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We are engaged in the transportation of all types of cargo. The main delivery methods we use during transportation are road transportation, air delivery, transportation by river and sea routes, and multimodal transportation.

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  • Air freight
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  • Ocean freight
  • Customs services
  • Multimodal transports

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Ukraine Express Inc reviews

2.9/549 reviews
  • on 16.05.2022

    These guys charged me 650$ shipping instead of 250, simply because lbs and kgs apparently have the same weight for them. On top of that they lost a huge car hood and refused to even look into it to find it. This is simply outrageous.

  • on 06.05.2022

    Наверное здесь плохо

  • on 24.12.2021

  • on 09.09.2021

  • on 09.09.2021

    Do not ship to this address. They will try to scam you like they tried to scam me. E-commerce sellers I do not recommend. Save yourself the headache.

  • on 04.09.2021

    Excellent company, high quality service. You can trust him.
    I read a few bad reviews: it's foolish ebay sellers who don't understand what kind of service provide this company. It's warehouse using by many buyers to collect their orders.
    I can't understand how fool should be person when got payment and then cancel order. I'm really surprised how many foolish sellers are doing business on ebay.

  • on 16.04.2021

  • on 04.03.2021

    An ebay scammer tried to fool me into changing the shipping address by sending me a clever message just after the item sold posing as the buyer. They purposely wrote this address with a few typos knowing it would get corrected by the shipping company but I could create a label without a problem to the wrong address! Unless you have address correction you can see it would go unnoticed... even so, unless you carefully verify the buyer's account name you could still fall for this scam.

    I DO NOT KNOW if this company is knowingly participating but given the reviews... what do you think? They have to know who to forward the packages to somehow.

  • on 17.12.2020

    Не погоджуйтесь на доставку відправлень на віддлення Нової Пошти , а тако додатково замовляйте фото перевірку свого вантажу, якщо не хочете потім недотримати частину! Вибирайте лише адресну доставку , а також перевіряйте вміст. Інакше Вас 100% зроблять винним, плюс покажуть Вам відео, на якому Сам поцесс перепакування - це лише 25% області відео, бо все решта перекривають сторонні предмети. А в добавок наголосять " На відео -вміст коробки пересипали в пакет" все інше нас не хвилюе....

  • on 15.03.2020

    Чудові робітники, привітні і завжди послухають почекають якщо треба. Гарне пакування, порядний перевізник. Якщо є якісь проблеми, то вирішують швидко і професійно. Мені є з чим порівняти. Користуємось з чоловіком їхніми послугами багато років. Жодних нарікань.

  • on 17.01.2020

    Thank you everyone for the reviews and the warnings. These guys purchased an expensive item from me on Ebay and then sent me an email asking for a separate invoice to be sent to a random Gmail account. Seemed fishy, so I googled the shipping address and found Ukraine Express Inc. and all of the terrible / negative reviews. I called Ebay and notified them and then cancelled the order sending back their money. I'm lucky I never shipped the item. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

  • on 01.01.2020

    Shady forwarding address

  • on 01.01.2020

    sold multiple items on ebay to buyer from UK? shipped to this company, 2 weeks after delivery date case opened said missing item. dont ship to this address. RUN!

  • on 01.01.2020

    forwarding company for fraudster from europe. stay away.

  • on 23.11.2019

    My experience has been a negative one with this facility. Items charged under my name were shipped to this facility under a false name. Reading the reviews there is A LOT of shading dealings within this company. While they may provide ok service to some people, (it seems with russian names - ok reviews), THEY HAVE TO BE AWARE OF FAKE NAME PACKAGES COMING IN!!

  • on 01.10.2019

    lots of fraud going through this address. Scammers steal credit card numbers and place online orders to ship to this freight forwarder to ship out of the country. We have had many fraudulent orders going to this address. Don't ship here.

  • on 27.09.2019

    I work with this company. Always good. It helps thousands of people to buy in the US. Always responsive staff. Leonov Vladislav. P.S. It's a shame that one or two scammers can spoil the reputation of a good company.

