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Great Plains Moving and Storage reviews

2.7/588 reviews
  • on 26.07.2022

    In process of moving across country, Liz at Great Plains scheduled the pickup for a Saturday between 8 and noon. Around 3 pm called Great Plains and nobody answered. Could not get callback from anyone and had to keep calling multiple times per day requesting they get movers over to load our belongings. Liz never returned any calls and was a worthless point of contact. Finally was able to have our items picked up Tuesday but they did not have a driver and truck to take the items from Colorado to our new home in South Carolina so they brought our stuff to their warehouse. They never reached out to us and we had to call daily to attempt to get anyone to bring us our belongings. Finally after doing all the legwork ourselves we were able to get our stuff picked up from their warehouse two weeks after they were supposed to be loaded and on the way. We hope to get our items by Wednesday but are not really expecting anything after the worst customer experience we have ever had. One would think that after spending 13 thousand dollars you would get great service but we would have rather donated everything we had for the tax write-off and bought all new belongings. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS THEY DON’T COMMUNICATE AND TAKE ZERO INITIATIVE TO HELP THEIR CUSTOMERS.

  • on 25.07.2022

    Pros: Our goods were packed and transported well. Everything arrived on time and no damaged items. The transport vehicle arrived right at the beginning of the 10 day delivery window. All of the good things about our move were actually done by other companies (hired packers, the moving vehicle driver etc.) so hard to give Great Plains full credit.

    Cons: Communication from great plains was not good - not very responsive to email, and did not have any contact with us during the move. If I was to do the move again I would hire a different company.

  • on 20.04.2022

    This is a terrible company - STAY FAR AWAY!! They lied about showing up for a delivery on the Friday before a holiday weekend. The delivery was scheduled for between 12-4pm. I called to check on it at 3pm - driver is running 30 min behind. called again at 4:00pm - driver went home. I contacted the company again and the driver said he went and it was too difficult and needed additional labor and the home owner was angry so he left. The delivery was just to the bedroom (no white glove service) and the bedroom is on the main floor with 3 tiny stairs to the front door. the home owner has a good security cameras and they never even showed up. Complete liars!!!! On top of all this, the homeowner plays in the NBA. I don't know why any delivery company would try to lie when everyone has a ring doorbell camera. You can't lie your way out of an issue, especially when you are claiming you went to someone's house. If they treat a VIP delivery like this, you will be treated worse. Stay far away from these clowns.

  • on 23.01.2022

    Your movers are rude, don’t read signs that are one way entrances and are inconsiderate of the neighbors. Blocking people from being able to freely get in and out of their living spaces.

  • on 08.01.2022

    We received an estimate from 3 moving companies for our move from Aurora, CO to Dothan, AL. We decided to with Great Plains based on what seemed a fair estimate and the explanation received from our estimator. Packing and loading were set up for our preferred dates with no problem and our move coordinator Liz Bussell was initially very communicative and answered any of our questions. On the day of our partial pack, the estimate was off on quantity by about 1100 dollars - we paid the difference on that day and the rest of our 50% of our estimate. Loading day went smoothly.
    On the day of our initial estimate, the estimator asked for how long we needed our items to be in storage, we replied that we didn't know as we were having a new construction house built and were due to close end of December/early January. As we were being packed out on 9/24 he recommended 1/24 for estimate purposes and told us that the amount would be pro-rated if we requested a release from storage sooner.
    Our home closed on 12/30/21. When we knew that's what it was looking like, we emailed Liz Bussell and asked how much notice they required for release of storage. She said three weeks would be helpful to find time to find a driver. We signed the paperwork she sent (which was the same form as our initial estimate) to initiate release of storage on 12/5. I had to follow up several times to see if she even received the return signatures as I had not heard from her. And I would always get a "didn't I call you?" No, you didn't call nor did you email me back. Then on approximately 12/20/21 I reached out again and she sent me an email with our remaining balance to pay and told me the name of our driver. The amount had changed to a higher amount and she attempted to explain it was because we changed the contract by requesting our goods sooner. We were in shock that this was never explained to us and reminded her several times that it was her estimator that selected the date of 1/24. If we knew the rates would be higher for requesting sooner, we would have put an earlier date. We paid the balance after a week of back and forth and a call to customer service in order to have our household goods delivered on time. Driver (with Allied Van lines) was great and professional as well as the moving crew on the Alabama end of our move. There is an audit done after every move and we are submitting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Highly recommend not using Great Plains Moving and Storage due to their misinformation, poor communication, and unprofessionalism.

  • on 22.11.2021

    All in all it was a decent experience. The coordinator was awesome and very responsive to my questions and concerns.... thank you Liz B.!! However there was one piece damaged, and one that is simply missing, so we will see how the claim with North American Van lines turns out.

  • on 21.10.2021

    They were delivering a bed and desk from Crate and Barrel. Claimed the steps to the bedroom did not look safe so they couldn’t go up them with the headboard. They wasted time just looking at the steps and in the back of their truck. Then when the pulled the desk out claimed their 30 minute window to deliver was up and they couldn’t do any more. Left. Just a lazy crew that didn’t want to do any work to begin with. Most unprofessional delivery company yet!

