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  • on 21.10.2021

  • on 20.10.2021

    Very unprofessional company everytime i purchase by UPS i face problems. Recently i haven't place any orders but just pass another order through them and now they are asking for previous parcels which has been delivered 7 months ago and claiming that i owes them money whereas all payments is confirmed by their financial department . Which company has unprofessional people to work like Thierry Bosquet. I don't know any companies deliver goods without full payment.. till now i purchase many goods with Dhl and FedEx they deliver it to me once its being paid. Now they are asking for payment else they won't deliver my parcel tomorrow to me. For which i have already been paid for my new parcels. They don't have they rights to do that. They're working like scammers and threatening me to pay for 7months ago parcel which is already delivered.

  • on 11.09.2021

  • on 28.06.2021

    The phone rang but there was no one answering on Saturday

  • on 12.05.2021

    I ordered online on the beginning of April 2021 and the parcel has been shipped through UPS to Mauritius.

    Here we are at the mid of May 2021 and I still haven't received any update from Velogic. They can't be reached by phone and apparently they can't even spare 20 seconds to reply a short answer to my emails to give an update or an explanation.

    Probably the worst service ever.

  • on 12.05.2021

    Very Very Very long.. They received and kept my parcel for more than 1 month and now under custom process for more than 2 weeks... Poor services, no communication!

  • on 03.05.2021

    I ordered via Amazon and unfortunately the parcel was sent by UPS, so it was handled by Velogic in Mauritius. The parcel arrived a week ago and is still in HELD status in Mauritius. Impossible to get any information from Velogic, who are rarely reachable (and cut off the call once you finally get them on the line!). They do not answer emails, a catastrophe. The package took less time to arrive from the US despite the flight restrictions than it did to arrive from Port Louis to my home. It's really pathetic. I have referred the matter to UPS in the US and I assume I will get a response from them much quicker than from Velogic.

  • on 15.02.2021

    Top service

  • on 18.01.2021

  • on 13.01.2021

  • on 31.10.2020

  • on 28.09.2020

    While entering you face back of the building and should ask many people to know the entrance !!
    But staff is very cooperative!!

  • on 23.09.2020

    Velogic , a company which I will ALWAYS carry with me while sailing through life onwards. I was recently conned and charged exorbitantly high by another company other than Velogic which delivers same shipping services to customers. Velogic came as a life saviour to my case.
    Innovation, Independence, Determination, Courage, Sincerity and activity - I must say, VELOGIC lives up to its name and is THE one stop point for your shipping experiences. Velogic has a 'family' welcome to its clients which many company lack. Unfortunately, review spacing is too narrow to explain how I was conned by another company and how Velogic intervened to reinstate my case. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Mr Daya and Mrs Amrita for helping me out when I most needed it. Their professionalism is impeccable and unquestionable.
    Keep up with the honest and dedicated work your team and yourselves are doing.
    A fair advice to everyone: Not because a company locally represents your foreign shipper that it will treat you good and with cheaper rates! I was lucky to have been able to loop myself out of an EXORBITANTLY EXPENSIVE arrangement with locally based company representing my foreign shipper and reconsider Velogic for its excellent work and management. Hats off.

    Best regard,
    Ms D Gopaul & family

  • on 20.09.2020

  • on 15.09.2020

    Excellent service provided by Velogic for our last consignment from freight forwarding, clearance till delivery to the final destination. A big bravo to Mr. Daya Ragoo and his team!

  • on 15.07.2020

  • on 19.01.2020

  • on 17.11.2019

    Good service and good environment

  • on 16.11.2019

    Terrible communication and customer service . I was not assisted in any sense of the word.

  • on 18.10.2019

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