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With 25 years of experience in the moving and storage industry we are transparent in the way we conduct business. We are family owned and operated. We are here to exceed your expectations and treat our customers as they should be treated.

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Mt Olive Auto & Freight Transport reviews

3.7/512 reviews
  • James Farris
    on 27.04.2023

    Mt Olive Auto Transport LLC Gave me Great service from the quote to the picking up of my cars on time and the delivery was great being that I am a hard customer to please we moved 4 cars and getting my kids to have their cars ready was anything but right .but Brian worked with us and gave us the best service it was well worth the money we spend after paying another transport company take my money and give me the run around but MT OLIVE AUTO TRANSPORT did what they say

  • on 18.01.2022

    Mt Olive Auto & Freight Transport are a family driven broker business that puts 100% care in the well-being of an Auto Carrier. A broker that cares about your opinion in every step of your business.

  • on 13.03.2021

    Very happy with our experience! Our car broke down (in the middle of Kansas) during our move from Arizona to Michigan. Brian helped us understand the process and we received our car a day earlier than expected. Highly recommend!

  • on 05.12.2020

    I am a manager at Honda World in Conway. We have used Brian and Linda at Mt. Olive several time and alway received exceptional service. They are in a very challenging industry where a lot of time the carriers don’t follow through after they have accepted the load from Mt Olive. In the past 60 days we used them twice. Once to Colorado when we shipped a new vehicle to a valued customer. The 2nd time was to South Florida where we sent a treasured pre owned vehicle. In both cases the vehicles we picked up on time and both deliver to the customers pick up point ahead of schedule. Both my customer were extremely please with the cost and services they received from Mt Olive transportation. As a manager at a car dealership it is extremely important we handle business as we have promised our customers. The whole team at Mt Olive help us fulfill our commitment to our customers. We will use Mt Olive for all our transportation needs no matter the distance because they do what they say. Thanks Brian and Linda and the whole Mt Olive Team.

  • on 11.11.2020

    This company definitely took me for a ride! This is my very 1st time transporting a vehicle. Most of the companies I called could not transport the vehicle because it didn't have wheels on it. When I spoke with Brian he assured me that he could get it done. I spoke to him several times to confirm The whole process including payment transactions. He told me that the $75 would be authorized 1st and then be charged at pickup. He also told me that I could cancel before the car was picked up and get the $75 back. I called him twice to confirm that information. Fast forward to now, It's been a couple days I haven't heard from them about a Carrier another company contacted me today Answer that he had someone that could do it. Granted they were charging a little bit more so I called Mount Olive back to be sure that they didn't have a Carrier 1st because they were charging less so of course I would want to go with them. I spoke to Linda she said no they haven't found a Carrier yet. I told her that I would like to cancel the order, she asked the reason and I told her that another company said they had a carrier that could do it. She then asked which company it was and proceeded to tell me they couldn't possibly have a carrier and that they were lying etc. etc. I just told her what the guy said and that I would have to book and find out because I needed the vehicle transported. She said ok and I asked her if they charged the card yet she said she didn't charge anything. Then she asked me to put in writing ,via email that , I was canceling to go to another broker. I said ok (thinking it was wierd that I had to say why in the email because to me it shouldn't matter why if they hadn't picked up the car yet). Anywho I sent the email booked with the other company and the I checked my account and it had already been CHARGED not AUTHORIZED days ago. So I emailed her about it and called to be sure she got the email and ask about it. When she called me back She had a completely different attitude and tone, which is unprofessional but understandable because they lost business. I told her what I called for and that they had already charged the card she paused for a few seconds and then says you don't get a refund. So now I'm hot because I had a feeling they were going to try something like that just by the way she handled the previous conversations. She said it was a cancelation fee. I told her Brian told me that there would be no cancelation fee unless they ACTUALLY picked up the vehicle. She said ok hold on. I was on hold for a while. I figured they were talking about it trying to scheme. When he came to the phone he acted like she hadn't just told him why I was calling so I explained to him what I was calling about. He immediately said no you don't get a refund then went on to say they don't work for free yadda yadda yadda. I went back and forth for a few minutes he lied through his teeth about the previous conversations we had. I told him I would dispute the charges (which I am because he breached the contract). He said ok I hung up. He called back saying they (all of a sudden) found a carrier to do it but it would be a whole 200 plus more dollars than my quote I said no thank you and hung up. I hope my review and a few others that went through the same thing will help the next person. Now is definitely not the time to be playing with people's money. I should have did my due diligence and read some reviews before hand I was just on a time crunch but that doesn't matter now does it because I still don't have the vehicle!

  • on 04.09.2020

    Mt. Olive transport had me waiting 1 month and never pick up the car..they had the nerve to charge my card $75 for service not rendered..Please do not use this service they are not reliable..So, there are a lot of transport companies that do not charge..Brian and linda becareful they make promises they can not keep...PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND DO NOT USE THEM..

  • on 25.01.2019

  • on 25.01.2019

    Honest and reliable business! Great experience!

  • on 23.10.2018

    Very happy with our choice to use Mt. Olive. Great communication with Linda. She responds immediately thru email & it easy to reach with a phone call. We received the best quote for a single car transport from her & have experienced nothing but professional courtesy & treatment. We had very specific hours for pick-up but were somewhat flexible with days. After we decided to go with Mt. Olive, the pick-up was coordinated within a week. Very accommodating & updates throughout the day of pick-up. There have been no hidden charges & their rate is a great value, especially when we compared to the other quotes. I would certainly use this company again & I highly recommend as they were the most cost-effective service & have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with.

  • on 06.09.2018

    BUYER BEWARE! This company used a classic bait and switch after receiving my deposit. I received a quote from Mt. Olive Auto Transport and because I was on a very strict moving deadline, I confirmed with Linda the price and timeline of auto transport. In addition to confirming the price, I also reiterated that I needed to ensure my vehicle was picked up by a certain date. She told me my request was possible, so I moved forward with placing a deposit to begin the shipping process. After two days passed and I had not heard from Linda, I reached out to her expressing concern that my car would not be picked up within my previously defined time frame. During this conversation Linda became a bit belligerent and extremely condescending saying that it was unrealistic for me to have expected my vehicle be picked up within such a short time frame. I reminded her that she did not say my time frame was unrealistic prior to receiving my deposit. Despite this negative interaction, I still decided to take my chances by continuing with the company and within the next few days, Linda found a truck to transport my car…. FOR MUCH MORE THAN THE QUOTED PRICE. I explained to her that I did not want to pay more than the original price and with an attitude, she agreed to find another truck. She eventually found a truck for the original price and I sent her an email inquiring about final payment method. Apparently, my question irritated her, as her response was very unprofessional, condescending and quite frankly, rude. She then called me yelling, telling me how difficult I was and proceeded to hang up in my face. Clearly this organization lacks in customer service, professionalism and simple courtesy. If you want to pay more than you’re quoted, have your car picked up after the promised time and get treated as if you’re a child, use Mt. Olive Auto Transport for your next auto transport. If not, RUN!

  • on 14.08.2018

    A frustrating experience and terrible service I ever had, I wasted my time and money!

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