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  • on 10.07.2022

    Your contribution and participation are much appreciated. Thank you for cooperation. @parcelpoland

  • on 02.07.2022

    Best service

  • on 17.06.2022

    Thanks Brother Amir for your honesty and professionalism.

  • on 19.01.2022

    Bad customer service! They lied about my shipment not leaving because of some missing paperwork that they forgot to mention in the beginning, to only find out it's already at the destination charging me storage fees... No paperwork was given to follow up on the shipment and they didn't care if your paying storage fees or not as long as they took there money! I dont recommend this place!

  • on 02.06.2021

    Impressive, very quick, very honest, you can't go wrong. Very recommended, for the first time in decades , I had no stress shipping, great job AMIR RAHMAN, please keep up the great work .

  • on 23.12.2020

    Terrible place to do business! I ask for a quote and he refuses to provide me. I ask if you even want to do business and he explain "forget it" and hangs up. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

  • on 10.12.2020

    Excellent service, i got my shipment in 4 days only.
    Excellent communication with Mr.Amer Rhman .
    Definitely will use it again next year.

  • on 05.11.2020

  • on 26.07.2020

    I like their quick service and reliability.

  • on 15.04.2020

    We received our 40ft HC container by sea today, 15Apr2020 shipped all the way from Canada to Penang Malaysia since end of Dec19. We would like to thanks to IFF Cargo for the great job especially during this critical covid19 still response to our email and provided us all necessary information without delay. Thanks for the great job.

  • on 06.04.2020

    Responsive and easy shipping process. Highly recommended!

  • on 06.04.2020

    Reliable and trustworthy....great staff

  • on 06.04.2020

    Excellent service, affordable rates and great staff..

  • on 06.04.2020

  • on 15.01.2020

  • on 03.12.2019

    Wonderful experience
    Fast, efficient and great communication
    It took 2 days only to coordinate, ship and receive my stuff from Canada to Saudi Arabia

    Thank you

  • on 27.11.2019

    My self Being in the freight forwarding industry over 10 years I would rate these guys among the forwarders I know of. Fast, trustworthy,professional, responsible and capable freight forwarder. They got the know-how, positive attitude. Give the job to this company and close your eyes. It will certainly be completed in a way better than you expected. Thanks Amir. It's nice knowing you.

  • on 27.11.2019

    Best Service

  • on 29.10.2019

    Excellent company. Guided me through my first international air shipment with clear concise instructions. Quoted cost was very close to the actual cost. I am happy and will do business with these folks again.

  • on 12.07.2019

    Quick and reliable service

  • on 11.03.2019

    Best freight forwarding Company especially for Overseas container .. reasonably priced

  • on 09.08.2018

    While communication was polite they took 3 weeks to ship our furniture from Toronto to Ottawa. It was only through constant requests that we understood how many mistakes were made in various handoffs by intermediaries and that our furniture ended up in Newfoundland by accident!

    Blame was put everywhere but themselves and they would not provide a discount in the end. I will not be using them again and would not recommend their service to others.

  • on 17.07.2018

    I got my shipment damaged and delayed. They told me the reason for delay is to package it properly and it was Not. I don't recommend shipping with this company.

  • on 06.07.2018

    Best place to ship overseas with fair prices and very fast service. Also, Amir is very friendly and cooperative.

  • on 03.11.2017

  • on 04.07.2017

    Best experience with this company, timing, honesty and prince wise. Keep the hard work Amir

  • on 26.05.2017

    Such a professional and hard-working team. Thank you for making my experience one of the easiest in terms of moving. They made transferring my luggage one less thing to worry about because they took full responsibility to deliver safely everything safely back home!

  • on 25.05.2017

    Exceptionality professional and efficient team. Amir and Lorena made the whole process very easy for us. Definitely recommend them for overseas shipments. Their rates are fantastic and service top notch.
    Thank you guys. Claudia.

  • on 13.02.2017

    Called to ask some questions and they told me that I would have to come in to talk to them for 15-20 minutes and would not be able to help me on the phone. When I insisted they help me over the phone at least to see if it would be worth my time to drive 1-2 hours to their office, they told me I was not worth their time and hung up. Seems a bit ridiculous to me

  • on 19.11.2016

    Great service and fast services. Recommended

  • on 26.07.2016

    Best place to ship overseas with fair prices and very fast service. Also, Amir is very friendly and cooperative.

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