  • on 18.10.2021

  • on 29.08.2021

  • on 26.07.2021

  • on 18.06.2021

    They were terribly expensive $175 an hour for two people. Plus a $95 company so for what I'm looking for is way too expensive!

  • on 08.06.2021

    Driver arrived a day late, which disrupted our plans. He had not organized his crew ahead of time, so he arrived alone and spent the first 6 hours loading his truck by himself. When I called this moving company, their initial response was that it was an issue with the driver, not them. I reminded them I had hired and paid them, not the driver. So they made some calls and mid-afternoon, 3 loaders showed up. The truck was loaded in the next 3 hours.

    Delivery went well until 5 boxes could not be accounted for. The drivers handwriting was not readable on the inventory sheet, and these 5 boxes have not been found. Then, I found the sticker of one of the missing boxes - but it was on a box I had driven to the destination myself. I had loaded that box before the driver showed up, when the loading took place, and I had unloaded it at my new home before the driver arrived at the destination. Only one possible explanation: the driver took that sticker off the box he drove to the destination, and he placed it on the box I had driven there. Most people would call that either theft or fraud. Where are those 5 boxes? What was in them? Bi don’t know, and probably won’t until I can unpack everything and try to figure out what I don’t have.

    Obviously I cannot recommend a company that operates this way. By far, this was the worst moving experience I’ve ever had.

  • on 03.06.2021

    Liz managed our move and she did a great job under some very challenging circumstances (Weather, COVID, etc.). Liz was very communicative and we were informed of the progress at every step of the way. When the moving crew showed up for delivery they were professional and courteous. I received a call from the moving crew the day before they arrived with an ETA and they arrived on time. The crew was dressed in uniform and had all of the proper tools and protective equipment to ensure that nothing was damaged. All items were packed properly for transit. At a time when it was difficult to get things moved, we were able to do so seamlessly. I highly recommend Great Plains Moving & Storage...and ask for Liz.

  • on 16.05.2021

  • on 15.05.2021

    This company never answers their phone even though they ask for you to call them back. They are impossible to get a hold of and I would love to never have to work with them again. Their deliver guys are rude and some of their guys just flat out don't show up and lie to their manager telling them that I didn't want to accept the item. This is the worst experience.

  • on 20.04.2021

    My Great Plains move was smooth from start to finish. The estimate from Jared was accurate and the coordinators could not have been more friendly. The packers itemized everything and were very careful with my furniture and items, including an antique and one large painting. The guys on the moving crew were great -- on-time, polite, and super hardworking.
    Marty and Monday from the team were the absolute best and I can't thank them enough! Everything arrived on time and in good condition. I know moving can be stressful for some families, but I had a great experience and would absolutely use Great Plains again!

  • on 15.04.2021

  • on 31.03.2021

    Regional Real estate (aka Walmart) actually very quick to get loaded here been here twice, both times under an hour loaded, paperwork in hand and gone.

  • on 18.02.2021

  • on 14.02.2021

    Busted boxes and storage totes were delivered to my home after 3 months of storage. Mattresses were half covered with plastic and tape after we purchased proper mattress covers. Also received a broken accent chair that I can’t fix.

  • on 02.02.2021

    Showed up hours late for move even after agreeing to come early. Estimator gives bare minimum quote and then say it’s all included only afterwards to have the bill come to you or charge you after the fact. Estimator was using drugs in the basement bath room next to my 1 year old daughters room, so obvious to the point owner called to apologize because rest of movers and drivers said the same. Only to do nothing. Left furniture on front porch overnight. Took boxes with locks on them they weren’t supposed to take and cut the locks off and rummaged through private processions and didn’t tell me they wouldn’t ship until I called a month after to check in on timing. Rummaged through boxes and lost multiple items, clothes, tv cords. broke high end marble coffee table took personal financial documents. Poor response if any, no follow up. The list goes on. If you want your belongings to go missing or be rummaged through this is your company.Do not use these people

  • on 21.12.2020

    Hands down the worst experience with a supposed top moving company! Packers were constantly late and only half the labor showed up each day which needlessly extended the move. Contract laborers who were rude and unprofessional showed up to load and I had to finish up the packing that the packers had not made time to finish. What was not taken onto the truck (but WAS included in cost), we had to load into a trailer and move ourselves at the last minute. The dispatcher constantly questioned my integrity and believed I was somehow derailing the packers and loaders from doing their job when, in reality, she was very poor at scheduling and at instructing them properly so that they knew the scope of the job ahead of time. No paperwork was issued to any of the packers or movers, so they got upset at me when I would show them the scope of work.

    On the other side of the move, it has been over a week since our furniture arrived at an agent location, but no one is able to deliver and unload. The truck with all of our furniture & valuables is sitting in the hot tennessee sun & humidity and we are powerless to get it to us.

    UPDATE: DEC2020 (5 months post move) about $1,500 worth of personal items were stolen sometime between packing and arrival. Electronics like my son’s Xbox, video games and a bag of gift cards. Additionally, multiple large furniture items were damaged beyond repair and had to be replaced. We filed a claim and were compensated.

    I will NEVER recommend this company or North American Van Lines!

  • on 15.12.2020

    I’ve been trying to schedule my bed for 3 days, they called and left a voicemail and have not responded to any of my calls back and/or returned my calls after leaving multiple voicemails. Feels like I’m having thousands of dollars held hostage.

