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A shipping company that's different

We're different because we offer you shipping services specifically tailored to solving your problem. Services like fixing an oil leak on your excavator so it doesn't miss the next sailing, or taking photos of your yacht loading if you can't be there

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Oxford Shipping reviews

1.6/57 reviews
  • on 04.04.2021

    Oxford shipping is a scam headed by Richmond a fraud and a con man. I found Richmond online from Oxford shipping, with wonderful reviews/testimonials written by Richmond pretending to be customers- he promised me the world to ship my car to Ghana in 2014. I paid huge amount because he promised easy smooth shipping and home delivery of the car to me in Accra. Hence this cost me 3x the normal amount of shipping and I didn’t mind paying for convenience. Being an expert fraudulent con man he wouldn’t take any form of payment other than a guaranteed bank wire of funds for payment. As soon as the payment hit his account he cut all communications with me and will not answer my calls or texts. I then realized he had several phone numbers listed in several states. Long story short my car sat at New Jersey harbor for months and he wouldn’t tell me the ship or timeline of the car reaching Tema harbor in Ghana. He promised 4 weeks I tracked the car which arrived after 3 months of pick up. His agents in Accra held onto the car and charged me 28,000.00 Ghana cedis approx $8000.00 at that time to release the car to me even though Richmond calculated Ghana duty, and delivery charges which I paid him here including shipping charges in dollars. In the end the car was delivered with bumper falling off, several dents, everything in the car stolen and the mileage run up. ( I took a pic of the speedometer and knew the mileage before shipping). I couldn’t locate him to prosecute him. Richmond is a thief and a fraud and belongs in jail he may have defrauded me but the day of reckoning will catch up with him someday.

  • on 13.07.2020

    Horrible company to work with. He lies and is very unprofessional.

  • on 06.08.2016

    Our experience with them was superb. Picked up our vehicle from two auction facilities and delivered to Tema ,Ghana within 6 weeks as promised.

    Many thanks

  • on 26.04.2016


  • on 11.02.2016

    Never never again please be careful with them they are lying took 3 Month late to get my car I had to call them every day from UK (my phone bill become sky high). If sth was done they never let me know even by email I had to phone for everything. Finally when I got my car the port put for auction telling me it was there for long time (but I didn't get my papers from agent to clear the car). WORST COMPANY EVER

  • on 08.12.2015

    Worst company ever, customer service is so appalling I wish I could give them Zero stars. After paying for all my charges and fees I still had to call them on countless times just to get the telex release on my shipment. I ended up having to do my part of the deal and doing their work for them as well when I had paid for everything. I WONT EVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE

  • on 12.11.2014

    In a nutshell I was lied to by the agent and my car which was being shipped at the time arrived 2 months late. It didnt end there because they took the rear wheels off my car during loading and had the weight of the car sitting on the ankle plates and rotors, as a result I had bent ankle plates and to make matters worse the only way to lift the car up to put back the wheels was a forklift which did some bumper damage. keeping in mind that it was a brand new car with less than 3000 miles on it. I am beyond angry because they did not accept liability even with insurance on the car from the shipping end of things. I am filing a civil suit for the cost of inconvenience and damage to my vehicle. They are the worst shippers on the planet and I urge anyone and everyone to avoid them at all costs.

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