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J.B. Hunt provides a variety of freight transportation services to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. reviews

3.9/5100 reviews
  • on 30.04.2022

    Excellent people work there very friendly!

  • on 27.04.2022

    I received a delivery this morning. They called from 30 minutes out and arrived when they said they would. They did a quick check of their path into the house, and told me they would unbox in the street and then come in. They were totally polite and professional. Thank you!

  • on 24.04.2022

    As a broker there, you are taught to lie to third party carrier about the market rate. JB Hunt consistently lies and cheats out the drivers. I would never consider being part of the establishment ever again. Pick a company who is honest with themselves. Driver please be aware of what you book, always try to negotiate your rate at market rate from DAT or you will be driving almost free.

  • on 18.04.2022

    Had a wonderful experience with JB Hunt delivery today. They called when they were close and did not get flustered going to the wrong address. The actual delivery itself was smooth as butter and the team was very polite. I would definitely recommend them!

  • on 12.04.2022

    Great place to work. You really feel like you are a part of the team and not just a number. They take care of their people.

  • on 11.03.2022


  • on 09.03.2022

    Friendly folks at the general office.

  • on 28.02.2022

    I work here and it's a good place to work

  • on 21.02.2022

    The driver called about 10 minutes before delivery (during the delivery timeframe). The two men assembled my furniture and carefully brought it into the house. They were very polite and respectful and did excellent work. They wore gloves the entire time. I would use this company again and recommend them highly.

  • on 20.02.2022

    A great company with a great culture. Employees are respected and valued.

  • on 04.02.2022

  • on 02.02.2022

    They delivered my furniture and were great. Arrived on time, were considerate of the rain and my furniture and my house, were kind and thorough. I appreciate it!

  • on 30.01.2022

    My wife works there

  • on 28.01.2022

  • on 27.01.2022

  • on 19.01.2022

    The delivery team called 30 minutes ahead to let me know they were on the way. Once here, they were very efficient and friendly. The guys got my new couch set up very quickly, tested everything to make sure it was working, and were very good with communicating throughout the process. I was pleased with how smoothly the delivery went, and would recommend JB Hunt final mile based off this experience.

  • on 08.01.2022

    Company was great but Most management are bigoted.

  • on 02.01.2022

    Very professional and courteous delivery team. We had a favorable experience. We appreciate their timeliness and care making our delivery.

  • on 09.12.2021

    I highly recommend JB Hunt's Final Mile Service. I purchased furniture and the manufacturer (thankfully) utilized JB Hunt Final Mile Service. Everything was very well communicated from the delivery date choice, times and calls. Drivers arrived on time and were very courteous and handled everything with care and took the packing materials with them. They handled all the heavy lifting and assembly. Awesome service!

  • on 04.12.2021

  • on 24.11.2021

    I happen to know several people working there right as we speak and I have heard the complaints. If this company does not stop segregating people based on vaccinated or not vaccinated, a lawsuit will be filed against you for discrimination and violating EOE laws. You cannot not break other laws just bc you can't legally mandate vaccines thanks to the federal courts. Quit being a bunch of cry babies and breaking the law.

  • on 24.11.2021

    These delivery guys are wonderful. I was so worried my couch wouldn't get thru the door but they had it set up in minutes & we absolutely delightful!!! Called me 20 minutes before arriving.

  • on 20.11.2021

    Delivered my brand new dining room table safe and sound in the timeframe I selected!

  • on 18.11.2021

    Professional. Punctual in delivery -- called up beforehand to confirm arrival time.

  • on 15.11.2021

    Tried to contact HR, no way to get ahold of HR. Contacted corporate and never got an email back.

  • on 03.11.2021

    Professional, removed packaging, called to let me know when arriving, very polite

  • on 14.09.2021


  • on 25.08.2021

    Great place to work!