    Update: I’ve reached out on every end of this business and each time experienced rudeness. I’ve been hung up on, put on hold for 30 minutes and disconnected, told I would receive calls back and still have not. Do not use this company for anything.

    All I’ve been is a little impatient. I haven’t cussed at them, insulted them, I am just frustrated and now this company who is in possession of my furniture is screening my calls.

  • on 28.10.2020

    Overall, very good experience with Great Plains! Initially, they were late on the loading of our furniture and our building has a very strict window. Despite being late, they sent extra movers and it was done in record time! So, yes, had a blip but they absolutely came through! On the delivery in NV, the driver and movers couldn't have been more professional. On time, wore masks, and took care of our items. It was extremely difficult shopping for a moving company. You read so many bad reviews on all of them. I would highly recommend Great Plains! Liz, Chad and crew were terrific!

  • on 14.10.2020

    Do not hire this company. The pack crew they sent stole and damaged items and the company has taken no action to resolve or even show any customer service. The director of operations Angela, was stated to have been working on this, but I have yet to have any communication from her. Armstrong Relocation/United Van lines did my last 4 moves with 100% satisfaction, professionalism, and care. Great Plains has shown none of those qualities.

  • on 13.10.2020

    Chad and Liz were the most kind and pleasant people to work with. They answered calls and emails promptly, even over the weekend. Carson, our driver, gave me a call directly to ask about preferred delivery times - he was extremely nice and delivered everything safely and on time. Would highly recommend!

  • on 26.09.2020

    Not moving related

    I'm a driver, from University M/S, THERE'S not alot of places to park my Rig, anywhere near Denver.....
    I have to say, the owner at Great Plains, is a hell of a nice guy....I asked him if I could park in his lot, for a couple of days, his response was (of course, your welcomed here), BEING gone, away from home, for over a month, and having the owner TREAT me like one of his own, was priceless.....I THANK YOU, SIR....

    Drivers beware, this company is very strict about thwre MASK wearing policy.....So you need a mask, if entering this property....WHICH is a good thing...

    I'm not good with names, but to owner of Great Plains, thumbs up, Sir...

  • on 17.09.2020

    We contracted Great Plains Moving and Storage through North American Van Lines on 9/3/2020 to move items from a 3 bedroom house and a separate 1 bedroom apartment. Last contract modification was signed and delivered via email 9/15/20. A four person crew showed to start boxing remaining items in the house. They worked for 2.5 hours and left saying that their dispatcher changed the schedule. I called both the Moving Coordinator and the estimator who did the walk through. I emailed the Moving Coordinator right after the packing crew left. She responded several hours later stating that the crew left due to unsanitary conditions. They stated that the move is completely on hold until the house can be professionally cleaned. Fortunately, I opted to pay via cashiers check, which is not due to them until the delivery is completed. Liz B. is the Moving Coordinator and Chad S. is the Move Consultant.

  • on 13.09.2020

    These movers broke my client's handrail and it's been frustrating to get anyone to return my calls. Stay away!

  • on 26.08.2020

    DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY. This company is extremely unprofessional and will take advantage of you every chance they get. I have moved 10 different times and this company is the worst. DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY.

  • on 07.08.2020


  • on 14.07.2020

    Great Lady Peggy F. Who works there helps herself on the weekends after hours to anything that is shipped thru there that is supposed to be shipped back to the manufacturer.

  • on 12.05.2020

    Liz was our moving professional and she was amazing! We had a glitch with getting into our home out of state and she worked on the details so our transition was smooth!

    We had the same crew for loading and unloading! Our belongings arrived in perfect condition, not scratch or anything broken! Our moving crew was amazing! I highly recommend this moving company!


  • on 08.12.2019

  • on 19.11.2019


  • on 09.11.2019

    This is the best moving experience I ever had. They mover were on time, great professional mover, and took care of all my Items as they were there’s. The dispatch Angela was amazing she made sure everything is going perfect during the move. My coordinator was amazing and made everything goes smoothly. The estimated was right on point with packing material and hours. I have nothing but good things to say about this company.

  • on 09.11.2019

    Starting with ownership, Mike is by far the best owner in the state , he listens to the employees and truly cares about every single one as an individual, makes changes when they are due and is not afraid of a good old challenge. Holds his customers to the clouds and above .
    The office as a whole is ran so smoothly it's such a great environment to be in , they as well go above and beyond for all of the employees .
    Angela in the dispatch office is always ready to make sure that the guys have exactly what is needed for the day and are sent off in a timely manner, she holds each individual employee dear which makes the day so great , the positive attitude is powerful in this line of work and it is muchly appreciated by not only the employees but the customers as well cause the guys leave the warehouse in good spirits due to her willingness to listen and work with everyone and everything.
    By far the best company in the state and for sure one of the greatest in the country.


