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We're a leading supply chain partner to blue-chip companies across every major industry, with a sole focus on freight transportation. Our global network has 749 locations and approximately 43,000 employees.

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XPO Logistics reviews

2.4/525 reviews
  • on 20.06.2022

    This company is a freaking JOKE. We have now had 4 days of failed deliveries from this joke of a company for appliances from Lowes in Lewes DE. Two days of no shows where we sat at our house from 8am-4pm and two days of attempts to deliver completely damaged product. The second no show attempt they actually lied and said they came when we have been sitting at our house all freaking day and received no missed calls. They use Asian off shore dispatch so when you call you are talking to someone in Asia who has no clue and doesn’t have any contact info for the drivers. Laughable that they call this a business.

  • on 09.04.2022

  • on 07.04.2022

  • on 26.02.2022

    Worst company in history. Never brother to update you. Wasted my day of work. Did not show up.

  • on 29.12.2021

    Great staff and very helpful. They helped with loading the shipment and even rearranging the cargo in the truck bed to make it fit!

  • on 14.12.2021

    Great service

  • on 15.07.2021

    Great to do business with

  • on 09.05.2021

    This is the company that Dejoy has over 70 million dollars invested in. Every time you use xpo, your lining his pockets and hurting the USPS.

  • on 24.03.2021

  • on 27.01.2021

    On Monday, January 25th around 1:15pm a Lowe's hired XPO truck pulled into my driveway, in Magnolia, DE. They sat there for 5 to 10 minutes. They weren't even delivering to my home. Upon backing up, the driver drove 4 feet into my lawn, thus rutting it up.
    Then as I watched out my window, he backed into my mailbox, knocking it over. I immediately ran outside to get information. The driver took off. Drove off, speeding away as I ran down my driveway waving my arms.
    Zero respect for anyone's property.
    Another XPO driver through Lowe's was in the neighbors driveway and as he wouldn't get out of the truck and was texting like mad he swore he didn't know they driver.
    I have spent now almost 3 days calling the 800 number only to get a customer service person, but never anyone in claims.
    I have also called a 302 number to speak to a women, left message. Have not heard back, now her mailbox is full. Also, called a CA number and left a voice mail there.
    I will continue to call until someone replaces and fixes my mailbox.
    Driver had zero respect for anyone's property.
    A hit ans run of private property.

  • on 08.12.2020

    If I could rate them zero stars, I would. I have never in my life had to deal with such poor customer service! My husband and I had ordered a new washer from Lowe's and paid for haul away of our old one. Was told delivery would be this past Thursday evening. 15 minutes before the end of the time window, they tell us the truck malfunctioned and had to reschedule delivery for this past Saturday. The delivery people show up with 10 minute warning, deliver the new one, but stated they could not take our old one due to the truck being too full. Said they would be back later that day to grab it once they got rid of some of the deliveries they had, which they did not. Then we were told they'd pick it up Sunday, again they did not. Told us they would be here today, and now they are saying they cannot come until tomorrow! My old washer has been sitting in my yard for almost 3 days and I have been given nothing but the run around. I have been on the phone for almost an hour, with no manager to answer the phone, then states that they can send an email to the super and have them return my call within 24-48 hours! No thank you! I'll wait on hold for as long as I need to to speak with one! This is the most terrible customer service and delivery experience that I have ever had and will not be getting anything delivered by them again!!!!

  • on 04.11.2020

    My work place

  • on 31.10.2020

  • on 01.10.2020

    Absolutely the worst service I have ever experienced in my life! I purchased a washer and dryer from Lowes for delivery. I was told I would have a delivery early morning to mid morning, and that someone would call the night before to give a time window, and then I would get another call about an hour before arrival on the day of. I never received either of those phone calls, no email, no text message, nothing. My husband, who works night shift, stayed up all morning waiting for them to arrive. Come 12 pm, I called Lowes to see what was going on, they have me the number to XPO who was contracted for this delivery, so I called them, at that point I was told my delivery was scheduled to come between 10 am and 2:30 pm. At 3pm, they had still not arrived, so I called again to see if they were still coming....i was told they had no way to determine a time, but that my order was 3rd in line. I simply asked for an ETA, and was told the driver would call me a half hour before arrival. I got home from work at 4:30pm, they had still not arrived. At least at that point my husband was finally able to take a 90 minute nap before going to work again all night. I waited around even longer, not really wanting to call XPO again and get the same type of response. At 6pm, they showed up in my driveway and just stood there. They didn't knock on the door, they didn't beep the horn, they didn't call, they just stood there until I came outside, I didn't even realize they were there until i looked out the window. When i did come outside, I was rightfully upset and asked them if this was their idea of morning, and why I had never received a phone call prior to their arrival, and they proceeded to blame Lowe's for their terrible service. They asked me if I wanted to reschedule, and i told them no, we have been waiting all day with no communication or explanation, and I want it delivered now. I asked them to follow me inside. I even left the front door open for them, and what did they do? They got in their truck and drove away. I ran outside to wave them back down the driveway to deliver, but they just kept going. I can't even wrap my head around what happened. I called to talk to a manager, and was told the situation had been escalated, and he had tried to push me through to a manager, but was on hold for 2 minutes so told me a manager was not available. I asked if they could come back to deliver the product, since they hadn't finished their job and was told they had already returned to the hub for the night...which is an hour away and it had only been 10 minutes since they left. I also called Lowe's to explain how terrible their service is and advised them that they should not contract that company for deliveries moving forward. The general manager of Lowe's told me they were returning the product back to the store and he would have a member of his own team deliver it personally tomorrow morning. At least Lowe's was able to resolve the situation. Do not do business with these people!!!!

  • on 20.11.2019

  • on 14.09.2019

    One of the worst logistics companies I’ve ever had to deal with. Several big box stores in my area use them and I’ve had nothing but bad experiences and late deliveries. Then they call you and shift the blame to their customers.

  • on 26.06.2019

    If I could rate “ZERO” STARS I would. Company should be ashamed of their DELIVERY SERVICE.

  • on 25.06.2019

    Their delivery drivers have poor customer service and no professionalism whatsoever.

  • on 05.05.2019

    Wasnt delivered in time window or even that day... and failed to contact me to let me know such...never to be used again.

  • on 31.01.2019

    Very disappointed with their customer service. Called the supervisor with my concerns, and she never returned my call. Watch how they treat your floors when installing heavy appliances.

  • on 03.12.2018

    XPO is the worst company I have ever dealt with. We have had rude service over the phone and 3 failed deliveries. Constantly changing delivery times. Every person on the phone tells you a different story. After 3 deliveries we still do not have our product. Planning a 4th delivery date. I will never buy from a company that uses them for a delivery. Sorry XPO is just not reliable.

  • on 13.05.2018

    This delivery service is the worst carrier that I have ever dealt with in my
    entire 40 years as a homeowner. They were given specific instructions to deliver an item I purchased on a specific day and delivered it a week earlier when I was not there to accept. On the day of delivery, they gave a specific time window in which they would deliver and the arrival was more than 5 hours late. Throughout my wait I called customer service three times for an update and got the same answer, we can't get a hold of the driver. And in addition they said I should receive a call back within thirty minutes guaranteed. To no surprise, there was no call back and my entire Saturday was wasted waiting and dealing with incompetent lazy employees.

  • on 04.03.2018


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