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Perodua Sentral PJ (Sales & Service) reviews

4.2/5100 reviews
  • on 27.10.2022

  • on 25.10.2022

  • on 25.10.2022

  • on 25.10.2022

    Always no spare part

  • on 15.10.2022

    Very fast n friendly service

  • on 15.10.2022

  • on 14.10.2022

    Very friendly staffs

  • on 11.10.2022

  • on 10.10.2022

    Wang semua sudah bayar jpj semua siap tapi kereta ada kilang tak ada lori driver hantar

  • on 10.10.2022

    1st time dtg servis sini dr pantai dalam KL... servis mmg

  • on 08.10.2022

  • on 08.10.2022

    Wan Nazarul the service advisor is very friendly.

  • on 03.10.2022

    Although the staffs were friendly and polite. But the turn around time for the service was too damn slow. Appointment at 11am, I reached at 10.45am and waited for my turn. Asked the service advisor on how long I needed to wait, she mentioned before 2pm will be ready. So went to nearby mall for a meal came back at 2pm, car not ready until 3.30pm. Next, waited for payment til 4pm. When the service advisor placed my service details to the counter there was not many people maybe 2 or 3 but I dont get how I need to wait 30mins for it when there's 2 counter but only 1 was working. Hope they can improve their service turn around time. Wasted a whole day for this.

  • on 01.10.2022

  • on 29.09.2022

  • on 28.09.2022

    Biggest Perodua service centre in the area and you definitely need to fix an appointment beforehand unless it's an emergency. Staff are helpful and pleasant despite the large number of customers.

  • on 27.09.2022

    I've been going to this Perodua service centre for 4 years now. only this service centre I go ever since I moved in to KL. Tak kena kapak suruh tukar additional items when it's not necessary at all.

    Convenient also you can wait or you can take Grab lepak Jaya shopping centre while waiting car service to be done

  • on 23.09.2022

    Good outlet, clean place. Friendly and attentive service. Make sure your time of visit is out of the heavy traffic hours or getting there can be quite trying. At the time of visit there were a few of the popular models.

  • on 19.09.2022

    Do not visit. 4 hours wait for a brake check and that is with an appointment. Very inefficient

  • on 16.09.2022

    Pada 9hb Sep dapati magnet pada panapis minyak hitam hilang lepas servis. Bila ditanya bagi tahu lupa pasang balik. Tak pasti akan servis sini lagi. Mohon maaf ya.

  • on 15.09.2022

  • on 14.09.2022

    very comfy and nice place to wait for my car to service. the worker also very polite and pretty. cannot wait for my next appt.

  • on 12.09.2022

    excellent service

  • on 10.09.2022

  • on 09.09.2022

    The best service

  • on 05.09.2022

    Worker there are polite but that is all good things about it. Was there to install my gear up item. The worker there are suppose to call me when they finish installation but no one call. When I call them around 2 whether the car is ready, was told the car was ready for collection. Take grab back to the centre and was told not ready yet. Have to take grab again to my mom day care and return to get the car and the most irritating thing is. The staff there told me to wait for their call when I go back the first time and after I fetch my mom and return there. No one call me back and I was waiting until closing time and when I inquire it seems the car is ready for collection for awhile already. And when I check the car Wrong thing was also install for my gear up item although it not their fault as the gear up item was order by the sales agent locate in old Klang road. Was disappointed as the things I really wanted wasn't install even though the agent have pay me back due to their mistake. Wasted my time, money for grab

  • on 04.09.2022

  • on 01.09.2022

    I highly recommend whoever want to service their car come here... The customer service is very friendly... Mr. Aliff is very very helpful,kudos to him... Company should promote him to Showroom Manager

  • on 31.08.2022

  • on 29.08.2022

    What’s the point of setting appointment in advance when you can’t fulfil the appointments on time. Lol guessing it’s just the Malaysia way

  • on 28.08.2022

    Good service, nice waiting environment

  • on 27.08.2022

  • on 27.08.2022

  • on 22.08.2022

    Khidmat pelanggan yang terbaik beserta dengan pekerja yang ramah dan mesra. Kemudahan fasiliti ruang menunggu yang besar, selesa dan bersih.

    Walaubagaimanapun, tiada kemudahan snek makanan atau cafe untuk pelanggan menikmati hidangan ringkas sementara menunggu kenderaan siap diservis.