  • on 02.11.2019

    I ordered a king size Tempur-Pedic bed through Costco. Delivery was scheduled today with a 1-5pm window on a Friday. No one showed up. I get a phone call at 5:15 from a guy named Chris who said he was late because his company "sent him out by himself to deliver these beds all day". He sounded like the last thing he wanted to do was actually get my bed delivered so late in the day on a Friday. He drove by my house at 5:45pm and whizzed by only to drive away. He did not stop to assess the situation or talk to me. Instead he called after his 1 millisecond surveillance and said he could not get his truck down the driveway. I told him no delivery companies drive their truck down my driveway (I live in the mountains). I told him everyone parks on the street and uses a dolly. He said he did not have one. ?????? What kind of a delivery company does not bring the appropriate moving equipment with them to complete the delivery? It was obvious the real reason Chris did not want to deliver the was late on Friday, and he was not happy his employer sent him out to do so much work by himself. So the first and easiest excuse to not have to do what he was paid to do is say he can't make it down the driveway and he doesn't have a dolly. This company is a waste of everyone's time and money. I am sure they could find employees who actually wanted to work and complete the job they were hired to do, but Chris is not that guy.

  • on 30.09.2019

    This company has come a long way from a year ago.

  • on 06.09.2019

    Full disclosure: I have not personally used their services. I am a professional trucker who viewed two of their vans on the road, and I will be amazed if they reach their destination without wrecking, killing someone else or themselves. They drive like irresponsible maniacs, speeding through stop signs on off ramps, cutting off other drivers and speeding through truck stops with complete disregard for possible pedestrians or moving vehicles. As someone who drives other people’s freight around for a living, do yourself a favor, find a company who treats time behind the wheel with the care it deserves.

  • on 16.08.2019

    Nice helpful staff.
    Very quick and smooth process.

  • on 05.07.2019

    Great experience during my move out. Team great, courteous and careful! They are storing my belongings until they are shipped to me next year. Not worried for a minute about the safe keeping of my things!

  • on 11.06.2019

    I recently moved from Denver to California. Scheduled Jared Beek to do am in home estimate. I had 2 other reputable companies provide estimates as well. All 3 were pretty much in line with the other. However, my comfort level was significantly higher with Jared Beek of Great Plains M&S. Both Jared and his coordinator, Peggy Fry were top notch. Peggy was responsive and proactive instead of reactive. I knew every detail before I had to ask. Their packing crew was on time, respectful, and took good care of my items. Jared was almost spot on when it came to my weight which gave me the bonus of a refund once my shipment delivered. Most importantly, I had a feeling of comfort and trust from both Jared and Peggy. My experience couldn’t have been any better. If I ever move again, Great Plains will be my only call.

  • on 07.05.2019

    Same experience as Ron. Estimator under estimated by over 5,000 lbs to get a signed contract. Unresponsive staff throughout the move process. Delayed delivery by 10 days for the bulk of the contents and final delivery occurred 43 days after the load date. May items severely damaged or completely destroyed. Would not recommend.

  • on 06.03.2019

    The worst moving experience in my life. Estimator under estimated by 10,000 lbs to secure the move, coordinator unresponsive and not helpful, massive breakage and damage, unnecessary shipping of empty boxes - moving supplies - minimal contents, subpar packing, stealing. I would not recommend GPM to my worst enemy.

  • on 25.01.2019

    Horrible company do not use this company. You will be very dissatisfied and unhappy with the service you receive.

  • on 23.01.2019

    I only gave this place 1 star because you can't put 0! They will keep in touch with you until they get your money then you won't here from them till they are late on your pickup day! Talked to a few other people and only 1 out of 6 had an ok moving service.

  • on 29.11.2018

    I have never felt the need to write a review as I do now after dealing with Great Plains Moving and Storage in Denver.

    I’ve given one star because there was no other option. I was not able to write the review and not give a star rating. In my opinion it should be a minus one!!

    We recently moved across state using Great Plains. The experience has been the most stressful and most uncooperative.

    We had our home assessed and evaluated for our move twice. The sales representative looked around and did his calculations on two occasions and informed us of the weight and price to move our home. He then provided us with our final bill of sale.

    On the day of our move 3/4 of our house was taken and 1/3 was left behind. We were informed that the driver could not fit it in his truck, as we we sharing with two other homes that had already been loaded.

    Long story short! The remainder of our items were collected the next day. Once in Great Plains possession, we were informed the following day that we had to pay an additional fee because our items were over the weight we were originally quoted.

    Let me reiterate. Their representative came to our home TWICE. Saw all of our belongings and quoted us twice! How could the weight have been miscalculated twice? Nothing that he was unaware of had been added.

    Now they have our furniture in their storage holding it hostage until they receive payment for the additional weight. I am not prepared to pay $000’s of dollars for the representatives mistake in miscalculating the weight of our home on two occasions!

    Only hire this company if you are prepared to be inconvenienced and then called to pay additional fees based on their miscalculation of the weight of your home!

  • on 11.11.2018

    Do not use this company. They will steal your furniture. This company was assigned to us for a PCS move. PCSd back in July and had this company packed and loaded our furniture and then stored in their warehouse until they were able to get a driver to deliver (about 5 days). I received a phone call stating the driver had picked up our Furniture and that several items was damaged and our Sofa and loveseat were missing (stolen). Yes someone from this company stole my sofa and loveseat knowing I would be reimbursed for the Stolen items. The reimbursement process took 3 months. I now can not get the same set of couches because it is now discontinued or find anything close to the price range in which we bought the couches. So thank you very much Great Plains for not wanting to help us out when we tried calling you directly and hiring thieves. Do NOT USE THIS COMPANY WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD WITH A MOVING COMPANY.

