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United Arab Emirates , AE- ABU DHABI
Murror Road, Behind NBAD Bank
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RAJAB CARGO SERVICES is quality and reliable international freight forwarder that manages the movement of cargo in domestic and international since the year 2001.

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  • Air freight
  • Road freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Customs services
  • Exhibition cargo
  • Packing & Crating

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Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

Rajab Cargo Services LLC reviews

2.4/539 reviews
  • on 23.10.2021

    Location ✅

  • on 01.04.2021

    Avoid at all cost! I am waiting for my shipment from UAE already for 4 months!!! Every time I follow up, they are only given you fake promises.

  • on 18.02.2021

    Very good service and under professional WY all the glass items reached without! Any breakage as per my personal view best service hats off

  • on 06.01.2021

    For the first time recently, I used Rajab Cargo's door to door delivery services between AbuDhabi and Cochin. Searching online desperately for a good door to door delivery service, I could only see negative reviews and bad experiences recorded by people. Finally, I said a prayer and decided to risk my stuff with Rajab Cargo blindly. This, despite reading all the mostly negative reviews!

    The excess luggage that I realized at the last moment, I couldn't take on the plane was six suitcases full of of clothes and miscellaneous personal stuff. Rajab's uniformed crew came to my residence, inspected, weighed and repacked the entire contents back into the suitcases. On the 5th day, I received a call on my Indian number informing me that my parcels had arrived! They delivered it at my residence as per my convenience. All five items came in excellent condition with zero damages.

    Kudos to Rajab Cargo for their very good service and their professional no nonsense style of functioning. My experience has been extremely positive.

  • on 02.01.2021

  • on 16.10.2020

    Very bad service lot of items was missed from my cargo abu dhabi to mumbai worst cargo will not recommend at any one am speechless

  • on 13.10.2020

    Very bad service , really not responsible service. I had experience

  • on 13.10.2020

    I'm putting 1 star as this is the least option. Google should put an option to select below this.

    Please never prefer this cargo. I had a very bad experience with this cargo. I lost almost a good amount worth materials because of this unprofessional people. Escalated to their Managing director level and he was the most irresponsible person. I got their details through hit 96.7 FM when they sponsored the mothers coming from India as a part of FM activity.
    I have all the proofs against them including the messages and photos.
    I didn't get a proper justice.

    So now I advise all my contacts not to prefer this cargo.

  • on 20.09.2020

    absolutely horrible services. Received my cargo after 5 MONTHS and most of it was damaged. No glass cockery survived. Electrical appliances broken. And they take no responsibility nor do they answer to your query. Please avoid these people if you want your cargo safe.

  • on 10.09.2020

    We have got poor customer service and not been handled with care as they left the courier at our door step and one of the courier box has got tore and misplaced items

  • on 25.09.2019

  • on 06.08.2019

    Thank you for your efficient services for delivering my boxes to the US. I sent 7 boxes the first time and within a week, I sent 6 more boxes. I received all boxes two weeks after leaving them with you. The boxes were wrapped to ensure care was given to the contents inside. I like the communication received and quick replies to my inquiries. I will recommend you to my friends.

  • on 04.08.2019

    Worst service, Rajab cargo don't care about the goods couriered. It was informed 40 days and now its been 80 days and they don't have an update when it will be delivered. Worst response, don't take the risk of sending it through Rajab Cargo

  • on 28.05.2019

    Very very bad experience send my cargo of 32 kg from abudhabi to kannur more than weight its valuable one for me and my family. They are not responsible for the goods and things loss since they told us they would deliver it within 15 to 20 days days have passed away months are going to come till now the clearance is not been done and we went to office to enquire saying still to be cleared I am wondering if the cargo will reach to my home town bya ayear or so ? Very very bad would ask noone to send cargo through rajab ina abudhabi near medeor hospital

  • on 11.05.2019

    This is number one faking company.They take money from customer for door to door .But they don't give that service . From last one week they told me Tomorrow they will delivery my box but still not.

