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We handle all aspects of international moving and logistics: crating and packing, customs clearance, ifs filing, airfreight, container drayage, full containers, less container loads, consolildations, full destination rates

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East Coast Shipping Inc. reviews

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  • on 16.11.2021

    We were moving from Florida to the UK and used East Coast shipping for moving our container.
    The first point of contact was Daniel, he was very helpful and provided all the information we needed without being pushy.
    I did search other companies and found East Coast to be priced one of the best.
    We decided to go with East Coast and the whole process was seamless and followed the itinerary we were originally told. Bear in mind this was in the Sept/Oct 2021 period where shipping & haulage were/ are in a congested state.
    The movers collected out boxes and safely packed them, the company used in the UK safely unloaded the container upon arrival.
    Everyone was friendly, professional & efficient from start to finish.
    Highly recommended company.
    Thank you to Daniel & the whole team.

  • on 01.07.2021

    It was easy to work with the company. Great communication. Thank you, guys.

  • on 01.06.2021

    A complete nightmare. My stuff was picked up in early October and it just arrived today (eight months later) - somewhat longer than the six to 12 weeks I was initially quoted! I understand that the world is a mess right now and things are tricky. But I had to constantly chase this company for updates, and was strung along month to month with no firm information about what was going on. Worst of all, they told me my things were on a specific ship and then stopped responding to emails - meaning I was excitedly following the progress of this ship until it arrived, only to then be told (after much badgering) that my things were actually still sitting on a dockside in LA! To cap it all, several of my belongings sustained severe water damage and are covered in mould (quite a feat when shipping from Southern California) so had to be thrown out on arrival. And one of my items was packed without the necessary screws. They gave me a discount for the delay (less than 10% of the final price) but it wasn't about the money - I just wanted my stuff! I've been without some of my most important furniture and belongings for months due to this, and some of it is lost forever. Be warned!

  • on 14.03.2021

    We used East Coast for our shipment to Seville, Spain. We booked a 40ft container and ended up using almost all of it. This was our first international move and it was a bit tedious going through countless estimates.. They answered all my questions and really made the process easy. Our agent in Spain Willmove did a great job with customs and our delivery. Only con was the we did have to pay extra for a shuttle service ( 500 euros) since our container could not fit down our street. Overall no issue and all arrived safely. Thank you!

  • on 22.02.2021

    This was the second time I used this company for a transatlantic move, and it will be my last. My father is also planning a move and will be using a different company. I am very disappointed in the treatment received by this company and especially the middlemen in our transatlantic move from the US to Spain, called World Freight Relocations B.V. (WFR), for which I also left a review. I was never notified that WFR receive my belongings, which they said they would do before proceeding with the shipment to the final destination. When I inquired about my items after the expected arrival date, I was told they had them in holding and that before I could receive them I had to pay them directly an additional storage fee. So basically they had my things hostage until I paid them an unfair fee since they never notifying me that they had received my items. Once my things arrived I noticed 3 items where missing. They eventually found 2 of the items but never recovered a missing item, a custom bike wheel. Turns out the bike was also broken. So not only did I loose additional money but a unique bike, due to a missing wheel and damage to the gears. I spoke with both East Coast Shipping and WFR several times to see how they planned on resolving this, and after several emails back and forth I never heard back from them again and they did nothing to make up for this. On top of this I was charged an unexpected 125 customs xray fee... So to recap... They lost a wheel, broke a bike, charged an unfair storage fee of $65, and charged an additional unexpected fee of $125. Needless to say I do not recommend them or any company that chooses to use either of them directly or as intermediaries. (If you are able to see my review history you can see I usually only leave positive reviews, a takes a lot for me to leave a negative review, I believe this may be my first, so you can trust my review is accurate).

  • on 26.01.2021

    We would like to East Coast Shipping for taking care of our big move to Scorton, UK. We were nervous shipping with this whole Covid mess but everything worked out great and the team in US and Eurogroup in England did a fabulous job. Would highly recommend to all of our friends moving across the pond. Cheers!

  • on 16.01.2021

    Never was called for damage to my armoire. Not good business practice and your ad says BBB says 95%. Paid $100 for insurance for the armoire and which ever team that picked up our furniture or delivered it damage our furniture. Over 45 days no contact email or phone call. This is the way your company does business. You will never get my business again.

    Jonesboro, Ga.

  • on 09.12.2020

  • on 08.12.2020

    We went with East Coast shipping for our International move from US to Canada. They have an amazing Marketing team who are super responsive upfront to reel you in. However, as soon as you pay the initial deposit, all of a sudden it's a completely different company. They don't respond to mails. The 3rd party carrier they contract with are very unprofessional. Our goods arrived in Canada 3 weeks after the initial promise date. My family (2yr old, 7 yr old and wife) were stuck in a hotel, while their Canadian counterparts and East Coast shipping went back and forth. They ended up damaging a lot of our expensive furniture and we did not get any refund back from insurance, despite taking the highest coverage. The insurance company UNIRISC is a total scam like East Coast shipping. If after you read this review you still want to go ahead with East Coast shipping, I'd say - "Good Luck" ....

