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The most valued freight forwarder in the U.S.

Pilot Freight Services' mission is to fortify our customers' success by making their logistics programs efficient and dependable and by ensuring their transported goods arrive on time and damage free.

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Pilot Air Freight Corporation reviews

2.4/540 reviews
  • on 25.03.2022

    Garbage transit times from this place. The have had my products for over a week to travel one state. And then have the nerve to tell me they have no clue when I will receive it by. What a JOKE for logistics

  • on 23.12.2021

    Spoke with Jose in Phoenix Arizona could not answer any of my questions didn't really care had a poor attitude I would not recommend pilot freight because of this person this guy needs to find a new job he seems super unhappy gives pilot a horrible horrible look

  • on 03.11.2021

    Brutal cooperation. Promised calls back and updates time and time again but they never called or reached out. Every employee I talk to on the phone tells me the package is in a different place and gives me completely conflicting information. Nice people, just no communication or organization whatsoever.

  • on 29.10.2021

    Bought a couch from Sam's club. Sam's uses this 3rd party shipper and it took three weeks for them to pick up a delivery that is literally 5 hours away. After "scheduling" and appointment with me, which was really an email telling me what day they would be at my house, not only did they not deliver my goods, (Lost a day's pay to be home for delivery), but then they lied about it. When I called dispatch inquiring about my delivery, the rep called the driver. Driver claims my item was too damaged to deliver. "It doesn't meet their standards." However it met those standards well enough to get on the truck... so she asked him if he let me know. Driver said he forgot to call me. The very next day, the company updated Sam's club shipping information to "customer refused delivery". Scheming liars. If you don't have to use this company, don't!

  • on 02.09.2021

    All around great experience, on time, delivery driver handled package with care. Don't understand all the negative reviews. Just because the shipper (ie: Walmart, Sam's etc etc) provide an unreasonable delivery date it is not Pilot Freight Services fault they can not meet that date and end up delivering a day or 2 later. We were totally happy with every aspect of our delivery.

  • on 17.04.2021

    totally incompetent, never ship with this company!!!!!

  • on 23.02.2021

    Great employee personalities

  • on 30.12.2020

    Spent 2000 on a TV and they managed to bust a hole in it. I was on hold for an hour and ended up hanging up. All the hope I have left is to file a claim and keep the TV in my garage until they come pick it up. Worst company ever. If you see your items are being shipped by these guys CANCEL IT.

  • on 27.12.2020

    The absolute worst. These guys are all over the place, scheduling and rescheduling appointments as they see fit. WEEKS late and horrible customer service. Their web portal is a joke. It's 2020 guys, update it ASAP! I will not order any products from anyone if it's being shipped by you guys moving forward. Two thumbs down!!

  • on 13.12.2020

  • on 24.11.2020

  • on 17.09.2020

  • on 15.07.2020

    Rather rate negative 5 stars. If I knew Sam's club was shipping through them I would've canceled my order. The order arrived at the facility but never scheduled for deliver. Sam's had no idea what was going on. I had to email got them to actually schedule it. They ended up putting it on a one person truck and said they cant deliver it because it was on the second floor. So they rescheduled it for 2 days later on a 2 driver truck. On that day they called me and said they put it on a 1 driver truck again.... so I had to wait another 3 days for it finally be delivered. Took over 2 weeks for my order to be delivered after it arrived at their facility. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • on 16.05.2020

  • on 07.04.2020

    Why people still use jokers like this is beyond me. Deliveries are never on time, never when quoted. Customer service is a complete farce!

  • on 11.03.2020

    Treadmill arrived morning of scheduled delivery date. Driver texted me 15 min. before arriving and was very courteous and helpful.

  • on 04.02.2020

  • on 26.12.2019

    Tracking shows they received item 13 days ago to the local warehouse, but they can not find the package. Customer service agent said they were 7 days backed up. There are plenty of shipping companies out there, I WOULD NOT use this one. Shipping time has already exceeded 20 days.

  • on 21.12.2019

    We paid an extra $100 for shipping to be here before Christmas, our package was lost on their dock for 6 DAYS. With a supposedly one man shop on a Saturday, they find it, AFTER the trucks left for the day. We called willing to pick it up, but they don’t release cargo on Saturdays. They say they can only ship it on Christmas Eve! This is a gift for my two kids that we have to put together. If you’re considering Pilot, they’re cheap because they’re the most unreliable carrier. USE YRC FREIGHT, FEDEX FREIGHT, OR UPS CHAIN SOLUTIONS, FIND ANY ALTERNATE TO THIS COMPANY.

