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Regional Express is a global business specialising in freight forwarding, logistics and courier services. We can assist you with all aspects of freight forwarding and they are available 24/7 to satisfy your requirements all year round.

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Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

Regional Express reviews

3.4/540 reviews
  • on 10.05.2022

    We have been working with Regional Express for some time now and have made a number of shipments with them.

    I am quite surprised to see they are rated below four stars, as until now, they have been nothing but brilliant in getting the job done. Also, their customer service is great, especially when compared to some competitors we have used.

  • on 06.05.2022

  • on 06.05.2022

    Absolute worst service I've ever used, shipped out 3 pallets EIGHT months ago and it still has not been delivered. Worst yet is they don't ever respond to emails or phone calls. I'm lucky if they even respond once a month. Do not do business with them.

    Update: The shipment finally got delivered a couple weeks ago, nearly 10 months after they picked the shipment up from us. They went well past the Amazon PO date to the point where we had to remake the shipment and give them new labels, and they even had the nerve to say it was going to be surcharge to do so, it wasn't until I called them out for them missing the pickup date in the first place and how it was their fault that they decided not to charge us. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

  • on 03.11.2021

    Not a good company at all. They filed our taxes without even speaking with us. They filed the taxes 5x more than what we sold claiming we owe money for the units we never sold. Extremely bad service. Not responsive. We asked many times to get on a call with them but they refused. Do not waste your money on this company. Stay away.

  • on 25.10.2021

  • on 25.10.2021

  • on 21.10.2021

    In recent circumstances this is the best courier company for international deliveries for our business. Always responsive and friendly. Good service

  • on 11.10.2021

    Regional Express is a very reliable Freight Forwarder and Logistics company. I've done business with them for years. They handle all size shipments from all over the world to any destination. They're instrumental in the success of my business. Highly recommended.

  • on 01.10.2021

    We have been working with Regional Express for some time now and have made a number of shipments with them.

    I am quite surprised to see they are rated below four stars, as until now, they have been nothing but brilliant in getting the job done. Also, their customer service is great, especially when compared to some competitors we have used.

    We would highly recommend them and also would give a call out to Chris for his continuous professionalism and fast response to our calls.

  • on 08.09.2021

    Great for moving pallets to the EU from the UK. Thank you for great customer service, communication and speed.

  • on 06.09.2021

    Regional Express have always been a pleasure to work with. They are very experienced in shipping to Europe and go out their way to help their clients.

  • on 04.09.2021

    Been shipping with Regional Express for past 6months+. Although a slow start to get shipments over to EU but now flowing through

  • on 03.09.2021

    If you want to ship your inventory to Amazon warehouses in Europe, this is the company I can confidently recommend. We have been shipping pallets to Amazon Germany warehouses for 4 months now and everything has been handled professionally, no problems. After they have collected the pallets from our warehouse, we can sit back knowing that soon the stock will show as in receiving status.
    We knew nothing about shipping by pallet at the time we approached Regional Express but they went out of their way to support us, enabling us to continue our PAN EU FBA program after Brexit. Highly recommended!

  • on 02.09.2021

    Returns sent in. They were "too busy" to process them. Month after months after months. Would not answer emails and even phone call they were just rude. I would not recommend this company - plenty of other options.

  • on 01.09.2021

    Have been using Regional Express to send pallets to Amazon warehouses in Germany. Has been quite an easy process.

  • on 01.09.2021

    Great company for UK to EU Amazon FBA shipments - helpful and flexible with very good understanding of the process and pitfalls. Will be using again.

  • on 01.09.2021

    Professional, hardworking team; quick, efficient and effective service: what's not to love?!?

  • on 02.07.2021

  • on 15.05.2021

    I prefer to give zero star if Google allows me.
    I had some items return from Amazon EU to UK, I used their service. And for 20 small items(800 gram /each), when I asked them to repack and give the information so I can ask UPS to collect, they ONLY found 16 units. I don't know how they managed this but 4 are missing. So I ask them to find the missing items, luckily they found them in their warehouse, but they charged me 95 Euros for the works to re-open, find, repack. Why I need to pay this because they lost my items?
    Also I started to ask them to return in the end of March, and when I got the package information, 40 days passed.
    I just share my experience and you can make your choice.

