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When it comes to moving freight, we have a great combination of reliability and flexibility that sets us apart from others. Not only can you count on us to deliver your load safely and on time, but also to keep you updated along the way.

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3.5/549 reviews
  • on 26.07.2022

  • on 14.07.2022

    Its an ok place to work. Get home when u ask. Great equipment. Good people. Walter was great to work with.

    On the downside in my opinion i was mislead in the beginning and it didn't get solved completely. Longer than normal wait unload/load times. Couldn't get compensation for setting in an accident for 6.5 hours . If your a take it and eat it type person then its a great place to work

  • on 10.06.2022

    Rate con (po nu 60986992) load no showing after two hr start detection but am wait 6 hr for loading freightex broker dont pay me detection load

  • on 22.03.2022

    A lot of lies and incompetence, hauled a load for them and they lied and said receiver was fcfs but a appointment was needed 16 hr to get empty no thanks to them .

  • on 21.03.2022

    We were driving on the highway on 3/21/2022 and saw that one of your trucks had huge sign (at least 12x12) attached to the back that said “f**k Joe Biden”. The truck number was 442. I would assume that this was not placed by your company, but the driver. Nonetheless, it reflects poorly on freightEX. The driver is using your platform to express his personal opinion using profane language in a public place. My nine year old son was in shock. I hope that the driver of truck 442 is reprimanded and told to remove this sign. Tell him to hang it on his own personal property, not on a company vehicle. And save his negativity for himself, not for the rest of the world to see.

  • on 05.02.2022

    Tyler is an outstanding person! TY sir, for helping this old gal with my trailer. Very kind of you, sir.

  • on 27.12.2021

  • on 09.11.2021

    As a company driver and brand new rookie to OTR. I have been extremely happy with everything from the truck I drive to the maintenance and the staff is great to work with. They know you by name and let you run all the miles you would like or if you want some home time they are OK with that too. They are extremely flexible. Trucks are equipped with apu, satellite TV, and refrigerators. Pay is good and benefits are great too.

  • on 28.10.2021

  • on 13.10.2021

    Excellent company to work for as a company driver and have been great as an owner operator there as well….I highly recommend this company for anyone interested in moving freight

  • on 26.09.2021

    Great people

  • on 13.07.2021

  • on 07.06.2021

    ? Unknown did not go there.

  • on 09.05.2021

  • on 06.05.2021

    Wonderful people to work with

  • on 04.05.2021

  • on 02.05.2021

  • on 16.04.2021

    Nice an friendly ppl ..will use them again

  • on 31.03.2021

  • on 03.03.2021

    Ok thanks

  • on 25.01.2021

    Never seen anything good from here

  • on 23.01.2021

  • on 18.01.2021

    Great place

  • on 06.11.2020

    Had good luck with them so far

  • on 15.07.2020

    Great service great people awesome place to work they take pride in there work

  • on 02.04.2020

    I gave them 2 stars because their place is inside a truck stop. So with good luck you can get a spot for ovetnight parking. Longgg waiting time for get me unloaded, and I arrive 2 hrs before appointment. This place is a joke. Cancel any load you pick to delivery here. You wont regret.

  • on 04.03.2020

    Big shout out to Colby O for being an amazing rep who handled my load with the best intentions and great care. When no one else would take my load, Colby stepped up and handled it like a boss. Thanks again Colby for what you did and I look forward to doing more business together.

  • on 23.01.2020

    Super slow at unloading. Rude and disrespectful. Truck drivers AVOID THIS PLACE!

  • on 03.01.2020

    Waited over 5 hours to unload. Can not believe a trucking company would treat fellow drivers this way. Do not use for any services in my opinion trucking brokerage or cross docking. Be upfront if you didnt want the freight till 3 than dont put 10.00 am. No Respect

  • on 28.11.2019

    Gd people but good 3 hours to load me overnight parking available because its in gas station

  • on 21.10.2019

    Accomodating and professional crew. Unloaded there in and out

  • on 15.08.2019

    Rude, Disrespectful, Thieves. Carrier and Customer Beware. They will short pay you when they make mistakes. Going to have to file on their bond to get a measly $100 they short paid my factoring company.

  • on 10.06.2019

  • on 22.01.2019

    Great company to work for

  • on 18.12.2018

    Worst place dont come here and delivery its nightmare i miss my next loed to wait unloed 5 hours its campany they give priority their truck and you gonna be holdin storage never come be back here be a ware.........

  • on 02.11.2018

    Had best experience so far this load was done in 20 mins..after they have opened.

  • on 26.09.2018

    I’ve worked here since June of 2017 great company can’t complain i do my job and they don’t have issues with me plain and simple

  • on 19.05.2018

    Best Company I have ever worked for, they go above and beyond to keep their employees happy.

  • on 10.05.2018

    Amazing company to work for! I am very grateful to be a part of it for the past 4 years.

  • on 09.05.2018

  • on 16.04.2018

    Very rude people on unloading and slow service. Absolutely no recommend that company!!!
    This company only for white peoples!

  • on 05.04.2018

  • on 25.01.2017

    Good company to work for and very good staff and dispatchers the only problem is Alex

  • on 10.11.2014

    Great people

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