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United States , 98032
6013 S. 194th St., Suite ATC Kent
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Freight Services between Alaska and Other Points in the USA

Delivering your freight to or from Alaska safely, on-time, and at competitive rates are our top priorities. Every shipper has unique needs, so we provide a variety of options to fit your timelines and budget.

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Offered services

  • Air freight
  • Rail freight
  • Road freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Hazardous goods
  • International Moving Services

Geolocation coverage

North America

Alaska Traffic Co reviews

3.5/514 reviews
  • on 21.06.2022

  • on 17.06.2022

  • on 09.09.2021

    Only 1 dock was available
    Very professional staff
    Fast loading/unloading

  • on 09.08.2021

    Freight, air and sea....
    This is a great place to be.

  • on 03.12.2020

    Don't open until 8 am. By then it's stacked up outside. If they would open up earlier, things wouldn't be so bad, and drivers wouldn't get hung up for hours waiting for a door.

  • on 10.08.2020

    Show up hour and before they open after verifying appointment day before. Warehouse Forman puts me in a door 0700 tells me they’ll start me 0800 other trucks show up after 0800 put them in the the door and the woman in receiving takes care of them first only for the Forman to tell me that my appointment was 1100 which is straight face lie now the two trucks after me are gone other come and gone hour half ago Forman says I’m next and here am 1130 still working on my half a trailer load 14000 pounds the lying clerk should take care of miles lost and my late fees for next load I was suppose to pu 190 miles away @1400 see that’s the only way they’ll stop not with these detention pennies just give my 250 dollars plus for lost income and you can lie all you want wish I could take that money from your account all because the guy moved a trailer for her so she unloaded him first comes around goes around

  • on 11.07.2020

  • on 05.06.2020

    Mandatory face mask. Drivers block both directions to get access to docks. Nearly impassable and tight to offload flatbeds. I had to back into a dock and pull out straight to offload my flatbed.

  • on 20.06.2019

  • on 08.01.2018

  • on 12.06.2017

  • on 17.02.2017

  • on 27.01.2017

    Patty Cervelle is our contact here and we have nothing but good things to say about her. We had a tricky shipment and she went above and beyond to take good care of us!

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