  • on 16.02.2021

    Regional Express lost my shipment here in the UK.
    September of last year. They did not provided tracking details or status of the shipment. I called and emailed weekly. Emails were not replied to. By phone I was told someone will look into it and call me back but this did not happen. Regional Express provide shipping insurance as part of their
    service. I asked for a claim to be made on this. This wasn't done. I was continuously lied to and fobbed off by their team. Andy Roberts the manager and Neil Curran their director. I am currently involved in legal action against them.

  • on 27.01.2021

    Tried to get a quote but instead got a rude response, really unprofessional and will take my business else where. I would not recommend this company.

  • on 12.12.2020

  • on 04.11.2020

    Regional Express has been a factor in my ability to grow my company within Europe. I use them to ship to Europe from the USA, store my goods for website sales, and to send boxes over to Amazon UK. On occasion they are also a big help relabeling products when there is an issue with in that regard to keep up with Amazons strict rules.

  • on 03.11.2020

    These guys are AWESOME. They understand Amazon FBA shipments very well and provide storage for Non UK Sellers. These are local UK based guys and they understand the UK importing system and customs operations. Great company for UK peeps and ALL foreign sellers selling in on Amazon UK. They also provide a wide range of non amazon related brokerage services. Friendly and well knowledgeable staff., Very prompt responses.

  • on 03.11.2020

    We have been working with Regional Express since 2016 to help expand our business to the UK as we are based in the US. They help us with filing taxes, shipping products, and kitting requests. Our business wouldn't be as successful without them.

  • on 03.11.2020

    Regional Express has been brilliant in its support of Youth Cancer Trust. The company collects and delivers packages, which we need to send out to young people living with cancer across the UK, at a moment’s notice and at a competitive price. I find them courteous and extremely helpful. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend!

  • on 08.06.2020

    Worst customer service ever! I'm not surprised at all with the previous reviews. They have got really bad rules and very arrogant staff. They should learn how to communicate with people.

  • on 26.05.2020

    Absolute worst experience ever DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! My business reached out to Regional Express for a shipping quote, Regional got us a quote fairly quickly we reviewed and accepted. A few days goes by and I get emails from regional asking me questions about importing the goods into the UK (my products were getting shipped to the US) I informed them of that and they said they would try to correct it right away. Regional reached back out to me and said that it was too late the goods were already on the ship to go to the UK that there was nothing that they could do other than arrange for a trans-shipment upon arrival in the UK. I reached out to regional about once a week after that and almost 2 months goes by of my follow ups and they respond letting me know that they could do the trans-shipment and they are demanding I pay over x3 more than what I was originally quoted for the shipment. I politely let them know that my company is not at fault for their mistakes and I am not paying anything more than what was quoted. They will not come to an agreement and in the mean time I have $7K worth of product that has been delayed for 3 months. Absolute worst customer service and a terrible company DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY WITH REGIONAL EXPRESS.

  • on 13.12.2019

  • on 02.12.2019

  • on 02.10.2019

    Look elsewhere or file your own VAT. Prices will go up once you are hooked into their service. Customer service will not reply (or not know how to reply). Your inventory will be lost. Regional Express will not care about your business or keeping you.

    Plenty of other good providers available for you.

  • on 02.10.2019

    The most atrocious customer service I have experienced in my 9 years owning this business. I have no idea how they stay in business besides referrals from Amazon. I also have no idea how Amazon can ethically refer customers to them.

    I strongly encourage everyone thinking about using Regional Express services to go and look elsewhere before you waste your time, energy, and money.

    It is fundamentally impossible to get a legitimate answer or speak to the same person more than once. On multiple occasions I was having CS conversations with multiple Regional Express staff and they were saying different things. We had hundreds of units of inventory lost and somehow their company was too large and beaurocratic to resolve it.

    I hope they get the lawsuit they deserve.

  • on 17.06.2019

    I have never had to pay for a service which was never completed and the order was never fulfilled. My company found alternatives at a superior price.

  • on 17.06.2019

    What started out as a good experience, ended up with lost stock, bad customer service and an outstanding bill. Regional Express have refused to offer compensation and instead have demanded we pay the bill for stock that never reached its destination. We were quite happy to leave this, but they have forced us to pay the invoice for a service we never received.

  • on 17.06.2019

    Poor advice given to our team and lack of accountability by the company. Items were lost, under insured and followed by poor customer service. Shop around and you'll find another service at a similar price but with superior customer service.

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