    Disyorkan agar ada sekurang-kurangnya satu Vending Machine ditempatkan diruangan menunggu atau dibahagian luar pintu masuk utama untuk kemudahan pelanggan.

  • on 20.08.2022

  • on 19.08.2022

    bz always ... but efficient

  • on 17.08.2022

    Good experience with Perodua Sentral.

  • on 17.08.2022

    Great place

  • on 17.08.2022

  • on 10.08.2022

  • on 08.08.2022

    Worst place to come if you expect quick service. Appointment slots needs 2-3 weeks in advance, not to forget if your situation is urgent, no need to consider this place.

    My new Ativa's door lock was not working. Ordering the part needs 2 weeks, setting appointment to fix the lock, another 3 weeks. So for more than a month, my lock on a new car was not working properly.

    When the lock was fixed, they called me to pick up the car, but the touch lock button was not responding and I am expected to wait for them to finish lunch for someone to check. This took up at least an hour of my working day lunch time. I didn't have my lunch too. So disappointed!

  • on 08.08.2022

  • on 06.08.2022

    big showroom

  • on 06.08.2022

  • on 06.08.2022

  • on 05.08.2022

  • on 04.08.2022

    Have free breakfast everytime I come for service. Thank you Perodua Sentral PJ for such a nice hospitality.

  • on 03.08.2022

    loan approval has been done and they said it will only take 3 months for me to take the car. it’s already more than 3 months but they’re keep giving reasons about the car. the dealer won’t even update anything. we have to keep texting and ask them what’s going on. very disappointed. in social media it looks like they’re helping but in reality they don’t really help. sometimes, if we text also they won’t reply and ignore our messages. please do something about this. thank you.

  • on 02.08.2022

  • on 01.08.2022

    I got my car from Perodua here. Syahlan was very helpful. We managed to get the 2022 model Myvi within 4 months wait. When we got the car, he made sure we got the right car and showed around the features. Answered all my questions too :) Only drawback was the wait was 1 month longer than expected due to factory delays.

  • on 31.07.2022

    Very good experience. Customers are well managed and very systematic.

  • on 29.07.2022

    Client Dalam 8 org beratur nak buat payment, tp kaunter payment bukak 1 je..
    Slow la

  • on 26.07.2022

    What happen to Perodua Sentral phone? Ive been calling for service since Eid Adha and no one is picking up. Even today, someone picked up and immediately hangs up the phone.

    Are you guys still using the same number? Or is there any other ways to set an appointment? Ive been a regular for over 5 years, this is my first time experiencing such disappointment over a simple service.

    Please assist me with this simple matter since i need to make a long distance journey soon. Thanks!

  • on 26.07.2022

    the service of the service center was so good, not only the car but also customer they also serve so good. The price of service also reasonable.

  • on 23.07.2022

    Best service centre la

  • on 23.07.2022

    Very good service and fast delivery time. Thumbs up

  • on 21.07.2022

    Overall experiences was okay. Pomen semua perodua qualified bukan cikai punya pomen.

  • on 20.07.2022

    I would say, one of the best experience I ever had with customer service.

    The staffs are well trained, super polite and friendly.

    If you dont like the car service centre who is hardsale, strongly recomending you to come here. The staffs is professional, and gives advice based on necessity.

    Ambient is comfy too.

  • on 19.07.2022

  • on 18.07.2022

    Bad customer service

  • on 13.07.2022

    This is the best service center I ever come across. The staff are so efficient. It makes me feel so proud of our second national car . Usually I service my car at other ordinary workshop but I couldn't get original parts even though I insist on original parts. Hope Perodua will set up more service center like this .

  • on 09.07.2022

  • on 06.07.2022

    Good service, nice staffs, pleasant experience. Keep up the good work!

  • on 04.07.2022

    Traded in my old car at POV here and ordered the new Myvi. Got my new car in less than a month after booking fees paid and loan approved. Thanks to the SA Naqib who is responsive to all my enquires and good service in getting all the process done smoothly and in a timely manner.

