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  • on 14.09.2022

  • on 25.07.2022

  • on 23.07.2022

    Let me clarify what services they can provide:
    1.I arranged time log to pickup should be 10:00-13:00.I took the morning off then.But after 13:30 NO ONE to pick up.Even No Call…
    An hour later they arrange to pickup at 19:30 after I called.They only told you the date to picking up not the time.
    2.Before you made the order to U.S.Please summit the value carefully.They not took any responsibility they fill out the customs clearance.But they hold your parcel to inspection very carefully with 10 days even you are rush.
    Service (No).Higher price (Yes). Customs Clearance advise (No).Efficiency(No).
    Please read this before you order.

  • on 09.07.2022

  • on 19.05.2022

    有日早咗15分鐘去咗見工喎,點知meeting room 仲有Candidate in 緊,個負責人叫咗我落樓下Starbucks 填form, 都唔緊要。落到樓下點知原來係無Starbucks 嘅,要過一條馬路,行成5至10分鐘先揾到,但係間Starbucks 仲係無open area,係咪想人為咗填form而買一杯coffee?!老點人!起條街度東張西望咁揾位,結果去咗老麥!! 搞完一輪,小弟十分之心急咁上返間公司,都差不多搞咗半個鐘來來回回咁,驚死遲好多,咪嗱嗱聲上番去再次報到,但是佢仲IN 緊人, 感到十分愕然。都唔知乜野公司黎,未開波見人亦已留下極差印象,如此的安排對candidate 基本尊重也沒有…

    Interview 期間,強迫人download佢公司個app做role play 喎,仲要人即場開create個personal account 做佢會員,見份工啫,洗乜搞咁多野。佢哋沒有比選擇你可以download 或唔down…… 只是不停地催你,要等你下載完個app 才可繼續個interview 。真想問問背後目的係咩?點解做到迫candidate 為咗份工must ahead to do something but they don’t want ?



  • on 24.02.2022

    I have used freight amigo a few times and so far quite satisfied with their service and price. It's around 10% cheaper than spaceship and interface much easier to use. Customer service was also helpful. I sell on ebay and post office has suspended all economy air mail so I can only rely on freightamigo or SF Express. SF Economy is slightly cheaper but much slower and also SF can't be trusted with expensive items.

  • on 13.02.2022

    The services was terrible, unsystematic and disorganised. I ordered the pick up and fully prepaid the service for a parcel to be sent overseas. The company didn't arranged anyone to pick up on the scheduled time/date, for two-time, and they still fully charged you for the undelivered service. It is like a fraud.

  • on 19.01.2022


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