  • on 22.08.2019

    Ebay Scammers. Fail to make payment, and want you to specialize invoices for them, claiming they can't pay you through Ebay itself.. Trying to get free items, and my item was 800$. They only do this for high dollar items. They are currently using the Ebay ID: poboma2010 . I'm not for sure if it's stolen or not.

  • on 21.03.2019

    Scammers tried to place an order on our website and it came back high risk. Glad we did our research and found out this out. BEWARE! DO NOT SHIP HERE!

  • on 08.03.2019

    Hmmm. Person calling himself "Sophie Vagapova" with a
    "sophiepavlovna" gmail account wants to pay with Paypal. I google the address and there are 24 reviews. If the reviewer has a Russian name, it's 5 stars. Otherwise, it's someone who was scammed by a Paypal "never received the item" ruse. Go figure. Scumbags.

  • on 28.11.2018

    I've made a hundreds of successful deals with americans using the service of Ukraine Express and had not any problems with sellers. I can show my 450+ ebay account for any US citizen who think Ukraine Express Inc are frauds!
    Only problems I had: problems with UE Support service! Any help since 2014!

  • on 16.11.2018

    I have filed a complaint with WISH which is a foreign mobile site that sells items of goods of all kinds. Someone from this place, UKRAINE EXPRESS, hacked into my account and bought an IPHONE worth $160. These people are hackers and scammers. The name which was used, seems like a fake name, was ELLI PLTO. Fortunately I stopped the transaction as I got an order confirmation the next day saying that that item was purchased the night before listing this business at this exact address. I don't even know these people but from the comments below, it seems that I am not alone. I reside in North Carolina, never been to Delaware in my LIFE. Absolutely disgusting!! This business needs to be CLOSED for fraudulent activity.

  • on 08.11.2018

    Amazing service and quick delivery

  • on 04.11.2018

    These people are thieves and liars - complete scammers please be careful!! Do no do business with these thieves.

  • on 23.09.2018

    Excellent service! The Ukraine-Express are not scammers at all, though scammers may use their services, but that's true of all services provided on equal to all basis. I've been buying goods for years from US stores, this company helps everyone - businesses and customers.

  • on 22.08.2018

  • on 18.05.2018

    Fast shipping to Ukraine ! Nice price

  • on 17.01.2018

    Fast shipping to Ukraine !

  • on 06.01.2018

  • on 14.12.2017


  • on 16.11.2017

  • on 05.10.2017

    This is just a scamming front

  • on 04.10.2017

    DO NOT ship anything to this address. It's a lair for Ukrainian scammers. You'll never get your money back.

  • on 26.05.2017

    Я користуюсь послугами данної компанії (спочатку був офіс у місті Newark, NJ) вже 3,5 роки. Привітний персонал і приємні ціни доставки в Україну.

  • on 15.04.2017

    I've been using this service (shipping redirection to Ukraine) for more than 4yrs - had no problems with scammers. It just works as intended to - collects and redirects all the items I bought to my real address in Ukraine.

  • on 15.03.2017

    I've been handling issues with paypal & ebay for over a month. If you sell things on ebay and you see this address don't send them anything.

  • on 09.02.2017

    Scammers- well organized crimminals...Tatjana UA32913 Kimova 78 McCullough Dr New Castle, DE 19726-207

  • on 26.01.2017

    Beware! Buyers lie to eBay and say they live in the US, then purchase the item (in my case it was a $500 iPhone). This place then ships the item to the Ukraine where they lie to eBay and PayPal saying it was damaged. EBay did not fall for this scam, but PayPal went ahead with the charge back. The buyer sent back a box of trash, but since the tracking number said it reached my house, PayPal gave the money back. I then had to file a police report to make PayPal believe that this is return fraud and after weeks of calling PayPal, they issued my money back. What a headache- don't sell to people with this address!!!

  • on 21.08.2016

    This is a freight forwarder. You sell something to someone that lies to ebay and tells them they are in the United States. Then they have you send it here. This company then sends it to your buyer in the Ukraine. I specifically told ebay I only want to sell to people in the USA. That way I do not have to worry about that person claiming they never got it. What you need to do is make sure your shipment has tracking. Keep all shipping info for much longer than normal. If you can prove it got to this address then ebay should accept it if the buyer claims non-delivery or broken or short.

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