  • on 21.01.2019

    very pathetic service its more than two and a half month i didnt receive my cargo no proper response at all never ever send cargo from them very worst it is.

  • on 29.10.2018

    Exelent service.

  • on 28.10.2018

    My husband had snt 8 cartons thru Rajab Cargo, Abu Dhabi on 9th Sept. 2018 via sea cargo.
    On 24th Oct 2018 it was delivered to my Kerala address.

    85% of my fragile items broken / crushed beyond recognition. All my crystalware gone.
    I solely hold M/s Rajab Cargo for this loss & seek reimbursement. Failing a reponse a suit would be filed against M/s Rajab Cargo for their irrespionsible way of handing customers items.
    An immediate & urgent response is anticipated.
    Anita Mohan

  • on 11.10.2018

    poor service and it took 2 and half month for my package to deliver
    do not trust this cargo to send you stuff, very poor

  • on 29.06.2018

    Lost many items sent from Abudhabi. Not at all. Trustworthy. Filing a legal case. no 1 responds.

  • on 11.06.2018

    Very very bad service please don’t send any items through this cargo

  • on 31.05.2018

    Worst cargo ever I see I swear I will never prefer any one there services

  • on 18.04.2018

    Bad ,very bad ,never ever rely on this worst cargo service...They aren't capable enough to do better service ....

  • on 21.03.2018

  • on 18.02.2018

    Fast ! Safe !

  • on 17.12.2017




    27-05-2017 Cargo Received From Shipper. Location: AUH
    28-05-2017 Cargo received at UAE Warehouse
    31-05-2017 Cargo Forwarded From UAE to CCU, Manifest : UAE-CCU-CNC-MAY-17-12
    03-06-2017 Cargo Arrived at the Airport

    A worst Cargo Service, I ever seen in my life, I sended my cargo on 27-05-2017 , after 7 months of asking, they given me 900AED ( total amount for my cargo was (3500 AED) please don't make any cargo from Rajab Cargo

  • on 19.06.2017

  • on 09.05.2017

    Worst service ever !! First they collect my boxes from abudhabi wen its reach delhi 1 person call me from delhi asking adhar copy and id copy he want me to mail receivers id proofs ! I arrange dat for him ! I send my boxes to my home town in madhya pradesh it tooks 3 weeks and i hav to follow up der sub branches daily And de keep providing different numbers!
    Finally wen i recive my box in india can u belive even matalic frying pans got broke n deshaped and almost all plastic items are cracked and broken !
    Its worst service ever i have been experienced !

  • on 16.07.2016

    Best service

  • on 27.02.2016

    Good service, handling is average, my shipment delivered within 11 days.

  • on 23.01.2016

    I satisfied with their service, They delivered my items in a good condition,even in the cargo crisis situation.

  • on 23.01.2016

    Very fast and on time service.Delivery of goods without any damage.Low price also.

  • on 23.11.2015

    The worst to worst Cargo Service I have ever seen in history. Partial deliveries are most common and you will never recieve your cargo on time. Their customer service is poorer and no tracking of goods. Till today half of my cargo is not been delivered and they have no answers and words telling me when i will receive my cargo in India. and today is 46th day after handing over to them. where they have committed me for 15 days.

    I will never advice anyone to use cargo services from Rajab Cargo. Use any local company but never use this company for your cargo requirement.

  • on 27.07.2015

    very worst company cannot keep up their commitment , pls do not recommend this company to any of your friends spread this message in fb to the indian community

  • on 27.04.2015

    Worst Service ever. Very Bad Packing, Delivery late more than two weeks, Partial Delivery of Boxes. Bad Handling of Good, Toys, Glass Item, Clocks, Memento all broken, No Marking on Fragile Items, No insurance support. Money and Time lost. Never choose them ever

  • on 02.04.2015

    Very Bad Service

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