as an OTR Driver Lease Purchase for Risinger going on 5+ years and this company is by far the best Lease Purchase/Employer I have experienced in the 12 years I have been out here! They are great to work with and they ALL know who you are even if you don’t know them!! They are very generous with bonus’s to the extreme! Great home time great miles and great pay! 100% satisfied with all aspects of Risinger!!

    I got on here and posted a review to let other drivers know Risinger Is a great place to work! Afterwards I started reading other reviews and would just like to state that some of these reviews are ridiculous. Risinger has literally thrown money at all of us (drivers) for the last 2 years alone. We have received several Covid bonuses among MANY other bonuses. I just recently was fortunate enough to receive a spot as Top 5 Drivers for 2021 a $5,000$ bonus! At the same time they have literally begged these drivers to do proper pre-trips, fix any defects and to stay out of the 3rd and 4th lanes! I know that Risinger does everything they can to make you the driver successful. Please take these reviews with a grain of salt and consider the source before making judgements.

  • on 06.01.2022

  • on 05.01.2022

    Had one of your drivers almost cause a accident on I-30 , trailer number 845 , cutting in front of people not caring. Says a lot about your company

  • on 28.12.2021

    Great company to be partnered with

  • on 10.12.2021

  • on 25.11.2021

    Nice people and communicative. I value people that are empathetic and understanding.

  • on 12.11.2021

    We love working for them they do what they say

  • on 05.11.2021

    A very good company to drive for

  • on 18.10.2021

    It's funny how the customer service rep that i deal with wants an answer from
    me in 5 to 10 minutes but yet it takes her 4-5 hours to answer me

  • on 15.09.2021

    Great environment with GREAT people!!!!!!

  • on 04.09.2021

  • on 05.08.2021

    driver of trailer 841 Thursday am was bad .to other drivers as well as to paying attension

  • on 17.07.2021

    I have been here for 7 months now my dm is Bob Dietrich Although he is quite a character he is very very helpful when you need him I have over 35 years of driving experience and have not found a better Company To do a lease Purchase with. I appreciate their honesty and integrity The management And the customer service and planners do a great job. Thank you for everything.

  • on 30.06.2021

  • on 19.06.2021

  • on 13.06.2021

    This is by far the best Company I’ve worked with. I have Tim as my driver manager? He’s the best I’ve seen ? He runs me hard and I make great miles and money ? The Company has stood behind me through various medical issues I have had? And everyone knows me by name? If you want to run and make money this is the place to be? My wife and I are very happy?

  • on 24.05.2021

  • on 26.04.2021

    Perfect place too work

  • on 22.04.2021

  • on 21.04.2021

    This company welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like we were top notch. We would recommend this place for any driver that wants to make money and have a place to call home.

  • on 12.04.2021


  • on 03.04.2021

    I work here

  • on 03.04.2021

    The recruitment there is all based on lies
    Waste of time with lies I am only grateful I didn’t sign a contract with them I dodges a bullet

  • on 26.03.2021

    Best company around!

  • on 10.03.2021

  • on 09.01.2021

  • on 15.11.2020

  • on 26.10.2020

    I have a friend who works for the company and needless to say I keep telling her to find another job. Reason being the dispatcher frequently dealt with keeps telling lies and half truths to others and seems to have an agenda. Which is getting my friend hired. She has well over 20 years of experience and if it's got wheels under it she can drive it. I was a dispatcher and owner op for 25 years and never ever treated my employees that way nor would I tolerate anyone else doing the same. If I still had my own company I promise you she would be working for me. She's that good of a driver and knows what she can and can't do. Sounds to me like the company needs to do a thorough in house of all employees regardless of who they are or how long they've been with the company and quite possibly do an in house cleaning. That's where I'd start if it were my company. Not everyone can lying in reporting their bad experience at this company!!!!!!!

  • on 25.09.2020

    Great folks to work with.

  • on 22.09.2020

  • on 27.08.2020

    Best trucking company around!!!

  • on 06.08.2020

    Excellent people

  • on 23.06.2020

  • on 07.06.2020

    Place to be,company to retired too

  • on 22.05.2020

    Best lease purchase ever

  • on 12.05.2020

    DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!! Dispatch threatened driver STAY AWAYYYYY!!!! One day someone it’s going to SUE this company!!!!!

  • on 08.04.2020

    Central IL CEO gnats to humbly thank you for your generous sponsorship. You have helped us a lot this first year.