  • on 22.08.2021

  • on 11.08.2021

    They are a big place ..always helping their employees .. incentives are great..Been here as long as I can remember

  • on 30.06.2021

  • on 30.06.2021

    I placed a $6000 bid on load 2K59211 on 6/29/2021 using the carrier 360 app. Shortly there after I received an unprofessional (even threatening) phone call from a J.B. Hunt team member. I would appreciate contact from your management. Find me in your system, MC#004065

  • on 09.06.2021

    Running the 360 program is not even close to being organized. Disorganized is the best fraze. Out of 8 loads taken 7 of them had to be repaired in route to get them to pass dot. These Trailers are a risk to your csa scores. Right now I'm facing a 4 day delay due again to no mantance. Two of the break chambers and 2 s cams. Something that should have been caught on a dot annual. But for some strange reason it passed. I have had breaks down to the ribets. But again. Fresh annual (pencil wiped I think)

  • on 01.06.2021

  • on 27.05.2021



  • on 22.05.2021

  • on 19.05.2021

    I did a load for jb hunt almost two months ago i submitted all documents through their app was told not received i contacted Customer service in payroll department it's hard to get hold of them i left hundredths of voice mail no answer so ridiculous stil didn't get paid!

  • on 15.05.2021

  • on 04.05.2021

  • on 25.04.2021

    Always a great place to work. What jbhunt have done to all the employees in overcoming the pandemic was incredible. Distribution of masks, sanitizers and vaccines to all the employees and their families. I would like to thank everyone in the management for doing everything in keeping us safe.

  • on 20.04.2021

  • on 13.04.2021

  • on 15.03.2021

  • on 14.03.2021

    Location of the covid vaccination it was about as organized as could be. They did an unbelievable job. Thanks to all.

  • on 13.03.2021

    Excellent delivery and setup service. Very pleased with all aspects of their service.

  • on 09.03.2021

    JB Hunt hosted our drive thru Covid Vaccine Clinic.

  • on 05.03.2021

    Was a nice place until Joseph drake and Keith hall decided the contract only applies partially. Sadly guess it will go to court..

  • on 27.02.2021

    Therr for vaccine

  • on 26.02.2021

  • on 25.02.2021

  • on 21.02.2021

    Never knew working for jb hunt I get harassed and felt like management hated me for my race. Called HR and no one answer's

  • on 09.02.2021

    I just had a Spin Bike delivered and the delivery guys were amazing. They called ahead of time to give me a time frame and made it within that time frame, unloaded and set-up the equipment super fast - were probably here for 5-10min max.

  • on 03.02.2021

  • on 09.01.2021

    The delivery people were kind, efficient, careful and respectful of my home. They had to go up a steep driveway and a flight of stairs and didn't complain at all. They gave a 10 min heads up call which we appreciated, as well as a confirmation call the day before. Excellent experience all around.

  • on 06.01.2021

    Can't ever pull out of work since they got these guys. I literally get flicked off by the driver's for being where we're supposed to be for drop off and pick up. Rudest driver's on the road.

  • on 05.01.2021

  • on 28.11.2020

  • on 23.11.2020

    I wish I had a better experience here with my career at JBH. I would still be with them more than likely, but the fact that HR didn’t believe what I was consistently telling them, which was 100% true, was heartbreaking. To anyone who plans on joining the company, congratulations. But make a wise decision and avoid the DCS SE region because you’re walking into a trap.

  • on 19.11.2020

    I guess you are teaching your drivers to block all the lanes to exit the fuel island now?

  • on 16.11.2020

  • on 13.11.2020

    They delivered a bed frame and set it up. The team was very nice and professional. They were careful with our new furniture and with our home in general. They did a really nice job setting everything up.

  • on 10.11.2020

    Booked a load with your office on November 5th with Josh Tinker. booked as live unload at the consignee. Later we where advised that it was a drop trailer. Juanita Cardenas got involved then Mike Mckeown and other reps started to get involved to our surprise no one in your office took responsibility of their mistake and kept ignoring us. leaving our driver with a load for 2 days refusing to compensate. we have worked with bad brokers but this team here has really put a bad reputation for J.B HUNT

  • on 23.09.2020

    1 star. They don't even deserve that! They deserve minus -4 stars. I went to get on intermodel in Haslet,Texas. JB Hunt sent me for my physical and drug test. Then they called me on A Saturday telling me I don't have the job! I almost quit my previous job. They refused to answer any of my emails or phone calls. They are too busy playing games to hire people.

  • on 22.09.2020

  • on 04.09.2020

    This JB Hunt broker Nicholas Cantarella changes rate con when you are almost to the receiver. Now stuck sitting on this load until 11pm tonight.