  • on 07.11.2018

  • on 02.11.2018

    I have used Great Plains/Allied for three moves. The first move was an interstate move in 2014. The crew was excellent and my move was flawless. I used them again for a local move in Denver in January 2018. I was given the exact same quote for a move in October 2018. The items and the move were virtually identical, as my January move was temporary while a home was being built. I had no trouble with the move in January. Crew was on time and professional, and everything was done in about 7 hours. Fast forward to October. I communicated that I needed the crew to start at 8am due to scheduled appointments at the delivery location in the afternoon. They were understanding of this and promised to be there at 8 am. The crew did not come until nearly 10 am, and only 3 of 4 crew members promised arrived at that time. The 4th crew member showed up on his own later. They understood the time demand and promised to get things moving. Unfortunatley 2 of the 4 crew members sent were more interested in playing with their phones and spending 20-30 minutes in the bathroom than moving my items. To make a very long and horrendous experience much shorter, the move ended up taking 14 hours, they damaged and broke a number of items, left marks and damage in my home, and really had no regards for their actions. I followed up with a supervisor on 10/22 (Angela), who promised to adjust the charges for the move and help in filing all claims for damaged items. She promised to follow up by end of business and did not do so. The next day I found an unauthorized charge on my card for the full price of the move--and this intended charge was never mentioned to me in my lengthy call with Angela. I contacted her again about 48 hours later and was told she was still "investigating" my case. Now 10 days after my initial contact with them, they have take virtually no steps to assist me in filing claims or refunded any portion of the move promised. I have made attempts to reach Angela which have been unsuccessful this week. I spoke with Whitney today (not sure if she was Angela's supervisor or just another supervisor present)-- she informed me that they would assist in filing for the damaged items and stated that no refund would be given and that Angela was incorrect in making this promise. She asked if I had this in writing, which I did not since I was never provided with Angela's email when given supervisor contact information. It seems that this was done by design to prevent me from having any real paper trail of the egregiousness that has occurred and the promised remedies made. I am not sure what changes have occurred with this company, but given this most recent experience with them, it would seem rather risky to consider doing any business with them.

  • on 17.10.2018

    Where they treat your stuff like it belongs in a junkyard!!!

  • on 29.09.2018

  • on 26.09.2018

    Peggy and Whitney are pathological liars. NEVER USE THIS SERVICE YOU WILL REGRET IT!

  • on 20.09.2018

  • on 09.08.2018

    Now almost a month later still do not have all of our things...filing a police report for stolen property! Great way to treat the military family that defends your country. If we could leave 0 stars we would. We are military, move every two years, so we know the drill. This company is a disaster. I write this as I sit on part of my bed, they still have not delivered all of it, after 10 days! My new sofas...broken, dirty and ripped and I still had the tags on them. The owner was overbooking us, sending less people than promised in order to maximize his profits on our move. We know these government moves actually pay very, very well...other movers have told us this.
    Last day..nightmare! They finally just threw our stuff in the truck at 3:00 am (yes) and now we have part of our stuff and a lot of broken furniture. The packers were great! I felt so sorry for them. We fed them meals and tipped them, it was not their fault. My husband who is injured from deployments was also packing the ruck and moving furniture just to get it off our driveway. The packers kept telling him it was their job, but they were understaffed.
    Also, property damage...they did not bring floor mats and deeply scratched our newer wood floors. They also put huge dents in our wood staircase moving the furniture down because they were so tired and in a hurry. We now have to file a separate claim for the new buyers of our house!
    Now...they are not sending the rest of our things because they are trying to get the lowest bid possible for someone to unload it in another state. We know the drill. If my husband can deploy several times for a year at a time to warzones, the owner can step up and move us with dignity. We are complaining to every base and government agency in the Denver area about them. Now I get to start calling once again

  • on 26.07.2018

    Trash a** company

  • on 17.07.2018

    Bob S. and Peggy F. were great to work with on the bidding phase of my move. Professional and quick to respond. Appreciate all their efforts.

  • on 27.06.2018

    Loaded large 4 bedroom home 6/8 onto moving truck without issue. Denver Great Plains / Compass Moving and Storage have been unable to deliver despite a contracted window of 6/11 - 6/16. The company has confirmed, and missed 5 dates: 6/14, 6/19, 6/21, 6/25 and 6/26. On 6/26 the trailer showed up with a shuttle, but the movers did not know it was a shuttle move, and said they didn't have time to do it. Movers later claimed they contacted our leasing office and did not have a place to park. Complex has several hundred units with multiple move-ins each week without issue. I later confirmed leasing office was never contacted. The movers looked angry, unhelpful and threw a 7/11 cup in the middle of the parking lot. The team leader said they would be back in 30 minutes, and then left and did not return. Movers and team completely unaware that half is to be delivered to storage, and half to the apartment despite being written on the contract. I would never recommend anyone trust their house to this moving company, even if they give you a great deal.

