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Our goal is to be the best trucking company in Alabama. We specialize in all aspects of direct to consumer fulfillment, allowing you to focus on growing your marketshare, without having to worry about your products getting delivered on time!

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BR Williams Trucking, Inc reviews

4.9/557 reviews
  • on 23.02.2022

    I wanted to say a big thank you to Johnny and Andy @ My BR Williams family. They both help us out a lot here at E&E Transfer Company. This company is like my family. Absolutely phenomenal people to work with!!

  • on 20.01.2022

    I represent E&E Transfer Company and i enjoy working with the logistics division of BR Williams! Kenton Sprayberry is a great asset to the company. He always goes above and beyond to help me as a carrier. Thank you for the opportunity to haul with you

  • on 21.09.2021

  • on 17.08.2021

    They seem to be a wonderful company my husband started for them today really friendly

  • on 28.06.2021

    I had the pleasure of working with B.R. Williams and their leadership team. It’s clear they are obsessed with treating each team member as family, and they demonstrate servant leadership at its finest.

    I started my career in Transportation over 26 years ago and have come across many organizations that “say” they have that “family feel” and “won’t treat you like a number,” and this might be true in many cases, BUT it’s absolutely true when it comes to B.R. Williams. I observed firsthand with each person I interacted with from operations, safety, recruiting, and maintenance.

    Without a doubt & with total confidence, I would recommend B.R. Williams to a family member or fellow driver. It’s evident from the Drivers to the CEO they are fixated on providing a best-in-class culture.

  • on 30.04.2021

    Best trucking company in the state. Friendly people that provide excellent service with not only trucking but also warehousing. Highly recommend.

  • on 10.04.2021

  • on 10.04.2021

  • on 26.03.2021

  • on 11.02.2021

    Working for this company has been extremely rewarding. The people here are great along with the tremendous value and service they provide for the community. I highly recommend BR Williams to anybody in need of trucking or warehousing.

  • on 22.01.2021

    I've been an employee at BR for almost 5 years. It is an amazing company to work for.

  • on 21.01.2021

    Could not ask for better. All the people here are great. They treat you like family. If you need anything just ask. If you could work here I would. I do.

  • on 17.01.2021

  • on 22.12.2020

    Amazing customer service. Didn't have exactly what I needed but immediately put me into contact with people who did. Easy to talk to and the staff go above and beyond.

  • on 28.11.2020

  • on 05.11.2020

    good hands

  • on 07.10.2020

  • on 22.07.2020

    A great company to work for!

  • on 29.01.2020

    I have worked for a Trucking company for 16 years and 10 of those years, I have booked loads for my drivers with BR Williams. B.R. Williams has a wonderful staff and are always very helpful!!!

  • on 29.01.2020

    Wonderful people , so easy to work with. Want a reputable broker try these guys they are an awesome bunch of folks!

  • on 29.01.2020

    Love working with these guys!! They are pretty great!!!!

  • on 29.01.2020

    My name is Mike Georgiev and i represent S&T Transport and I have worked with Johnny and Chris at Br Williams for the past 7 years . Whatever i say will not be enough. Never had a single problem and if that happen they always stay on top of it and everything has been resolved so quick . I am glad that i have a chance to work with people like them. The team at BR Williams is great . I personally wish that there is more great companies like them .Unfortunately there is only a few left and they are one of them . I wish them good look and prosperity and health in the future for more coming business in . The company is build on honesty , logistic and professionalism . Keep the good work guys , We at S&T Transport will always serve you and make you and your costumers happy :)

  • on 28.01.2020

    Always a pleasure to work with! Friendly personalities and great at communicating

  • on 28.01.2020

    I interned with them during college and my current employer utilizes their services. They are great people to work with and always provide high quality customer service.

  • on 28.01.2020

    Great broker company to book loads with. Always accomodating us carriers to pick up and deliver loads. Help us when we need the help

    Thank you guys--- Kenton, Johnny, Grenda... best team ever !!!

    ---Espy and Jay ---
    Sadco, INC

  • on 24.01.2020

    The team at BR Williams is terrific to work with, and they really do things right. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a long term transportation partner!

  • on 24.01.2020

    Great customer service. They take time to make sure that our loads arrive when scheduled.

  • on 14.01.2020

  • on 13.01.2020

    We have been doing business with BR Williams for many years. Their staff are friendly, courteous, have a positive attitude & do whatever they can to get trucks under our loads when we need them. I would highly recommend their services!