  • on 08.08.2020

    Had a great experience with them until Covid-19 hit. Found out my benefits package was useless if I needed to stay off for a while. Got termininated for not going back in time. Trucks were pretty good though and if you breakdown you won't be waiting for long. Loved drop and hooks got 8-10 loads per week.

  • on 08.06.2020

    Never trust on COMPLIANT DEPARTMENT ext 11295...Instead of listening to a carrier they block their account. Actually 2 guys name MASON GUN and TERRY BARKER gave false delivery appointment to a carrier and when truck was stuck at receiver then these guys didn't help carrier on the day of delivery...no reply to emails and no answer to phone calls. In frustration, when carrier decided to dump the product and tried to complaint of these brokers then CARRIER RELATION department close the account....We can't imagine that such kind of people are working in JB HUNT and ruining the whole department. NEVER EVER BOOK LOADS WITH SUCH KIND OF LIERS ...

  • on 01.06.2020

  • on 18.04.2020

    Current ICLP with JB. My honest experience with them is not good. Their load board does not clearly show what is drop and hook or live load/unload. There is times that you figure it out but that's not always a good way to measure your day by. The MTY trailer situation is a joke. They won't assist you in finding one and the app only searches a very small radius. When you call in for an MTY loc they will tell you to ask when the facility you dropped in will have one ready and most of the time they will suggest you wait or come back for an MTY there. If you need an MTY on the weekend then prepare for a major waste of time, mileage and fuel. The dispatchers are extremely difficult to call, and are not much help either way. You can't book loads of more than 3. If you have 3 only your dispatcher can book additional. The weekend people can't book loads if it picks up Monday. So... In conclusion. JB Hunt makes it rather difficult for you to make a really decent paycheck without stressing you out completely on top of all the things we deal with in a day they just add to it. When I have a chance to jump ship I'm doing it.

  • on 19.03.2020

    Top notch transportation for investors

  • on 08.03.2020

  • on 25.02.2020

  • on 22.02.2020

    Very nice security

  • on 21.02.2020

    Best transportation company in America!

  • on 15.02.2020

    I love working for this Company, I've been there a couple of years and I love both the culture and the challenges you are able to take on.

  • on 05.02.2020

  • on 01.02.2020

    Impressive Hq building for a trucking company

  • on 31.01.2020

    I got stuck on this company wasting my time, effort and sacrificing my home life.
    As a driver i felt that i was less important than their freight, i was just a number.
    No detention pay except in rare cases.
    Lowest pay ever.
    Short runs while drivers get paid in mile.
    Slowest trucks
    Lies and broken promises.
    Not recommending.

  • on 13.01.2020

  • on 12.01.2020

    My wife's job of 30 years

  • on 03.01.2020

    I hauled a load for JB in May 2019, .load was ok at destination, paperwork was ok .We have sent paperwork in five occasions. Now it's almost December, and still no pay. Was looking to establish a good relationship with JB. Ten years as a owner operator, this has been the worst response. Glad I only hauled one load . Beware of JB. E.W. TRUCKING,LLC. Ernest Wayne (President). Here it is 2020 JB responded to the review. We sent in paperwork to the person who responded to the review two months ago and we still have not been paid.

  • on 27.12.2019

    Don't waste your time applying for the carrier 360 fuel card. All they do is take your time and waste it because they send you cards that don't work and then no one calls you back when you ask them why it don't work. They try to offer small carriers all of these big discounts and savings on fuel but really what they're doing is just trying to get you to haul their Freight for nothing and then not even pass on the fuel discount savings to you. All they do is send you a worthless fuel card

  • on 22.12.2019

    They are the same as every trucking company. Freight first and driver comes last. I’m treated like a robot or a slave. All is well as long as I pick up and deliver freight, but the day comes I need time off for eye exam, doctors appointment or I’m just tired, I’m a liability and they are ready to get rid of you. They want you to live behind the wheel no matter what personal life you have.

  • on 22.12.2019

    I wasn't there.

  • on 18.12.2019

    Worst broker experience for me

  • on 13.12.2019

    Wonderful place

  • on 07.12.2019

    Worst customer service ever!!No detention pay even though we sent paperwork in 24 hr after delivery with time stamps on it!My driver spent 6 hrs at receiver!I spent 30 min on hold with customer service to hear they won’t pay!Be aware!!!

  • on 19.11.2019

    The BEST workplace!

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