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JMG Cargo is a United Kingdom based freight forwarder providing services by air, sea and road.

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JMG Cargo reviews

2.9/5101 reviews
  • on 22.05.2022

  • on 10.05.2022

    Have used it unlimited time, but now a days since they have gone big business they don't care about customers, I find them to be RUDE, and very EXTORTION PRICE, don't use unless it's emergency.

  • on 09.04.2022

    You will get half of parcel as other half they will steal and blame customs. AVOID!!!! Bunch of thief.

  • on 09.04.2022

    Very expensive now, so its not worth it, also they keep changing the information the provide. They first told me when I called that if I dropped off my parcels they will ship it the next day, but parcels took 1 week to get to my family in Bangladesh.

  • on 01.03.2022

    Quick and easy service. My items arrived in Bangladesh within 7 days.will definitely be using again

  • on 21.02.2022

    Prices have gone sky high since covid. Hoping for it to reduce. Its £6.50 now. They need to update website. I think its bit cheaper when you send a 35kg parcel. Not sure what the minimum is..

  • on 19.02.2022

    This company is awful. Save yourself the time and hassle. Don’t use them. I sent a large, expensive package to my family back home and the people who transported it opened the package up and stole things from it. They then claimed that my family were the ones who took it. They even went as far as opening the shampoo bottles and taking some of the contents out. How ridiculous. The owner said he would investigate and give us a refund and then he stopped answering my calls.

  • on 19.02.2022

    Disgusting service , rude people and charge double the price and your package gets to Dhaka a week later in a very poor condition. Not worth the money or agro

  • on 15.02.2022

  • on 01.02.2022

    Good service but expensive

  • on 18.01.2022

    reliable cargo to Bangladesh

  • on 15.01.2022

    Brilliant service, super fast, took 4 days for parcel to reach dhaka. Customer service was excellent as well. Only downside is there's no option to track for peace of mind. But will highly recommend.

  • on 07.01.2022

    Very good service I use them all the time I strongly recommend everyone use them
    Very polite and friendly staff A*

  • on 13.12.2021

  • on 16.11.2021

    They never receive your phone

  • on 25.10.2021

    People here must be dodgy. Website shows rate is £3.50 per kg, but guy tells me it's £6.50 per kg!

    Looks like they charge people whatever they want!

  • on 21.10.2021

    Recieved professional service from them. They communicated about current procedures properly beforehand, so that we could bring appropriate documents. The parcel reached within a week. Job well done.

  • on 12.10.2021

  • on 28.09.2021


  • on 28.09.2021

    Very good service excellent thanks jmg very happy with your service

  • on 16.09.2021

    I had bad experience with this company while I was trying to send some stuff to my country. They didn't check the list and their customer service is very poor. Staff are very rude and not interested in giving information properly. Though the owner was nice and tried to convince us but never going to visit there again!

  • on 15.09.2021

    Good service , low price

  • on 24.08.2021

    Got their and was told their sending cargo on that very day(Tuesday 10/08/2021)so my parcel was sent the very day I gave it and it was received by my in laws the following week on a Wednesday(18/08/2021).It took a week so super happy with the service and the box and it’s contents were in tack and everything was there.

  • on 13.07.2021

    Really rude staff just wanted to enquire about some cargo before I spoke to him he put the phone down I had to call back behaviour was really rude over the phone will not be going to them after this

    They need to learn how to speak to people over the phone and get training on their customer service

  • on 23.06.2021

    Good service, reliable

  • on 30.05.2021

  • on 03.05.2021

  • on 22.04.2021


  • on 07.04.2021

    Called the customer service number of time no answer, very disorganized establishment and unprofessionally managed. Best to keep away from this business.

  • on 05.04.2021

    Used to cheap but gone very expensive now a days. Should keep the price between £3 to £3.50.

  • on 28.03.2021

    Very poor and rude customer service

  • on 04.03.2021

    Very rude and abusing , came to fight, when I attempted calling police then stopped.

  • on 14.01.2021

    Used several times
    Sends cargo reliably

  • on 17.12.2020

    Not very friendly or helpful

  • on 07.12.2020

    For the covid jmg now over chrging theare customer customers should report to the local authorities

  • on 29.11.2020

    It's like a 4 year old designed and made their website

  • on 28.11.2020

  • on 25.11.2020

    One of the worst cargo services in the world. They first charge the wrong price for my cargo then expected me to pay more to rectify the problem they're customer service is disgusting, degrading and rude no good communications between offices in sylet and london absolutely bad and wrong, I recommend all who read this to stay away from this company and go find another company to deliver your goods to your loved ones. They have no complaints service or customer service department its is horrendous. STAY AWAY!!! insha'allah

  • on 22.11.2020

    Service is not bad, but can be a bit expensive at times especially during the lockdown!!!