  • on 25.11.2019

  • on 05.06.2019

  • on 05.06.2019

    Great Company,to Work for ,Been Business, for a Long time.

  • on 30.05.2019

    Many thanks to the BR Williams Trucking, Warehousing and Logistics teams for testing and providing feedback on our Magnetic Sign Hanging Systems designed to reach tall ceilings in the retail, education, grocer and manufacturing sectors. Companies that use Ceiling Outfitters and the Clik Clik line of products, can take advantage of unused space above eye level to hang signage from ceilings without the use of ladders and lifts. Our team was recently looking for a highly regarded company that owned multiple facilities of various sizes to reimagine how our products might be applied inside commercial manufacturing and production facilities. BR Williams was gracious in agreeing to participate which included providing us with quick and invaluable feedback. It’s no wonder BR Williams is a leader in their industry and local communities! Great folks at BRW!

  • on 21.06.2018

    Great place to work,good people to work for.

  • on 01.06.2018

    Havent been here

  • on 12.11.2017

    Awesome people who are very nice to work with dispatchers are very good at keeping the wheels turning

  • on 19.10.2017

  • on 18.10.2017

    Great customer service! ALWAYS above and beyond service expectations. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service!

  • on 25.09.2017

  • on 11.09.2017

    Great Place!

  • on 25.08.2017

    Great company to work for.

  • on 18.07.2017

    BR Williams Trucking is a wonderful family owned company who value their relationships with their clients and workers. Working with BR Williams has been a successful decision for my business.

  • on 29.06.2017

    This is an amazing company! I have worked alongside several from the B.R. Williams team on different community projects, and let me just say that they always come through with professionalism, compassion, and pride in their work. The charitable community investments they make on an annual basis proves that they are not just concerned about their bottom line, but they are focused on giving back and improving the communities where they do business. They are good stewards of their resources, and their leadership team is nothing but top notch! There is no doubt that B.R. Williams cares about their customers, their employees, AND their community. The entire organization at United Way of East Central Alabama is incredibly grateful that we get to call the team at B.R. Williams our friends and partners in the good work happening in our community!

  • on 27.06.2017

    BR Williams Trucking, Inc. is not only an outstanding company, but a great community partner. We can always count on their support!

  • on 27.06.2017

    My experience with BR Williams was not as a customer. As a matter of fact, they did not know me personally. My experience with this great company is as the recipient of their commitment to the communities they serve. My non profit organization was in desperate need of "so many things", when BR Williams heard about what we were doing, they sent their staff (during the work day) with materials and supplies to handle everything we'd listed as an immediate need. It's companies like this that make it possible for us to continue to do the work we are trying to do with the children in our communities. I cannot express in words what my heart feels. You guys are wonderful. I am so thankful and this is why your company will always be successful. YOU REALLY CARE about people.

  • on 26.06.2017

    Awesome company providing the best in transportation and community support. They not only provide excellent customer service, they are fantastic corporate citizens. Their employees are encouraged to volunteer and the company gives back to the community financially. Great company with which to do business!

  • on 26.06.2017

    This company goes out of their way to help with anything. They have earned a lifetime customer.

  • on 10.12.2016

  • on 28.09.2016

    Matt at BR Williams is always incredibly helpful to us, and patiently helps us solve logistical issues.

  • on 28.09.2016

    BR Williams is a very dependable and reliable transportations company. I have used their services for both flatbed and dry van runs on many occasions. From the last minute hot shot to daily routes, it is hard to find a more reliable partner.

  • on 28.09.2016

    BR Williams is a great company. Good price, on time for the delivery! Good Services. Big Warehouse... Great company in logistic and warehousing.

  • on 28.09.2016

    The customer service and professionalism within this company is something you do not find everyday. They are loyal and easy to work with. They treat our customers like they are their customers. They are always ready to help and we work well together.

  • on 27.09.2016

    Top notch people! Top notch company! We've been working together almost daily for a few years now and time and time again BR Williams proves to be elite. It doesn't matter who you talk to, it doesn't matter what department they are in everyone's always courteous, professional and an all around a joy to work with.

  • on 15.09.2016

    Our "mothership" home office and trucking terminals keeps everyone rolling and moving in the same direction! If you have questions, they have answers! Thanks Admin team for being the greatest!

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