  • on 25.04.2018

    I wish I would have done my research before we used this company. We have had so many issues and don't even have our household items yet so I am terrified there will be either a lot missing, broken, or both. The estimate was not close to the final bill, the movers damaged our floor and wall, they showed up with small trucks, as opposed to one large semi trailer. Multiple times I had to point out items left in cupboards and closets. The floors were left filthy/unprotected. I provided EXACT directions to our home as well as the road to use coming in to the subdivision. The CA company just called and said they were told by the Denver location it was "somewhere in (not our city)." DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  • on 21.03.2018

    Do not use Great Plains Moving if you want all your items to arrive undamaged and clean. I recently used Allied Van Lines for a move from Colorado to Oregon, and when I originally met with the Director of Sales, Jason from their local moving company (Great Plains Moving), he was very nice and responsive. However, once we signed our contract and our items were picked up, the communication stopped. In addition, when their crew arrived to pick up our items, we could immediately tell that the movers/packers were very inexperienced and unprofessional, they moved at a slow paced and did not take extreme precaution to pack the larger items. We paid extra for the express shipping option and did not receive any follow up from Great Plains about our anticipated delivery date, I had to email them several times to finally get a response, with less than a 12 hour window to coordinate the delivery.

    Now let's talk about when the items did actually arrive, they were then delivered by another local company. When our items arrived, everything that I packed myself was in great condition, mostly everything that the movers packed were damaged. For example, my curtain rods were shattered, our brand new TV has huge scratches on it, our Tempurpedic bed was filthy on one side and our book case was broken. After taking the time to file a claim, having an adjuster come out, Allied sent me a letter saying that since our deductible was $500 and they assessed our claims to be less than that, we were out of luck. I'm so glad we spent over $4,200 on our move to receive damaged items. Do NOT Great Plains or Allied for your out of state moving needs.

  • on 18.03.2018

    Good moveing company fast and friendly

  • on 23.02.2018

    Great Workers, Great business.

  • on 09.02.2018

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They're an awful, lying, and cheating organization. They will give you an initial quote JUST for the move, then when it comes time to collect payment, they decide to let you know about all their extra fees and costs they have to charge. The person who books the appt will tell you OVER and OVER again that they will call you before they get there. (claiming they don't want you to have to sit and wait). But the actual movers will get their early and not call till they arrive. (forcing your time clock in which they charge you to start). I was told they would be at my place @9am but they'll call before arriving. They proceed to call me early and told me, "the office never told us to call. sorry" so then I had to rush over as my time already started (mind you I still got there before 9am) then once the move was complete, they told me they had to charge me for drive time back to the warehouse. I moved 10 minutes away from the initial pick up. Still they charged me $60 more than what they quoted me. When I called the office Monday, the lady I spoke with was very rude. When she initially quoted me, she said they would quote me the 2 hour move time and that the guys needed the work. Yet after the fact, she informed me, "we usually require a 4hr minimum, so we could've just done that." True, had they informed me FROM THE GET GO, I would've been aware and more conscious of the decision that they were not the right people to work with. She told me the manager would have to call me back later that day. No surprise, he didn't. I called back and left a message. No return calls. Yet they wasted no time charging my card for the incorrect amount. This could have all been avoided had they just been honest and transparent from the start. Instead of being conniving and deceitful just to make the deal. I am BEYOND unhappy with this company and strongly advise you to think twice before using them. They're the type of people who give professional movers a bad stigma.

  • on 26.11.2017

  • on 18.11.2017

    Life provided me an awesome opportunity to move for a job and I needed a moving company. I got a few quotes and Great plains presented the easiest to decipher quote at the best price. I opted for the pack and move which was executed flawlessly and took a lot of the work off my hands. Would recommend.

  • on 16.11.2017

    I have used this used this moving company several times. They show up on time, are courteous, work hard and get the job done efficiently. Really happy to work with the crew they send.

  • on 13.10.2017

    The worst moving experience I have ever had in my life. I should have trusted the other Google reviews. My move estimator was great, but that was the only thing that went right. Communication was spotty with the move coordinator and they couldn't determine which day to pack until that morning..even the contract said 9/6-9/7. I only had 3000lbs...that comes into play later. My contract stated a delivery date of 9/11 - 9/26. I was moving from Denver to Atlanta. It took me 3 days to get there even with Irma in my path. My delivery did not show up until 10/6!! A month later. Every week I would get an email saying it would be this week, and other empty promises. After they did not deliver on time in the contract I was encouraged to file a delay claim to reimburse me for expenses outside the contract range....WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I had to call their customer service after 3 emails and they told me that because my shipment was under 3500lbs I did not qualify for any delay reimbursement claims. This addendum was never disclosed and even the move coordinator had no idea that was the policy. As a consumer there was literally nothing I could do but wait. The whole process was a nightmare and I have filed complaints with BBB, FMCSA. Use at your own risk.

