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We ensure on-time, cost-effective delivery of your goods

Willson People and Technology Make the Difference. Our Experts are experienced in the regulatory environment of international trade, certified and receive ongoing training. We provide visibility to ensure compliance, and save you time and money.

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Offered services

  • Air freight
  • Road freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Customs services

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North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAfricaAsiaAustraliaMiddle EastNorth Africa
Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

Willson International reviews

2.7/524 reviews
  • on 09.02.2022

    Absolutely horrible customer service.
    As mentioned in other comments-they don't care about your time,will make you sit at border for hours before getting customs through.

    Stay away from this so called international broker !!

  • on 05.01.2022

  • on 20.10.2021

  • on 07.12.2020

    Dealt with Wilson to clear some furniture. Thank you for the great service.

  • on 26.11.2020

    Terrible company to work with!

  • on 16.08.2020

    Worst broker, not even deserve single star, with so many negative comments, still no improvement means not serious in business.
    No one bother to pick up the phone.

  • on 03.07.2020

    horrific broker, massive delays clearing customs for carriers in and out of usa and Canada, no one answers phones most of the time, me and my drivers cringe when we see Willson as the customs broker, go elsewhere for a good broker

  • on 10.02.2020

    Worst customer service. They did not even let me know our products have arrived. I had to call them to tell them to check to find out. Very unprofessional. Not worth your $$.

  • on 08.10.2019

    Awesome place to work

  • on 06.12.2018

    This custom broker is one of the worst i ever dealt with, they have no regards for carriers and their time, they will have your driver's sitting at custom ports for hours waiting get clearance from them. Shippers need to find other brokers that will clear their freight without the hassle and the headache.

  • on 05.10.2018


  • on 25.08.2018

  • on 18.07.2018

  • on 06.06.2018

    Great team that is working 24/7 to get the Job done on time.

  • on 05.06.2018

  • on 08.05.2018

    We've been using them for the past 2 years and we are very happy with their services and pricing. Great company!

  • on 09.04.2018

    Great company to work with. Very cooperative staff with knowledge & experience. They have been in logistics business since 100 years with expertise at both side of the border Canada & US.

  • on 01.03.2018

    We are an agent for trucking companies. Your business model of doing clearances an hour before the driver is due at the border is so outdated. This week alone we have had 5 different compaines waiting for you to clear loads that were submitted to you three day's before they arrived at the border, and after calling waited up to another 8 hour for thier clearance. Your clients should be looking for alternative customs brokers as driver are having a hard enough time with the new ELD mandate to be waiting hours for you do do your job.

  • on 27.02.2018

    Willson strikes again! Another truck stuck at the border, another sleepless night for the driver and dispatch. We advise anyone who asks for a customs broker recommendation to STAY AWAY from Willson at all costs.
    "Lost paperwork, never received paperwork, we're short staffed, we're too busy" are just a few examples of excuses you will hear from Willson staff for why your shipments are not processed on time.

  • on 12.12.2017

  • on 30.01.2017

    People work here

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