Top3Club is an initiative aiming to feature the very best local freight forwarders. It enables you to make a fast and safe choice for your logistics needs.

“Top Freight Forwarders” features only the companies with highest client reviews score. Furthermore, forwarders goes through our audit that reviews different aspects of their business – ensuring that we only recommend those delivering exceptional service and competitive prices.

Proof of reliability and quality of service

Top3Club is a proof of quality and reliability. When selecting a company for your next shipment, it is necessary to take multiple factors into consideration. Our guide can help you do this right. Still if you are considering a Top3Club company, it makes your choice easier as it proves quality and reliability.

Credibility of Top3Club is built together with you

Your experience as a client is of crucial importance for ranking freight forwarders. That’s why it is important to share your review after collaboration is done. is the most relevant platform in the industry, which guarantees that your review will benefit future customers and the market overall.  

Misuse of Top3Club certificate

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that our Top3Club badge is misused. Some companies feature Top3Club badge on their websites, social media or printed materials although they are not a member of the club, in order to trick potential clients. Please always validate their status by looking at their page on – Top3Club members will have the badge displayed on this page.