  • on 31.03.2020

    What’s going drivers! My name is Ricardo and I’m just here to give an insight on my experience with this company. Hopefully my experience with help in your decision. I do this for every trucking job good or bad to help others in making a decision. First and foremost I have a clean driving record since I started driving back in 2013. I’m a truck rodeo champion from a previous company I worked for. My experience with this company was not one I would say is best or was good. I’ve been giving loads with a three day delivery gap that I could deliver in two. They prefer you take a 34 over the weekend which is fine but why give me a load on Friday that can be delivered on Saturday or Sunday but delivery time on Monday? Because most of there loads are brokerage loads and they don’t deliver on weekends. I stay at least 30 to 45 minutes from three places that they pick up loads from so why not set me up to take me 34 reset at home? They say they hold your last check when turning your truck in so here’s my problem with that.. pay starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday at 23:59 (11:59pm). You get paid on Friday morning. I worked the whole week and turned and signed my release papers for the truck Friday around 12 that evening but they held that check which was the second to the last check. Out the miles you run they take a portion out for escrow/maintenance which is your money but if you decide to leave they’re saying is a non refundable account. But it’s your money that’s funding the account. Never again for me. I can’t wait till the union gets a hold of this

  • on 13.02.2020

    Don't work here. Too many driver complaints and lease hardly works out may 1 of out 15 actually do

  • on 31.01.2020

    Do not trust these people

  • on 25.01.2020

  • on 25.12.2019

  • on 21.12.2019

    Risinger slammed me on my DAC report the safety lady made up a story put it on my DAC report I can't get it off it's a huge black mark on my DAC report. This company I thought was home for me I really believed that they wouldn't do what they did but they've completely slammed me and I'm unable to get another job. Six months after leaving Risinger I got a certified letter in the mail blaming me for over $6,000 worth of damage is done to the truck that was after I left them 6 months I had to claim bankruptcy they put themselves off as a Christian company. They're just like every other lease purchase out there you don't have to believe me but that's the honest-to-god truth what happened to me

  • on 05.11.2019

    No stars.Still hasn't paid me my check..

  • on 19.10.2019

    Just the company to retired to.just feel like home.treat every driver like a king or Queen

  • on 20.09.2019


  • on 29.08.2019

    A decent company not for everyone though

  • on 05.06.2019

    These guys did a great job for us recently. Friendly, professional, communicated the whole way from start to finish. We look forward to the next load that we book together.

  • on 22.05.2019

  • on 12.04.2019

    Great place!!

  • on 08.04.2019

    I had a family emergency at work..And I asked my DM for permission to go home.He(Chris)gave myself permission..The following day I received a phone call that was rude..At the same time they held my check and never gave it to..Stay away..

  • on 21.02.2019

  • on 21.02.2019

    It always amazes me how when Drivers at a Trucking company share their concerns and negative experiences with a Trucking company. Rather than the owner apologizing for thier rude dispeckable behavior all they do is blame the driver. Lol!! Haven't you guys figured out that without the driver's you don't have a transportation company?? They are the ones that keep things moving. It's pathetic seeing the owner of this company make it seem like these truckers are not telling the truth. Lol!! Poor fella! No body by this name has ever worked here before?? That's your pathetic reply? And you wonder why you can't keep Drivers. SmH.

  • on 07.02.2019

    Will put a contact request on your DAC then lie when they call you. Stay away!!!

  • on 31.01.2019

    Currentley suffering from severe tennitus. After i suffered a CONCUSSION at the hands of a glass shipper in Decatur IL my miles began to drop,my dispathcher would not return my calls to get me back on the road one week. Suddendly Stan Risinger fires me for some log book violation (15 minute over my 70). The ringing in my head has been there since that SABOTAGE to my trailer the night i got knocked unconscious because the trailer jockey ( a hydraulic jock truck deiver that has zero reason to move my landing gear) dropprd my landings and i could not get under my trailer. Tooped out load of glass is very hard to crank even in easy gear. I lost grip, it knocked me out cold. 12 yrs later the ringing is so bad that i cannot leave my home. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT THERE STAN. I GAVE YOU A 2 OUT OF FIVE. ONE FOR HIRING ME, ONE FOR ACTUALLY GETTIMG ME HOME EVRY WEEK. You asked me to shate my experience,there it is. Or i could tell the story of how they hired me for a daily local run that didnt get off the ground for a year and took only months to destroy. But thats a longer story.

  • on 18.01.2019

    I am an current driver here and treated like family. Risinger truly puts the driver first and covers all the steps for you to move forward. I'm doing well here and think I've found an company I can grow with. Thanks

  • on 10.01.2019

    Super friendly,truck stop around the corner.

  • on 24.12.2018

  • on 26.11.2018

    So far so good

  • on 09.11.2018

    Its awesome

  • on 08.11.2018

    Good update equipment

  • on 08.11.2018

    They really try to help you succeed here. They treat every driver like they are family. We go to mostly the same places all the time and that makes time off simple plus the miles are consistent

  • on 06.11.2018

    I'm thinking about coming over here I know every company not perfect but I want to more about the company from drivers that are working there now... what's the good and bad ??

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