  • on 17.11.2020

    If sending anything to Bangladesh JMG is the best

  • on 06.11.2020

    I never experienced such rude behaviour when i called for knowing information that in new lockdown they are still delivering cargo at Dhaka or not(as I never send any cargo in Dhaka before,I told them). At first day someone pick up and say they do home delivery in Dhaka ( to make sure asked 3 times)which actually they are not (no matter they don’t deliver, question is why they lie?)and after two days I called again for make sure about lockdown situation delivery and someone was soo rude I can’t express those sentences...(can’t believe the guy really work for jmg)!!

  • on 02.11.2020

    Sent a parcel to Bangladesh, got there in 6 days.

    Parcel intact not tampered with or hassle.

    Very good service and was surprised how quickly it got there.

    Only downfall was the price £7.50 anything over 10kg. Which is expensive but due to pandemic and restricted flights its fine.

    Would recommend this service if your sending parcels to Bangladesh.

  • on 23.10.2020

  • on 06.10.2020

    Too expensive nowadays..

  • on 05.10.2020

    একেবারে বাজে সার্ভিস. অফিস সহকারীরা মিথ্যুক, বাজে ব্যাবহার. তারা বলে দেশে এখন কার্গো যাচ্ছে না কিন্তু তারা আবার টিভি তে বিজ্ঞাপন দিচ্ছে. এটা কি ধরণের ধান্দাবাজি

  • on 30.09.2020

    Hardly picks up the phone....
    Can't send anything due to covid-19

  • on 18.09.2020

    The worst Customer Service in the planet. Should avoid their service as a whole. Wrong people in the wrong service.

  • on 13.09.2020

    The welcome was terrible, straight up when walked through the door, wanted us out side and weigh the box of items and tryed to charge us allot more the usual price. Never going here. Better go to the cheapest one eonecargo.

  • on 04.06.2020

    Very bad service, no manners and rude people.

  • on 31.05.2020

    Whilst the packages always arrive safely and reach my relatives guaranteed, every time without fail and sometimes as quickly as 2 or 3 days , the staff are soooo extremely rude and arrogant. Wouldn't use them if someone can recommend another cargo company. A skinny guy from dacca that's always seated and takes the details needs to learn some customer service skills if he wants to retain customers !!!! He is sooooooooooo rude and sooooo arrogant unbelievable! Probably one of the most unfriendliest , rude and arrogant bengali man I have ever met !!!

  • on 22.05.2020

    Don’t pick up the phone

  • on 14.05.2020

  • on 15.03.2020

  • on 08.03.2020

    Good service, items got to destination in time

  • on 02.03.2020

    Always good service.. quick and friendly service . Loved them

  • on 28.02.2020

    I sent cargo month ago its took 2 weeks although i was told 4 days its completely damaged i lost £200 no refund or apology very upset?

  • on 26.02.2020

    The parcel was sent quickly I was impressed dropped off on Saturday and was collected on Tuesday many thanks,

    But I must say the customer service is a little poor and needs improvement we are in UK and not in Bangladesh.

    The chap I deal with just put the invoice and card slip on the table, no thank you or gud byby got on a telephone conversation I was standing there like a

  • on 26.02.2020

    Bit rude

  • on 25.02.2020

  • on 17.02.2020

    Worst customer service. Very rude over the phone.Owner and Dhakaia beti over phone they shout with customer. Haven’t received this type of customer service in my life. Don’t even deserve one star

  • on 11.02.2020

    I send one luggage and torn apart all my staff inside,what a horrible service and waste of money.I can’t believe they are doing business in spite of this kind of services and customer service is terrible.There is lots of cargo services around here.people should choose carefully what they pay for

  • on 08.02.2020

    i have been using their service for many years, I found them friendly and helpful, giving excellent service to the community . I most surely recommend them

  • on 21.01.2020

    I send a box and it was torn i called them spoke to someone call dolal who was very rude and did not apologise for the damage I will never use them again

  • on 19.01.2020

  • on 18.01.2020

  • on 17.01.2020

    Poor service, booked 2 times-awaited for 7 days but they didn’t pick my cargo yet.

    In customer service few people are okay but few doesn’t have any quality to run this business perfectly.