  • on 15.08.2017

    It makes me money

  • on 01.06.2017

  • on 30.05.2017

    Worst moving company I have ever used and I have moved many times over the years. Scheduling was a nightmare, when they came to pack our things from our Littleton house they were hours late and did not finish until after 10:00 PM. My wife missed my daughter's first concert performance ever as a result. For the delivery end, we were given 8:00 to 10:00 AM window, they showed up at around 2:30 PM. The packing and handling was so poor, numerous fragile things broken due to carelessness and thoughtlessness. Claimed they could not assemble the beds because parts were missing which was really unlike their guy Brian to do that. So my crew gave up and left mattresses in garage and said we would have to wait for Brian who was tied up the next day on a job and of course it was Memorial Day holiday weekend so it would have to wait until Tuesday. Wonderful for us to have to extend our monthlong hotel stay another 3 days because apparently only Brian knew where the parts were and could properly put things together. Same went for our refrigerator , which currently sits in our living room as they could not get door off to get it in position in the kitchen. What a freakin disaster. The crew was young and hard working but seemed way in over their heads and as midnight rolled around they were obviously wiped out and ready to quit. And of course, couldn't be bothered to promise to get right back first thing Saturday morning. So we wait and wonder if we will hear from them in a timely manner and if indeed our savior Brian will be there to put everything right again. Seriously what a joke of an organization, including the moving crew getting high as they made their shuttle runs to unload from the main truck to the small truck to get to our house. If I could give them a zero star rating I would. Stay away from these amateurs

  • on 15.05.2017

    I initially chose this moving company due to their great reviews on Yelp. I was amazed with the service I received along with the personable employees. My great experience ended when my (not even 1 year old...Ethan Allen) couch arrived with multiple scuffs, scrapes and tears.

    I immediately was frustrated and disheartened however assured by not only the driver of the truck, but my moving coordinator that it would be taken care of in an expedient manner. I was convinced they were telling me the truth-- especially since I had purchased $20,000 of $0 deductible insurance coverage.

    It has been almost 60 days with no resolution.

    I would say to purchase insurance to cover your valuables but clearly-- that's not getting me my advice is to NOT choose Great Plains Moving and Storage to handle your local OR long distance move.

  • on 09.02.2017

    good company

  • on 22.01.2017

    I deliver here every Friday. STAFF is easy to work with

  • on 08.11.2016

    There is a character count so I must bullet point (from the 5 page letter I wrote to corporate) as to why you should not use GP Movers... • My move coordinator was not available on the day of my move and the rep I spoke to said "OOOPS, WE FORGOT TO SCHEDULE YOUR MOVE" • Sent over a rookie team to load the truck 4 hours late • Unaware that this was a two stop move on arrival that was spec'd on the estimate • A mover admitted that "He was not very good at this (moving stuff)" • Had to ask repeatedly for the movers to lay down runners • Had to ask repeatedly to wrap the stairs • Had to ask for runners to be placed on the stairs to protect the carpet • Had to ask repeatedly to have the move kit installed in the washer before it was moved • When moving the washer, water spilled all over the carpet on the stairs • I had to ask to place runners again because they were just going to walk on the wet carpet with dirty shoes • The movers finished loading at 10:30 at night • MOVE COORDINATOR DID NOT MAKE NOTE OF MY SECOND STOP (that was on estimate) FOR FINAL LOAD AND DELIVERY, SO THE TRUCK WAS MIXED ALL TOGETHER WHEN IT ARRIVED 1,600 MILES AT DESTINATION. • The driver tried to blame me for the second stop and when we confirmed the second stop with the estimator, the driver did nothing to try and lead the crew to solve the problem with the truck being packed incorrectly • The driver continued to confront me with the impossibility of unloading his truck • The moving crew leader informed me that they would like tips at the end of move. I usually tip the movers, but I have never received this kind of up-front pressure to do so • DRIVER WAS CONFRONTATIONAL ALL DAY WITH THE MOVING CREW TO WHERE VIOLENCE BROKE OUT BETWEEN THEM NUMEROUS TIMES (I have an audio recording) • Little care was taken with the moving of our furniture or boxes where things were stacked and smashed on top of one another • Move coordinator was not available during this entire time • Had to explain to 3 different GP reps about the situation and was told to call another customer service number • En route to the second stop, the driver yelled at me over the phone about not being able to find the second address and then hung up on me • Driver nearly backed the semi-truck into my ex-wife’s new car and stopped within 3 inches even after his partner was heavily signaling to stop • I had to ask if anyone was going to assemble the furniture that was unassembled at the start • The "parts boxes" were all mixed up between the two stops and no one could figure out what screws went to what • Another argument broke out inside my residence between the driver and movers and I thought a crime was going to be committed • Large mattress boxes and packing boxes were left behind for me to direct back into the truck • I felt pressured to tip and tipped way more than I normally would for such a disaster • There was damage to items upon delivery, but nothing a claim would really fix. the experience was way worse than the damage. THERE IS MORE, BUT NEED TO SAVE ROOM FOR THE CUSTOMER SERVICE PORTION: After sending in my 5 page letter to customer service, North American reps replied and apologized but tried to place blame on me by not calling the customer service line during the move debacle and repeatedly denied any responsibility • North American asked "What exactly did you expect the outcome of your complaint to be?" and then asked in another email "What exactly would you like to see happen with this issue?" as if I was to make some kind of offer, which I did for a random amount of a $500 refund. I was promptly rejected by them saying "We cannot compensate for intangibles such as a bad experience." • They ended each email with "this matter is closed".

    I am NOT the kind of person who writes bad reviews about companies. Who has time? But this was an extraordinary experience that was beyond stressful. Great Plains / North American took zero responsibility with a customer and left me no choice but to give them an unfavorable review. Maybe they will learn a thing or two about service someday.