  • on 08.09.2020

    I would rather sell everything and start over than work with them again.

  • on 17.07.2020

  • on 23.05.2020

    I am grateful for their help and would highly recommend these guys to anyone who wants the job done right! I am going to be a repeat customer and am going to ask specifically for them to come out again. They really went above and beyond to help! Thanks, guys for all your hard work. Thumbs up for the great move ahead. Highly recommended.

  • on 23.05.2020

    Do not consider East Coast shipping. This company is not trustworthy at all. My family and I wanted to move from Florida to Europe and trusted East Coast shipping with that move and all our belongings. All. Our whole household. Two months after they picked up our stuff from our home we were notified that all our belongings were stolen. A whole container. Everything was gone: furniture, TVs, bike, clothes, shoes, household supplies... We had nothing left but those few things we had in our suitcase with us. About 9 or 10 other families were effected and had everything stolen. We didn’t even get the money from the insurance but a small amount. Nothing close to the damage. It was horrible and the worst thing that happened in our life. Family pictures, books, everything gone!
    East Coast Shipping wasn’t much of a help or responsive. Everyone involved in this case assumed that this was an inside job!
    A few months later we were notified that the police had found the stolen container in a park in Miami. Very few pieces (clothes and about 3 Tupperware containers) were found. But unfortunately East Coast Shipping wasn’t even able to send us that correctly. They sent us clothes from other families and were never able to fix that. Daniel never responded to our emails and no one else did either.

    We are still suffering from that sometimes. You can replace clothes but other things are irreplaceable. Be aware! Rather choose a different company!

  • on 21.01.2020

    Great sales pitch but
    - no accountability for anything
    - bad partners, lots of damages and due to a bad spelling it looked like we had a gun, so container was dissected... and we had to pay for it; insurance only stalled, was no help at all and made sure we got less than the premium back (example: metal table got bend, multiple times I asked for a contact for repair, they couldn’t provide one but I still didn’t get the full amount, also once damaged YOU now have to show the value…but before they happily accepted your evaluation and the premium you paid for it)
    - timelines are completely invalid and not reliable
    - once you sign your contract you get less experienced people
    And so on and so on

  • on 17.08.2019

    Exceptional service. I had a short notice urgent international shipment of a very large crate to send to New Zealand. I had a couple of days to arrange it before I left the country and Daniel went above & beyond the call of duty to get this organised. I had a hundred questions, was a pain in their butts and was worried about so many things. He always responded quickly and did everything possible to alleviate my concerns and organise my shipment. I found this company by chance and I'm so lucky that I did. I had been through many review sites and contacted every company with the best ratings and reviews. Most couldn't be bothered to even call me back or provide a quote, some responded weeks after the deadline (that was stated in my initial inquiry) and those who did come back to me fast couldn't collect the item within the required time frame. Every member of staff I interacted with was polite, efficient and professional. Thank you Daniel and East Coast Shipping, you are a credit to your industry.

  • on 16.01.2019

    We just moved from Germany and used East Coast Shipping. We ended up needing a 20ft container and took about 5 weeks to get our things delivered. Our agent in Germany Navtrans was helpful with our customs questions, German customs was kind of pain. Overall we would recommend both companies.

  • on 31.07.2015

    Cons: Pickup date was suddenly moved earlier; truck sent was dangerously decrepit and I had to build a loading platform and ramp; driver promised that there would be equipment with which to break the seal at the other end and there was not. Most of my problem was with the delivery firm in Germany, which was tortuous and it cost me about 1000 USD more than my original fixed price contract. My impression is that they feel free to take advantage of folks vulnerable in the midst of moving. The only word I come up with is: bandits. BE VERY WARY, especially if the delivery firm is called Active Moving + Shipping GmbH. Try to find out at the U.S. end before contracting services.

    After initial contact promising me full cooperation and communication, they changed the delivery date 4 times at the last minute without checking with me, required extensive documents with no notice, charged a deposit that was not in the contract and WAS NEVER RETURNED, charged me for avoiding customs duties but did not do that (I had to pay), and finally billed me another €200 for nothing, then took me to court for it knowing it would be more expensive for me to fight it. Whatever karma they generate through these fraudulent business practices is their lookout. I'm just relieved to have them finally completely out of my life, 9 months after my move.

    Pros: Daniel was easy to deal with and accommodated my need to reduce the cost by loading/unloading myself; the container was sealed, ensuring security until delivery; my things did actually get from the U.S. to Germany. Both drivers were pleasant. I'm relieved I did not use more of their services, like loading/unloading, leaving more chance to be taken advantage of.

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