  • on 13.01.2020

    1) very poor customers service
    2) they doesn't know how to talk with customers
    3) their behavior indicates that they came from many bad countries
    4) no respect at all for customers

  • on 12.01.2020


  • on 03.01.2020

    customer service was appalling as they were interacting with us life they were better than us and were showing bigheadedness... hopefully they improve this for the customers sake

  • on 30.12.2019

    প্রতারক! ব্যাঙ্ক কার্ড ডিটেইলস নেয়ার পর নির্ধারিত সার্ভিস চার্জের অতিরিক্ত টাকা নিয়ে নিয়েছে । এদের অফিসে যোগাযোগ করার পর অফিসের স্টাফরা দুঃখ প্রকাশ করার পরিবর্তে নিজেদের প্রতারণার পক্ষেই সাফাই গেয়ে আমাকে অফিস থেকে বিদায় করেছে। অফিসের স্টাফরা অভদ্র, অমার্জিত ।
    They are fraud. I gave them bank card details, they charged me extra money beyond the service charge. I went to their office to report it, I thought as it was their mistake they would remorse and return the extra money they have taken, in stead the office staff said their actions were okay and they have nothing to do.

  • on 29.12.2019

    Lousy. Rude. Obnoxious. Arrogant. Unprofessional. They cornered the market 20 years ago and allowed it to go to their neanderthal heads but there are other players now. Absolutely no respect for customers. My advice... go else.

  • on 05.12.2019

    Hello Jmg management, are you looking for the review on google. Please improve your customer service.we are sending items to Bangladesh,it’s not free. We spend money. you delivered quickly I really appreciate it. But your stuff should be more polite and helpful.

  • on 16.11.2019

    Lac of modern services... there is options to improve.

  • on 14.11.2019

    Useless customer service no interaction what so ever. Gave me false date of when recipient would receive parcel, when I chased up for an update all they said was it has been sent and it would be ready for collection either Wednesday or Sunday, after handing them the parcel a week before! I should have used a different cargo specialist.
    Avoid these scumbags if possible

  • on 24.10.2019

  • on 23.10.2019

    Goods arrived in bangladesh 2 weeks late. No customer service as not answering calls.

  • on 22.10.2019

    On behalf of a friend who used JMG quite a while ago, not surprised to see this company still in business. Big Time Crooks working here.
    Looking at the reviews for JMG

  • on 20.10.2019

    Worse customer service ever...they don’t know How to behave with customers.not only this if u call them for information they never received ur ph.i’m no gonna go there anymore.

  • on 20.10.2019

    Very reliable. Fast service. Always delivered before expected time.

  • on 17.10.2019

    Customer service e need to improve

  • on 28.09.2019

  • on 18.09.2019

  • on 28.08.2019

    I've seen a few people on the reviews talking about how rude the staff are...

    I can honestly say that I have never encountered such rude people! Their customer service is appalling! Their staff are soo rude its unreal! Poor poor poor.... keep away at all costs! There are other better alternatives out there!

  • on 10.08.2019

    Don't even deserve 1 star. The worse customer service. Took long to receive parcel and kept giving excuses for delay and staff were so rude. 2nd time got desapointed. They tried to chard extra for delivery location when anywhere you send percel in back home its same price.Avoid them.

  • on 05.08.2019

  • on 23.07.2019

    Unprofessional and rude customer service

  • on 18.07.2019

  • on 24.06.2019

    Working place

  • on 27.05.2019

    Its always satisfactory experience doing business with JMG Cargo . They deliver products on time in BD. Safe and securely . Staffs there are very good and helpful. Dulal Bhai, Masum Bhai and both apu ( sorry apu ,dont know your names) are very very helpful. May Allah Bless them.

  • on 25.05.2019

    Great guys, affordable prices, good service, would recommend as been using them for years.

  • on 16.05.2019

    Worst...poor..disgusting customer service I have ever experienced. They think they are belongs to out of the workd coz any normal person can’t behave with someone like that. They are not only rude..uncultured amd mannerless.How come they are working in a office I am just surprised. Got my percel on time that’s fine but they are liar, they advertised something and robbing money other way.

    On the monthly of ramadan, I called them regarding some issues and the behavior I got...don’t know kind of sacrifice they are doing in this holy month!!!! they think they are giving us biggest favor for sending our percel. Probably they don’t know they are getting wages out of our money. We are the customer..we should be their priority.

  • on 11.05.2019

  • on 04.04.2019

    My neighbour uses them, they pick up the cargo from your house if you are local.

  • on 03.04.2019

    OK... But difficult parking

  • on 01.04.2019

    Prices are too high now

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