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Daygard Logistics Group reviews

1.7/544 reviews
  • on 30.04.2022

    Staff absolutely awful. They asked me to pay double price for my cargo.
    Complaining about this charge to managers, one of the directors (Sarah) told me to move my business elsewhere .
    Asking me to move my business, which I did, the entire company accepts they are useless, not ready for business and should shut the door.

  • on 24.03.2022

    Reliable partner in handling and clearance. Will keep working with them.
    Appreciate Max for the continuous 1:1 assistance.

  • on 17.02.2022

    Terrible service. They charged £800 for a small shipment and sent me a messy list of invoices from 3 different emails. I told them to put them together and send in one invoice and they did, then left out the last invoice and tried to hold the parcel hostage til I sent the final payment that they forgot to send.

    (I think they probably do this on purpose so that they can cause inconvenience and charge you storage fees)

  • on 10.01.2022

    Not impressed had to use them due to a supplier sending out a shipment with them rather than normal forwarder, Next to no customer service demand customs VAT and Duty 4 weeks before even lands, Copy and paste replies on emails. Have used them twice now and when i found out 2nd time was with them as well my heart sunk.

  • on 08.01.2022

    Even one star is too much , they contacted me 24th December asking for original invoice and BL when all forwarders operate with electronic copies . They knew that post office is not going to deliver the documents next day . It is a way to delay your shipment and charge you storage .

  • on 11.11.2021

    I had to leave 0 stars. They manipulate customer and delay the shipment to charge you for storage. We are filing a legal case against them. All the emails arrive end of the day when we have no time to reflect , then they charge for storage 1-2 or 3 days without knowing in advance.

    Just before the delivery we discovered that they charge us storage

  • on 25.10.2021

    This is cheater & crook company. Please dont trust them as they mislead to customers with charges and
    defraud Money
    I am exporter from india and they cheated my importer in UK

  • on 20.09.2021

    No communication , no explanation and an invoice of £1,668.18 with charges either we or supplier know about. No complaints department and no customer service . I am taking this to court

  • on 16.09.2021

    Tried to charge £59 per day on our shipment, without actually informing us it was here in the UK being charged rent on.

    Our contact Billy was very rude and has absolutely no concept of customer service whatsoever.

    Complete scam of a company, only a matter of time before they get shut down, use a proper genuine shipping company such as CCT worldwide instead if you actually want to receive your goods without having money stolen from you.

  • on 16.09.2021

    Ridiculous experience with this company. DO NOT USE. DO NOT USE.

    Daylight robbery.

  • on 16.09.2021

    Never had such a bad experience with a company. Awful customer service from somebody called Billy, didn't care for anything but overcharging us on pallets.

    Stay away.

  • on 16.09.2021

    Terrible service - bordering on extortion. Stay away from this company if you want to receive your products. Terrible customer service from Billy, overly cocky and talks to multiple members of staff like a child.

  • on 25.07.2021

    I want share my experience hire it will help someone because. I import from China one vending machine after arrival I went collect the warehouse they checked my documents OK your goods is ready sign the documents someone bring your goods I went to the collection point forklift bring broken machine I am not interested to take the machine they say take the machine clim the cargo you can leave machine hire if you leave here you need pay £ 59.00 day they say take your machine clim the cargo I take the machine next day I call clearance department we won't check warehouse come back you after I received the email wecheck warehouse its not happened warehouse your all ready sign the documents we are not Response proper dogge people. before sign check your goods

  • on 20.07.2021

  • on 23.06.2021

    A shockingly bad company to deal with. No communication followed by storage charges when they don't notify you of arrival.

    I suggest anyone importing now actively specifies that Daygard is NOT used as their UK agent. We have good experiences with FS Mackenzie and Cardinal Maritime who are actually real companies and not there to extract as much money out of their customers as possible using questionable practices.

  • on 18.06.2021

    I can say nothing else but a robbing bunch of Forwarders, they won't assist you in advising delays or anything they will just stick you with a £2000 bill after they've missed to advise and then hold you to ransom until paid, avoid as much as possible as they will try to take you for every penny they can!

  • on 17.06.2021

    Excellent service, I would highly recommend

  • on 14.06.2021

    Truly awful service by Billy from Daygard.

    They make no effort to contact you, then try and charge £59/day rental charges for 1 pallet of parts... even on days they won't let you collect!

    Avoid at all costs. Their business practices basically amount to extortion

  • on 10.06.2021

    After reading all the negative feed back on here I was really worried about using daygard but they were very professional, helpful and polite, the prices were fair and Rea was an absolute pleasure to work with whenever I emailed her she always replied. Pick up from the warehouse was straightforward and very easy, they even let me pick it up earlier than my scheduled time. Thank you daygard for a pleasant experience.

  • on 09.06.2021

    We had a shipment from China that happen to come through this company as unforunately they the acting as local agent. This is one of the worse experiences of any company in my 23 years in the business. They get the goods into their depot, they do not advise you they have arrived, then issue you with warnings of storages charges bordering on Extortion. The prices of their storage would exceed that of renting a flat per week and that is for a few cubic metres of goods. Totaly out of order. They dream up other charges and hold your goods to ransom. The staff should be ashamed to work for this company! I know I would be!. Well I can safely say I have went out of my way to ensure no other goods we handle go anywhere near this place. Cannot give them Zero Stars, but if google could add a minus sign I am sure a lot of people would be hitting it.

