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BTi Logistics (Melbourne) reviews

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  • on 06.09.2022

  • on 11.08.2022

    Like what Rachel toohey has said, it's ALL TRUE, this place is so unorganise, forklift and pedestrian are within arm reach. Workers with no license are able to operate machinery because team leaders are too BUSY dealing with unorganise work load and mess, they got no time to observe

  • on 14.04.2022

    Started at this company 3 weeks ago. They still use a paper pick system. No training provided. Get to work at 7 and no one there to open gates until 7 15. Stock everywhere , sometimes system says over 20 locations for one item with the last Stocktake over 2 years prior. Still unable to finish an order that I started on my first day. Do not know how they are still in business. I was fired today for apparently being rude to a team leader who ordered me to " go clean" when I was actually a part of a conversation regarding an order that had been wrongly booked. Do not work at this company if you take any pride in your work or like to complete anything. They will not value you at all.....

    In response to the internal review can I ask if it was done by the same "management" who told me to send smashed items to the client? Their exact words were " no one cares" which in my humble opinion should be your company motto. Also if you do happen to do another internal review could you please find out who the first aid officer is? Point me towards the evacuation plan , and let me know what to do in case of emergency. As the 3 weeks I was there not any of those things were mentioned . I watched a team leader send a girl who had cut her finger across the road to get a bandaid. Simply not good enough. If your clients are happy with how you operate thats fantastic and I wish you the best of luck. However as an employee your lack of basic duty of care and training is simply inexcusable. You could ask one of the other 5 staff that came and either left or got fired in the short time I was there. But we probably wouldn't give you the same answers as your internal review. I wish you all the best for the future

  • on 12.04.2022

    The incompetence in this place is astounding Management? An absolute disgrace Team leaders? Even worse!

  • on 27.10.2021

    Forkies were very polite and efficient. Office staff, not so.

  • on 18.07.2021

  • on 09.05.2021

    Great company and the service is exceptional. Staff are friendly and very helpful.

  • on 16.04.2021

    Very good set up

  • on 09.02.2021

    I just love to chill here

  • on 30.12.2020

  • on 10.12.2020

    Great place... friendly staff... Happy Happy Happy

  • on 19.10.2020

    Fantastic company to deal with, made the entire process very easy.

  • on 18.06.2020

    great service, team is always there to answer questions, support and provide the cheapest yet fastest service

  • on 26.05.2020

    Unfortunately, staff are treated in a double standard.
    Communication is key. The staff have history and do not like new people joining the company. They are dishonest and unsupportive and blame you for their lack of training.

    Would never work under these people again.
    Makes me sad.

  • on 20.02.2020

  • on 13.02.2020

  • on 11.02.2020

    BTI is stupendous!!!

  • on 07.02.2020

  • on 05.02.2020

  • on 07.12.2019

  • on 02.12.2019

  • on 27.11.2019

  • on 25.11.2019

  • on 19.11.2019

  • on 18.11.2019

  • on 14.11.2019

  • on 13.11.2019

  • on 13.11.2019

  • on 31.10.2019

  • on 31.10.2019

    on time re delivery, on budget, happy camper

  • on 29.10.2019

    I have worked with Fred and his team at BTi for about 17 years now. I have found them very approachable, responsive and thorough in their follow up on all matters. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a supply chain logistics partner in their business.

  • on 02.11.2018

  • on 22.10.2018

  • on 20.10.2018

    I have used BTI logistics three times over the the last 3 years and have found them to be easy to deal with, polite, efficient and reliable

  • on 23.08.2018

    We have been using BTI Logistics for more than 10 years. We love how prompt their responses are to our enquiries and the service given is always top-notch.

  • on 16.08.2018

  • on 16.08.2018

    Very professional logistics team that ensures your goods are received, stored, and shipped with the upmost care. They are also great at providing solutions to any unprecedented issues. Two thumbs up for Michael P. the sales manager.

  • on 16.08.2018

    Great Team and Excellent Service. We have been using them now for almost a year and are very pleased with the association.

  • on 21.10.2017

  • on 31.03.2017

    Was served by their Perth office/Ms. Sue for our de-mobilisation of Anchors & Shanks Ex Fremantle - Singapore. Superb service. Timely updates with pictures given throughout whole operation.

  • on 18.01.2017

    Mike from BTI Logistics is one of the 80 companies, home replayed to our oversea cooperation request and I meet professional and flexible team. I recommend BTI Logistics.

  • on 13.01.2017

    Worst company to deal with. Everyone you talk to tell you the different story. You keep on going in circles without any outcome..Promised to bring you moon n you are lucky to get a rock. Don't recommend to anyone who is to import anything from overseas.

  • on 24.06.2015

    We have worked with Mike and the guys at BTi for a while now. Really great company to deal with one of our favourites to date. Very professional and well thought through approach to everything they do .. oh and those Lambo's

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