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H&M is a UK based company offering transport and warehousing services. Whilst we are always in search of new business, we are also constantly looking at ways in which we are able to benefit our existing clients through new products and services.

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  • Road freight
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing

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Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

H & M Distribution reviews

3.6/547 reviews
  • on 19.05.2022

    Advertising for class 2 drivers so i was given a time to call in.About a week later i was called by them to tell me it was cancelled on the day i was going.I managed to sort the next day at 7am for another interview and driving assessment.Arrived at 7 but was told nobody had told them i was turning up today.Waited in their canteen as they called it for 40mins before going on a driving assessment in a truck with a warning buzzer going off and “engine fault,stop immediately”.I was told i had failed the driving assessment on having to many bad habits.The assessor needs to realise its not a driving test and he doesn’t work for the dsa.I take on board what he said but it wasn’t a good start to assess a driver with that racket going on.Not recommended if that is the state of your vehicles.

  • on 15.05.2022

    General Haulage company runs at a good pace.
    Staff are friendly and helpful

  • on 07.04.2022

    Arrogant drivers, ignorant transport managers, rude receptionists. Rang to complain about a driver of theirs nearly rear ending my car as I was trying to park up. He started shouting obscenities. No one at the company wanted to listen.

  • on 25.02.2022

  • on 22.02.2022

    Not to easy to find if your not sure.. But access is very good and very good to offices.. Its apart of Hunt Bros Teansport and in same yard.. Google maps takes to the yard..

  • on 30.11.2021

    Absolutely brilliant delivery company. The Gentlemen went out of his way today to help me put my delivery where I needed it whilst I was not home.

    100% would use again, 10 out of 10 delivery service and the Gentlemen is a credit to the business. Thank you very much, Lewis/Dean @ 2 Clarence Avenue, WA5 3LZ.

  • on 12.11.2021

    Great service, cheap storage & excellent managing

  • on 10.10.2021

    very dodgy one

  • on 09.10.2021

    Learn how roundabouts work

  • on 10.08.2021

  • on 29.07.2021

    Dirty vehicles (inside)yuck

  • on 21.07.2021

    No idea about service but whoever was driving PN20FNG in Warrington on 21st of july at 6pm needs to give their head a wobble.
    Blew through a red light by about 3 seconds, on the busiest/largest roundabout in Warrington.
    Supposed to be a professional driver ffs. Miracle he didn't wipe somebody out.

  • on 14.05.2021

  • on 08.05.2021

  • on 11.04.2021

    Not to easy to find it your not sure.. But access is very good and very good to offices..

  • on 20.03.2021

    Shocking company, no one answers the phones. Customer service non existent. Transport - no words.
    Promised the delivery on Thursday and had to be home, no one turned up not even a call. Promised definitely Friday morning - you guessed it. Didnt turn up. Then Promised Saturday before 2pm. Still not here. Absolute joke of a company who dont even deserve the one star.

  • on 05.03.2021

    Not so good

  • on 24.12.2020

    Joined the company to hopefully progress my license as they offered a drivers progression scheme. Basically you start off driving a 3.5t Curtain sided van delivering pallets all over. Then after 2 or 3 months you'll usually be put forward to take your class 2 which is fully funded by the company.

    This was brilliant in my eyes and exactly what I was looking for as I was going to get my class 2 myself then hopefully progress to my class 1 as that's what I planned on doing, but obviously getting that payed for and being employed at the same time was more than I could ask for.

    I started with the company at the end of November and everything was great, friendly staff, easy job with every weekend off. Couldn't have asked for anything better personally.

    Then once new years passed I was "let go" as they so kindly put it. I literally turned up for work on a Wednesday morning as usual to find a class 1 driver sat in my van, to my confusion I went to transport to see what was going on, apparently the "boss man" wanted to see me and he would be in within the hour (Currently the time was 7am)

    3 hours passed, they has me stood around and sat in the canteen when they called me into the office at 10:05am, I was then given some speech about how the company recruit HGV drivers and not van drivers....
    Again as puzzled as I was, I listened to their bull... and supposedly due to "feedback" from the "team" they didn't think I was suited or had ambition to progress my licenses.

    It took them 3 hours to come up with this pathetic excuse as to get rid of me before my probation period ended. The company literally used me over the Christmas period and new years, then dumped me off at no warning. Literally no warning, nothing at all. It was a complete disgrace to be treated like that. And the "boss man" couldn't even look me in the eye when he was talking, kept hiding behind his computer screen and letting the HR woman answer my questions.

    Anyway I soon found out why they got rid of me, it was to let the owners son and some warehouse lad in the vans because they wanted to do their class 2's, so it made some sense to just get rid of me.....

    Absolute shameful company that don't care about how they mess people around. Avoid them at all costs, especially now more than ever from what I've heard they've been doing during this pandemic.

  • on 07.12.2020

  • on 14.10.2020

  • on 03.08.2020

    Friendly and attentive pallet distribution with a 2 hour window, and home deliveries.

  • on 22.05.2020

  • on 20.02.2020

  • on 10.01.2020

    Like this place that much I go back every day

  • on 19.10.2019


  • on 16.10.2019

  • on 08.09.2019

  • on 28.08.2019

  • on 27.06.2019

    Drivers lie and do not turn on time. Called driver 11 times never answered his phone. He is telling me to meet him somewhere to collect my pallet??? After I told him i could not as it is a big pallet he puts the phone down on me. Useless company. Customer service needs to get their jobs right. They should be dealing with customer issues not drivers personal problems. Never ever again using that company.

  • on 16.05.2019

    Completely useless! Didn't come on the day I had arranged to stay in. I waited all day and had to call them twice to get an update and was told at 4.30 that they weren't coming!!!
    Day two- I was told that they would deliver between 8-9 this morning. I told them that I could be at home past 10 because I need to work. I called them at 9.30 because still no delivery. They told me it was just being loaded!!!!
    I would definitely give this company a miss.

  • on 20.03.2019

  • on 27.02.2019

  • on 05.02.2019

    Great company, we have enjoyed working with H&M over the past 6 months. H&M are forward thinking and growing quickly, the owners of the company are working hard to create a great workplace for staff. We are looking forward to continuing working with H&M.

  • on 10.06.2018

  • on 20.05.2018

    Transport company

  • on 14.02.2018

    Tucked away true. Lgv drivers plan before you attack going. Busy company.

  • on 07.02.2018

    Scruffy firm

  • on 30.01.2018

  • on 07.01.2018

  • on 26.12.2017

  • on 05.12.2017

    Went to this place to collect an item. Service was ok. The only downfall for this place is they are hidden and no directions. I was on the trading estate for 20 minutes driving around before i found it.

  • on 17.07.2017

    Good tip

  • on 14.05.2017

  • on 11.01.2017

    Good company

  • on 13.01.2016

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