  • on 07.06.2021

    I've dealt with Daygard about 6 times now. Everything most of you have put on your reviews is CORRECT. They have tried charging storage on every occasion. Todays email from them was. Thanks for your payment. Goods unpacked on the 4th June....Charges apply from the 9th June.....I'll notify you when the goods have cleared....This time around, I've agreed to use their delivery company (I've messed about my courier too many times with them in the past) This way I thought they would be responsible for everything. Why should we, the importers get charged if "the system" takes longer than 5 days. And who decides the 5 day window? Is it them or is it the general rule. Does anyone know? And NO I'm not using them again. ZERO STARS.

  • on 22.04.2021

    worst service! rude staff!

  • on 30.03.2021

    An absolute nightmare - avoid at all costs if you can. I tried to chase them multiple times to get the landing cost to have no answer until goods were about to arrive. They then increased the landing charges by £300 to £2000. This was aside customs & duties.

    I needed things cleared ASAP due to personal circumstances and they delayed each and every single point of the process, refusing to pre-book a delivery slot.

    Not forgetting to mention, they say you have 5 “free” days of storage to collect your goods but this is a complete lie. They do not allow goods to be picked on weekends or bank holidays and usually, the same and next day slots are fully booked once they clear the goods. We had clearance on Thursday at 4pm and I called them straight away to book. They said both Thursday and Friday were fully booked and redirected me to another company, Imorex warehouse, to check for Monday. Had my driver not been able to make it on Monday, I would have been faced with a fine of £315 per day starting Tuesday. You can argue all you want with them, but they will not budge or change the wordings to inform customers that 5 days don’t actually mean 5 days.

    If there was a complaint line, I would lodge something, it’s unbelievable how unprofessional and disorganised this company is.

  • on 05.02.2021

    An unhappy I request owner this company solve my matter case number FMSIJ0055417
    They demand 800£ extra charge i advise no anybody from order here just govt tex only 75£ its too high this company abandent my good if no solve mayter i will go court uk

  • on 29.01.2021

  • on 05.01.2021

    Unfortunately the reviews of this company are fairly accurate. I called them to challenge them on these negative reviews and they assured me that they deal with thousands of shipments a day and that these are just a handful of bad reviews. I have emailed and called on multiple occasions to get a price for an FOB shipment and no one has got back to me. I eventually gave up and chose a different company. I wish I had done this from the start and followed the advice from others on here. No stars would be too many.

  • on 16.12.2020

    One of the worst companies in UK. More expensive than others and terrible service. They even don't bother to care about their customers!
    I've been charged more than what i paid for goods. It wasn't any storage charge at port but this company charged me. Bunch of thieves.
    I asked my other side business agent to stop working with this company too.

  • on 14.10.2020

    An absolute joke of a logistics company. Zero communication throughout the process. The Track & Trace system is a complete waste of time, as cargo was never on board the vessel. Any response I did get from staff was uncaring and a very unprofessional tone to their emails. My team waited all day for delivery and heard nothing until a staff member of our company phoned to enquire then was told it didn't make it on the van. After enquiring about a refund hear nothing back. WatchDog here we come. Bandits from the top down. Not even worth the 1 star I need to post this comment.

  • on 12.10.2020

    The worst company ever. If you want have your item in good condition, on time and no problems with paper work or expecting time or you want your item at all DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!
    I ordered item wich comes from chine and arrived in UK then this rubbish company must cary on about paper work and delivery to my house BUT after item comes in them hands, item just GONE. Get lost. And I not talking about something small. Its 100 kg massive machine. Anyway thay made me a lot of head ache and lost 2 mounts waiting for my item.

  • on 02.10.2020

    My goods arrived the price of the goods was around £60 I pay to daygard Logistic £315 for clearance. This is crazy. The customer service was fantastic very helpful. Does anyone know different company for clearance?

  • on 30.09.2020

    Serviço rápido

  • on 30.09.2020

    Do not use them they are completely unprofessional, no communication, borderline fraudulent. Be warned they will communicate nothing to you and send the mimimum information so that it's hard to clear your goods so that they charge you over priced storage fee's, they won't email you to tell you when you good are being unpacked it could be 1 day it could 10 have to call them repeatedly for any information and that's if your lucky

  • on 19.08.2020

    Can't imagine it will be long before Rory Munday is appearing on Watchdog just check out reviews of his other "companies" e.g Freight Movers International Ltd...

    Really poor, in the past when importing goods they told us we had notified them too early of the arrival of the goods and to contact them again later. This time we failed to notify them and get charged £100/Day for storage. No emails or attempts to contact us saying goods have arrived and that we would be charged for storage if we didn't collect the goods.

    Would be embarrased if this was my company.

  • on 30.04.2020

    Don't let lorry drivers use the toilet facilities. Key workers. What tossers you are

  • on 18.03.2020

    Great service, very helpful and informative from start to finish.

  • on 12.03.2020

    Awful customer service from start to finish!

  • on 25.02.2020

    Recently used them to clear a container. Must say was really worried after seeing all the negative reviews. However my experience was completly the opposite. Import team was great very polite and prompt on responses. Only down was the price they are very expensive. Had to pay extra £40 just to have a tail lift otherwise I had to remove the good from the truck myself! Would be happy to use again if needed

  • on 25.11.2019

    Dreadful service. Held on to our goods without telling us then tried to charge us. Very expensive. Try to avoid at all costs

  • on 18.10.2019


  • on 25.07.2019

    I had to contact them to find out what they were doing with my goods they have charged me£220 for storage and lied about sending me a email these people are telling lies and steeling money avoid at all costs they really are the scum of the earth

  • on 02.07.2019

    Wow. Avoid like the plague. They will hang on to your delivery and then charge £90 for the privilege. Who knew keeping some boxes on a shelf in a warehouse in Essex costs £1,500 a month - the same price as a flat in London.

  • on 12.03.2019

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