  • on 18.12.2019

    When I saw all the one star reviews and I read them - they were the exact same complaint as me! The worst service ever. They canceled my delivery and then they rescheduled and never showed up and never called. I confirmed the delivery date and time that morning and they still never came. When I finally talked to someone their attitude was they’ve got lots of stuff that is backlogged as if that was an excuse. I will not buy anything from Sam’s Club again online because this is the company they use. I don’t understand how they stay in business.

  • on 22.11.2019

    The absolute worst customer service.... I have been hung up on 4 times so far and still cant get a person to answer where a VERY late package is.......

  • on 09.11.2019

    No issues whatsoever - My delivery arrived several days early, no damage to the boxes, and the delivery driver was very kind and professional. Great job, and thank you!!

  • on 10.09.2019

    Have been waiting for my package to arrive since last week. They scheduled to different shipment days and never came or called. I have been the one reaching out. They can’t figure out what the issue it. As of right now, they said it might be lost and to Walmart. Not sure how that is going to help. They are the worst.

  • on 27.07.2019

  • on 17.06.2019

    This company have a great customer service and they are really friendly!

  • on 29.12.2018

    Pilot ships tooling sets around the country for the company I work for. For the most part, the equipment gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Of course, there's always an occasional problem. Customer service at the individual freight offices widely varies. Some employees are on the ball, while others seem to barely know what they're doing.

  • on 18.12.2018

  • on 28.11.2018

    Terrible services and no respect for your package

  • on 14.10.2018

  • on 11.05.2018

  • on 03.05.2018

    Pilot Freight Services is the WORST delivery company I ever had to deal with. They text me 3 separate times to set up a delivery date & time for me to receive my package. All 3 times I ended up having to call them and got the same answer that my package was being transferred to another delivery company called Elite and that I would receive delivery from them. However, everytime I called Elite they informed me that they still haven’t received my package from Pilot. I finally worked out my delivery by having to personally go to Elite and pick up my package after it was finally delivered by Pilot, just to discover a hole in the box with a possible damaged item. The entire ordeal was a great waste of time and effort and caused a lot of stress since my package had a time restraint for presentation. I do not recommend anyone using Pilot Delivery Services.

  • on 20.03.2018

    Very creepy business. My delivery was scheduled for March 16, but today is March 19th still their saying will bring it tomorrow. Please never ever wast your time to wait for their delivery and ask Walmart to not send you your item through Pilot Delivery which not even 1% ontime. They don’t even deserve 1 star

  • on 16.01.2018

    Good maneuvering area, got us unloaded quickly, nice staff.

  • on 17.12.2017

    This company by far is the worse company ever! I had ordered a large item. I live in an apt on the 3rd floor and this item weighs 161 pounds. When I received notice to schedule the delivery, I called them to let them know i was on the 3rd floor and they will need 2 ppl to deliver this. They came with only 1 person. They rescheduled for 2 days later, again, came with 1 person. 3rd attempt sd they would be here w/2 ppl between 9-11am a week later due to my schedule. No show by 11:25 am, I called them and they sd they show they delivered my item 2 days ago. After realizing they hadn't delivered it, rescheduled for the next day. Finally got it here the next day as promised by 9am. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • on 12.12.2017

    terrible customer service. They held my Home Depot delivery for 8 days and counting. 45 min hold time each call that only added frustration.

  • on 09.12.2017

    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I was to receive my order from SAM'S CLUB Thursday 12-7-17 between 11am - 3pm. I called the office at 2:30pm and was told my delivery window hasn't passed yet, he checked at stated it would be there by 3pm. Well it wasn't there on time ! My wife received a call from the driver and said he was running late but he would be there around 4:30pm ( another lie ) He finally showed up at 5:30pm and was rude ! He delivered my TV inside my home and there was a hole in the box. He said they use plenty of packing and it would be just fine. He wouldn't even wait for me to open box further to get a better look. He showed me his delivery list and he still had 2 more stops to make and was gone. My wife and I opened up the box a little further and found a small dent in the back of the TV, it appears to be a small dent but won't know until installed tomorrow. I will also forward this incident to SAM'S CLUB with photos and recommend they find a different carrier or I will move my business to COSTCO, if SAM'S CLUB doesn't follow up and contact me as to the damage to the TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on 08.10.2017

  • on 13.11.2016

    I swear the customer service at pilot sucks, I've spoken to a nicole in the Phoenix office no help- I ordered a pool table and it was delivered on 11/11/16 the table was smashed in on the side and I know it didn't shup like this. I called the company I purchased the table from and they provided me with a shipping label and said to call the company and schedule the pick up. I them yesterday and was told to call this local off in Phoenix just rude.

  • on 12.07.2016

    The best consolidation Carrier Service for Fast Delivery by Land or Air.

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