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BGI is a freight forwarding service provider based in the USA that focuses on creating partnerships to pave the way for sustainable business growth. Customer care and the needs of our clients are at the forefront of our values.

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Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

BGI Worldwide Logistics, Inc. reviews

3.7/511 reviews
  • on 22.11.2021

    Not Very Friendly in giving out quotes. Ask for a quote from Chris Cummings and he' told me he's working on it and "will send it over shortly." Then I replied let me know.
    His response "we do not forsee this happening this year"

    I understand. These people have corporate jobs and they hate there lives.
    If I made his salary I would hate my life too. Not everybody hits puberty in life and actually makes a real MANS salary. Imagine the amount of quotes he gets in week.

  • on 22.11.2021

  • on 22.11.2021

  • on 22.11.2021

    This group does it well. I have been working with John and Seang for over two years. Let me tell you, if you are looking for peace of mind with your logistics, look no further. Great team, quick and accurate responses. Competitively priced, and a much better option than the big boys (FedEx, UPS, etc). Personable service. Keep it up BGI!

  • on 22.11.2021

    No understanding of international logistics, way overpriced, terrible service, no calls back and it takes them forever to get a quote back to you. The term "worldwide" is laughable. Oversized and overdimensional equipment is way too difficult for them and forget any intl door to door service, they can barely do door to port.

  • on 22.11.2021

  • on 22.11.2021

  • on 22.11.2021

    Professional, dependable, friendly, and competitive prices. What more can you ask for from a logistics company? I have worked with numerous logistics companies throughout the years and I can honestly say I found the last one I will ever need. Piece of mind in knowing I am getting the best rates out there is important to me. Piece of mind in knowing my business is cared for by my vendors is important to me. Piece of mind knowing I DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY about something going wrong with my shipment is important to me. BGI provides that piece of mind.

  • on 22.11.2021

    This was my first time making an international shipment and I was ASSURED that they were the right company for me. They were not even close.
    After complaining to the owner, I found out that this idiot who provided assurances that he could help me,Steve Sopo, was new and inexperienced and "should not have been dealing with me" said the owner.
    Anyway, we are starting a new company and this first shipment was time sensitive.
    Despite all assurances from BGI, we aded up waiting an additional 3 weeks for delivery once the stuff was here the U.S. BGI was NOT helpful with keeping me informed of the process nor the possible delays and extra fees.
    I was assured that the price bid would not change yet it did 3 times and I ended up paying nearly double the original assured amount.
    My feeling is that they are only interested in "big" customers.
    I find that had to believe in this slow economy, but they will not get my future business.

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