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GLT provides truckload services, spanning dry van, temperature-controlled, open-deck, and more, via a network of carriers across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Each shipment is handled with extra care and continuous updates by our staff.

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Offered services

  • Rail freight
  • Road freight
  • Logistics
  • Intermodal transport

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North America
Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

GLT Logistics reviews

4.4/547 reviews
  • on 11.07.2022

    We had to leave our previous ltl provider for poor service, having issues, terrible communication. GLT actually provides service the companies we work with appreciate, and it has allowed us to grow and succeed. Would highly reccomend.

  • on 03.06.2022

    Great service and fax!

  • on 02.06.2022

    The accountant (Juan) is really rude and he thinks that customers are delinquents. Terrible customer service

  • on 02.06.2022

    Outstanding customer service!!!! They are a cut above all other forwarders! I find I will gravitate to using a carrier where they are involved even if it means spending a little money!! They have resolved any issues I have had in a expedient manner and communicate with me clearly and precisely and timely!!! Highly, highly recommend using them!!!!

    Terry Lee Catlett
    National Truck Dispatch Inc

  • on 01.06.2022

    Amazing and consistent service. Highly recommend GLT!

  • on 31.05.2022

    Working with GLT has been the most enjoyable freight service I've encountered. They have a huge team ready to help anytime, and everyone is SO kind and helpful to work with. It'd recommend them to anyone in the logistics industry. Thank you Monica, Mannie, Karim, and the entire team over there! You guys are the best!

  • on 05.04.2022

    Terrible customer service.

  • on 16.02.2022

  • on 06.10.2021

    After trying to reach Esteban N more than 2 hours I was transferred repeatedly. placed on hold for nearly 40 mins at a time for 2 hours,. man rudely answered couldn't even make out what he was saying. every time I would hang up and calls again he answered and atomically transfers me where I'm sitting on hold each time. i then call his corporate office after complaining to manager she gives me his extension apologize and transfers me where I am still on hold till now. this company is trash , unprofessional, and rude will not advised any participation with this company!!

  • on 16.12.2020

    Awesome job. I hope to keep working with them in the near future. I worked with Daniela Bustamante and she was very attentive and professional.

  • on 11.12.2020

    I contracted GLT through GLT Logistics ; complete disaster from the beginning. They charged $869 more than quoted and tried to hang my new injection molding machine 2 feet off the back of their flatbed. GLT was Unprofessional, a week late, disregard for customers property and time.

  • on 10.07.2020

    GLT Logistics has no regard for the logistics of pick up or delivery date, time, nor location as they state in their freight quote agreement. They make their own rules and expect customers to abide by them when they themselves are unable to perform per their own agreements. They expect customers to pay per the agreement even if they are not able to perform under their own outlined agreement. GLT is NOT a freight logistics company, they are more of a fly by night company and their unethical business practices will eventually catch up to them. Would never recommend nor use their freight services again!

  • on 11.12.2019

    GLT is one of the good brokerage company I've worked with, they are easy to approach, they give fair rates and assist us every time we need them they are easy to reach out. I highly recommend their company.

  • on 10.12.2019

    GLT is one of the few companies that really care about the experiences of their customers and providers, delivering a high quality experience on each shipment and making effective approaches with any tough situations.

  • on 25.11.2019


  • on 22.11.2019

    Great Company to do business with great customer service rates are very good I have been moving drayage containers loads with them over 7 years now without any problem

  • on 22.11.2019

    I would highly recommend GLT. Great Staff !!

  • on 22.11.2019

  • on 21.11.2019

    Best Brokers ever. Great Company to work with.

  • on 21.11.2019

    Beast transport Service has work with GLT Logistics,, one of the very great companies to work for. Freight is Fair , they show respect and care to meet the needs to customers.

  • on 21.11.2019

    "I highly recommend using GLT Logistics"

  • on 21.11.2019

    Did few loads for them. Paid on time, load as described.

  • on 20.11.2019

    I highly recommend using this company for LTL freight, I am carrier and also we working together we have a good business relationship.
    thank you for gave us the opportunity to serve you.

  • on 20.11.2019

    Excellent company, with good agents and good loads, thank you

  • on 20.11.2019

    Professional company. quick response dispatch.

  • on 20.11.2019

    I have a great experience working with GLT , what can I say excellence , professionalism , a company that you can trust . Great customer service ,

  • on 20.11.2019

    Alejandra Estrada is ALMOST ALWAYS very respectful, cordial and ALWAYS willing to answer any questions pertaining to their freight

  • on 20.11.2019

    I highly recommend using this company for LTL freight, I am carrier and also we working together we have a good business relationship.
    thank you for gave us the opportunity to serve you.

  • on 20.11.2019

    One of my favorite companies to work with. They are always responsive, deliver excellent service and fair.

  • on 20.11.2019

    Great service , Great staff! Great company!

  • on 20.11.2019

    great loads, responsive and quick dispatch service.

  • on 19.09.2019

    I would highly recommend GLT. I workedwith Richard I am very impressed with how reliable and supportive he was from the get go .. I am looking forward to work with him again in the near future.

  • on 07.09.2019

    Working with GLT has been a great experience.
    The OTR traffic specialists team is very pleasant to work with.
    They are quick in responding to emails, follow-up calls.
    Looking forward to continue working with them.

  • on 17.08.2019

    Our Company Netdirect Distribution has been working with GLT for several months now, and we are very satisfied with the provided service. GLT has an Outstanding operations team, very fast quoting team and rates are very competitive. Their communication is Outstanding, they are prompt to respond to our requests for quotes, changes on pick up dates and more. Maria Vargas and Mateo Londono are always there to help us with any question, they are a great support.
    I highly recommend using this company for LTL freight in the USA.

  • on 12.07.2019

    Great company to work with. Very kind, helpful staff. Working with Mateo was a pleasure. Highly recommend GLT

  • on 12.07.2019

    Excellent service, responsive dispatcher.
    A pleasure to work with this company

  • on 11.07.2019

    I will make sure i never do business with these people. I have had such bad experiences and have not even hauled a load for them. Every time i call agree on a load with them and they never get back to me. Sebastian was the first one to do this to me like a month ago. Juan was the one to do it today. They never have the load that they post and make the carrier think they do. After making several calls to see what is going on they say the customer cancelled the load which is NOT true . THEY NEVER HAD THE LOAD!!! If you want to waste your time with these unprofessional fools go ahead and do business with them. They make this industry have a bad taste in your mouth. Honesty should be the first thing they have . All they have to do is say this is a bid or customer is looking for rate but not say they have it because they are wasting carriers time when i could have gotten something different. Pls management you need to retrain your dispatchers because they are providing very poor service. You should be ashamed for the business practices you are providing.

  • on 01.07.2019

    Our company has been working with GLT for a few years now, and we are very satisfied with their service. They have a helpful operations team, fast quoting team with competitive rates, and a very reliable and supportive Sales Rep named Maria Cespedes who is always there for us when we need her.
    I highly recommend using this company for any domestic land transport needs!

  • on 01.07.2019

    Willing to make a great work team. Good customer service.

  • on 28.06.2019

    Very happy with pricing, service and support, looking forward to keep working with this logistic company!

  • on 28.06.2019

    Great service

  • on 27.06.2019

    Good Customer Service, Timely getting quote towards inquiry. Operation team is very support. Once you gave bizz to them. You just have to relax. I would prefer giving our loads to GLT

  • on 28.05.2019

    Great Customer Service.

  • on 14.02.2019

    Very attractive sales rep, however, this company's "logistics" suck horribly.

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