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Jordan , JO-11180 AMMAN
8, Khareja Al Ashjae Street Peace Building - Jabal Luweibdeh
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Being a part of a freight forwarding network adds to the credibility of the freight forwarder and to the expected level of service.

Eastern Services reviews

3.9/514 reviews
  • on 30.12.2021

    I was very satisfied with their service. Very professional and everything went very well with the shipping. Thank you very much Eastern Services!

  • on 07.02.2020

    التعامل بعد الشحن سيء وللعلم مصداقيه صفر
    انا بعتت شحنه لاميركا صارلها شهر من ولايه لولايه لحد الان ما وصلت حسبي الله فيكو

  • on 28.12.2019

    uncooperative staff and not professional

  • on 15.12.2019

    Bad work place, not recommended for employment.
    اياك والعمل لديهم، سيعاملوك كالماكينة بالأخص ان كان مديرك قدادة في المطار، انسان ظالم ومتجبر ربي لا يسامحه امين

  • on 09.10.2019

  • on 25.08.2018

    Although I originally had a good experience with Eastern Services my bag got stuck in Chinese customs due to improper customs documents. It caused me a lot of stress, time, and extra fees to fix this mistake. Further, even though I contacted Eastern to let them know it was stuck in customs (in a completely different city than where I am, mind you) and I had to pay more, they would not get back to me or issue any sort of refund to help cover these additional costs. In total my bag took three extra weeks to reach me and I spent countless hours trying to communicate with DHL, Chinese customs, and sort the extra fees with little help from Eastern.

  • on 10.05.2018

  • on 29.10.2017

  • on 04.05.2017

  • on 26.06.2016


  • on 04.08.2013

    Professional shipping company

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