  • on 02.07.2022

    O M G - BARU PUJI SIKIT BAGUS SUDAH TEROK - S U S A H NYA NAK DAPAT SERVICE APPOINTMENT - ( Sampai 3 bulan = baru boleh dapat just 1 Appointment) - Nak Call pun Perodua Main Lines pun haram susah nak dapat ? - CANNOT EVEN SPEAK TO OPERATOR NOT TO MENTION SERVICE ADVISOR ( few weeks trying Calling ? ) - So Scarily Terribly- WASTING LOTS OF PRECIOUS VALUABLE TIMES - Quality Services & Repairs pun sudah teruk jatuh turun - Not like last time, last year or even beginning of this year which everytime i get my car after each time services that my car would be in perfect conditions , comfortable driving & Safe Smooth driving - BUT SADLY NOT NOWADAYS MY CAR SOMETHING JUST FELT " N O T R I G H T " - THIS IS BECAUSE OERIDUA SENTRALVIS LONG LNES OF CAR QUEES TO BE SERVICES - No timecto carefully service & tweek correctly your cars - Ladies & Gentlemen, Tuan & Puan, Guys & Girls - DO TRY OTHER PERODUA SERVICE CENTRE - DO BOOKINGS SERVICE APPOINTMENTS SOME WHERE ELSE O R ELSE YOU WOULD HAVE ONE HELL OF TROUBLES & INCONVENIENCES WASTINGS LOTS OF ENERGIES & PRECIOUS TIMES NOT ONLY BOOKINGS TIME BUT ALSO THE SCARIEST TRAFFICS J A M M S AT PJ & AT THE SAME TIME YOUR CAR STILL NOT RIGHT .
    W A H L I A O O M G !
    Perodua Sentral use to be Great few months ago BUT NOW SO DISSAPOINTING .

  • on 30.06.2022

    Great One-stop for Perodua...Service centre that is efficient and reliable Plus a Showroom with great Salesmanship especially Mr. Jabir, who is very helpful, knowledgable, reliable and converses well in English. Very happy with their services at this Perodua outlet.

  • on 25.06.2022

  • on 16.06.2022

    Datang je, terus bagi rekod dekat customer service. Pastu dia bagi no. Cepat mereka handle. Cuma menunggu tu lama sbb bukan kereta kita sorg mereka handle. Sini juga ada pameran kereta perodua. Dulu ada tempat main kanak², skrg dah takde. Apa², sini ada sofa selesa untuk menunggu. Boleh tidur skjap

  • on 15.06.2022

  • on 14.06.2022

  • on 14.06.2022

  • on 08.06.2022

  • on 05.06.2022

    Efficient and courteous service staff. Many nice to have items offered in service package. I would stick to the must haves. Spacious waiting area. Free food.

  • on 02.06.2022


  • on 01.06.2022

  • on 31.05.2022

    31/5/22: 10000km service, attended by Izzat. Very good service.
    Nov 2021: Fantastic service by Umai. Went back today to have second look, great service by Azian who let us test drive the Ativa. Super.

  • on 31.05.2022

  • on 31.05.2022

    Its the Produa HQ~~~
    Big spacious, all facilliti maintaining very well. Customer service is top notch.

  • on 28.05.2022

    Dah 2 ke 3 tahun memang akan service kat sini sebab kerja office dekat situ, service before ni memang boleh harap.

    Tapi recently ni pegi untuk order spare parts, dapat no que, ada la dalam 15 customer lain tengah que, kita pun tunggu la dekat sejam lebih, sampai customer pun dah 0, padahal counter bukak ada dalam 5 - 6 counter tapi no kita tetap tak dipanggil.
    Last-last tak dilayan jugak sampai terpaksa balik.

    Sorry la, ingat nak support dorang, dah kena macam ni memang takkan datang balik la.

  • on 27.05.2022

    Very diffcult to get appointments as they have very good service technicians...should have a cafe for people that need to wait for long hours.

  • on 22.05.2022

  • on 21.05.2022

  • on 21.05.2022

    Took you more than an hour to renew insurance. Service advisors are friendly, cashiers are slow, took me more than 30mins to pay my bills. I would recommend Glenmarie Perodua.

  • on 19.05.2022

    Fast and Friendly branch

  • on 14.05.2022

  • on 12.05.2022

  • on 11.05.2022

    Poor service

  • on 10.05.2022

    Sent car for 1st. Service. One year service. Need to book early for appointment.

  • on 10.05.2022

  • on 09.05.2022

  • on 09.05.2022

  • on 06.05.2022

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