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South Africa , ZA-1685 JOHANNESBURG
Unit 2, Acacia Park, Capital Hill Business Park, Le Roux Avenue, Midrand
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International freight forwarding

We are able to offer international freight forwarding, customs clearing, warehousing, transport and courier services. We maintain good business relationships with a number of key players in the industry we operate in.

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Offered services

  • Air freight
  • Rail freight
  • Road freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Customs services

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North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAfricaAsiaAustraliaMiddle EastNorth Africa
Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

Katlego Global Logistics (Pty) Ltd reviews

2.6/530 reviews
  • on 14.09.2021

    So very disappointed and dissatisfied with your services.

  • on 12.07.2021


  • on 23.06.2021

    thank you katlego Global for the good service that was afforded to me, and the speedy delivery of my parcels.

  • on 03.03.2021

  • on 16.12.2020

    I agree with fellow UNISA students who have to wait ages for their material to arrive. When they call, nobody answers. When they are called and miss it then someone at KGL is always ready to tell them to, "Pick up your phone when I call you." Very rude and unprofessional.

    They also called me the wrong gender after I spoke to them over the phone then received an email back from the same person. Can't spell, can't talk professionally and laugh at everything serious and important.

    Having failed a module thanks to them, I sympathise with all of those who have. KGL also uses pathetic apologies to try and make up for it. They should restart their operation after going on a course, each and every one of them, to learn how to run a logistics business.

  • on 30.08.2020

    Thank you team katlego. Black excellence at its best. I like the fact that when dealing with them you are not one of many but you are treated like the only client.

  • on 25.02.2020

    Wow. Talk about Horrible service. I received a call from your driver asking me if Im home. They didnt introduce themselves or tell me who they are and what was the purpose of the call. Instead the man proceeded to be very rude to me on the phone , telling me he will not deliver my unisa parcel. I mean this is totally unacceptable.

  • on 18.02.2020

    I got what I needed

  • on 01.02.2020

  • on 02.01.2020

    Great working environment,Katlego is the best of the best!!

  • on 05.10.2019

    Very very poor company to work for they don’t pay their salaries on tym u have to wait for more than 15 days to get paid no communication very disappointing

  • on 25.09.2019

    The worst service ever. I hope UNISA will stop contracting them as they do not deliver the study material on time. You call them and they say we will follow up and call you back, which they never do. The manager has the worst customer service as he will just stop answering your calls. I have been waiting for my study material for 2 months now and Noone knows where my books are.

  • on 02.08.2019

    Very good service. Thank you.

  • on 30.05.2019

  • on 24.04.2019

    Nice one

  • on 08.03.2019

    The most horrible courier service ever! I'm really disappointed, even missed assignment deadlines because my textbooks weren't delivered and then your call centre people are giving me attitude for their incompetency!! I'm so mad!

  • on 25.02.2019

    Struggling to receive study material from unisa. Which i desperately need , like yesterday... whats worse is i did not even receive my last semester's study material....

  • on 22.02.2019

    Just want to thank the M.D. of the company. I am a UNISA STUDENT and had issues with my parcel and he was very efficient in sorting it out. Thank you sir for displaying true leadership skill and taking charge. Thank you for ensuring that I got my parcel in time and I honestly understand about the challenges u might have not everyone may have the same objectives you have about your company and not everyone will understand your Grind and dedication you have invested in your business. I hope in future your employees will share your goals and ensure service delivery is quick and efficient. Tankx again.

  • on 15.02.2019

    Beyond useless. Not even bad service, No service or customer care skills either.

  • on 15.02.2019

    Horrible company and I would give them -50 stars if I could. The main branch NEVER answers the phone and the one time someone did she transferred me through to someone else who could help and I stayed on the line until it died. Pathethic. My study material from UNISA has been delayed for almost 2 months now due to this horrible courier company. You cannot get ahold of ANYONE, not the manager, not the branches, customer care's number does not even exist as listed on their website. Last semester they LOST my parcel and sent it to BLOEMFONTEIN instead of SASOLBURG. When the driver finally arrived he was SO so rude and impatient, got lost despite my explicit instructions and I had to go running into the street to find him. 'Every caller is important to us' - yeah right. You'll hold until the phone dies. If you manage to find someone on the other side they are confused and useless, and very rude with zero customer skills - the one guy at the call centre had me hold the line for 10 minutes whilst he talked to co-workers in the background. When I later explained to him that there was a huge mix-up with my studies the previous semester where they sent my stuff to Bloemfontein, he said 'I don't know why you went to Bloemfontein because it's not there now' to which I responded that THEY went to Bloemfontein, not me. I felt like crying. He responded with 'Ma'am if you want me to help you I think you better calm down your tone.' - Threatening to not help me when I am upset at their utter lack of service - extremely unprofessional. I am so fed up with this company and I have NO idea why UNISA continues to use them. I eventually ended up with a manager who apologised for his rude employees and told me the company has a backlog because they did not expect the volume of deliveries they now have (should they not have know what to expect when they tendered for UNISA???), and that they lost my study material. He took my number and promised to phone back. I am still awaiting his call. I still do not have study material.

  • on 13.02.2019

    Good service

  • on 12.02.2019

    i registered in January 2019 till today i have not received the study materials and yesterday i took the liberty to call the company and i cant remember the person that i spoke to and she promised that the parcel will be delivered why should UNISA be using this company that first and foremost they do not answer their calls and secondly when you are lucky to get someone then she told me she is putting me through to Ntombi who drops the calls and you can hear from the background it is all joy . UNISA give us some services this is a pathetic company only from Florida to Johannesburg South for 3weeks delivery wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder how they got the contract

  • on 21.01.2019

    A driver by the name of Joseph Malungana called me saying he has my UNISA delivery...but I had to drive to the engen garage to collect it. When i got there he was parked under a tree relaxing and waiting for people to come and collect their deliveries. I told him as a courier service he needs to deliver at the given address and not call people to come and collect their parcels. He had a terrible attitude saying he was very busy. I told him I was going to report this incident than he refused to give me my parcel saying the company will deliver it at my home. So I asked him why didn't he deliver it in the first place. He said if I'm going to report it he will not give me my parcel...and he rolled up the windows. This is the worst courier service ever and to think they get paid to deliver a service which they are too lazy to do. UNISA should seriously consider using a different courier company. They are not even worth the 1 star!!
    Follow up: I was contacted by the company after the complaint was laid. I am pleased in the way the matter was handled. Thank you for taking my concerns into consideration and thank you for delivering for my package....

  • on 07.01.2019

    Poor service, no rating from me. They sit with your delivery and lied about not finding you at your place.

  • on 22.11.2018

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