  • on 07.11.2016

    We enjoyed the experience we had with Great Plains moving and Storage. They were responsive to our needs, making sure we had a smooth move to Texas. I would recommend them to anyone completing an out of state move.

  • on 09.08.2016

    Met with rep on a Tuesday
    Promised estimate on Thursday no estimate.
    Called following Wednesday for estimate. Promised it would be sent to me. Following Monday and still do not have an estimate. Will use other mover as their rep gave me an estimate the day of.

  • on 25.06.2016

    Moving team was awesome! 3 workers with one managing (in training, but team was very supportive). On time, curtious, hard working, great manners, respectful of the house. I would give 4 3/4 stars because somewhere in the move and storage a ladder went missing and my sofa got a small hole. Otherwise, the sales and support team were spot on with weight and pricing, was responsive to questions and concerns, and easy to work with.

  • on 22.06.2016

    Very disappointed! Terrible company! I shipped a BMW motorcycle which they damaged and never informed me before I arrived. If I had known, I could've made arrangements to get it repaired before I arrivng in Denver.. I've lost a couple days of a motorcycle tour that I've paid for. In addition to paying for parts and labor to repair the bike I've had to pay for lodging and food while waiting in Denver for repairs to be made.
    Staff didn't seem to give two craps about the situation either.

  • on 16.05.2016

    The Move Coordinator was pleasant to work with. The packers of the Kitchen did a wonderful job, no breakage in transit.
    However, there were several issues with the rest of the house. Boxes were mis-labeled as to room and contents, some books appeared to be tossed into the box, I have some books over 100 years old. I was given a Marine Sword based on service, it was hung on a wall. It was not wrapped in any way and packed with another unwrapped item, a shovel which was not even in the same room. The shovel tore a 1" hole in the leather sheath. I was told that I could received a 10% Military discount. I asked 3 times to confirm the documentation I submitted would confirm I would receive that discount, I never heard from them. An antique chest of drawers had a decorative filigree on top, which was broken off. It only have wrapping paper around it, no protection. The Driver was pleasant to work with, however he was unavailable for contact for 3 days, still arriving on the last day of the commitment window. The unloaders were not Great Plains employees, and did an excellent job, although hindered by missing assembly parts to beds.
    Overall, a 3-star is generous.
    I wonder if GreatPlains or NorthAmerican will read this or follow up with the military discount rebate.

  • on 29.07.2015

    The actual movers were just fine, it was the moving coordinator that was terrible. Last-minute changes in price (with no explanation) and terse responses (if any at all) to my inquiries made this the worst consumer experience of my life. Avoid at all costs.

  • on 30.05.2014

    We have never used a big outfit like this one but all I can say is DONT DO IT ! Call someone else ! After I watched Adam throwing my boxes in the truck I asked his crew leader to make him stop and he couldn't so I did. Their outlook on moving your stuff is just file a claim and pay the deductible and get new stuff. They don't seem to care how they treat your belongings. Don't use this outfit ,call somewhere else who will treat you and your items with some respect. This is not a professional outfit.

  • on 05.08.2013

    I hate to write a bad review, but this experience put a bad taste in my mouth. I set up an appointment to have Great Plains come to my apartment for an estimate. When they never showed up, I called to see what had happened, and was unable to get ahold of anyone. The following day I was on my way out the door for work when the estimator came to my door. I apologized and said there must have been a mistake with scheduling and I was on my way to work. The man was noticeably irritated (understandably) and told me aggressively that he wouldn't be up to the area for a long time and that I should let him in to do the estimate. He said it would take thirty minutes. I reiterated that I was on my way to work, and he told me, aggressively, that it would only take five minutes. By this time I was a bit frightened and uncomfortable to let an angry stranger into my home (I'm a single woman who lives alone), and told him I'm sorry, but no thank you. He didn't answer but stormed off my porch furiously without acknowledging my mid-sentence apology. The next morning I received an email from him with a forwarded confirmation email from the day prior (which either was lost in a mess of emails from mover, or which I never received), informing me that "It easily could have been changed with a call or email." I emailed him back explaining that his aggression had frightened me, and had he been more willing to communicate with me, I'd have happily rescheduled the estimate. The entire situation was a ridiculous misunderstanding, stemming from the company's inability to keep their books straight, and I was made to feel guilty for it? Learn some customer service and basic human respect, guys.

  • on 23.05.2013

    Great Denver movers: fast, friendly, made sure to do a final walk-through of all rooms with me, then made sure to do final inventory at the new place for complete satisfaction of the move. Thank you!

  • on 07.12.2012

    These guys were great! We were moving our downtown Denver office to a new building and due to some last minute technical issues weren't able to hire a moving company until about 4 days prior to the move. Great Plains was incredibly responsive to make sure we got the move done on time. They got a guy out for an estimate the same day we contacted them (thanks Jason), they gave us a competitive bid (honestly a little lower than we were expecting), and three days later they were at our office right on time to start the move. The crew took the time to plan out what they were going to do and actually got us moved in less time than estimated (at a cost savings) and everything went really smoothly. I can't recommend these guys enough as office movers. Denver has a lot of movers to choose from but I would absolutely go with these guys again.

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