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We are a part of the NAC Network, a family of LTL carriers and services. Our dense coverage and powerful technology help us provide high-value shipping solutions.

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CrossCountry Freight Solutions reviews

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  • on 26.07.2022

  • on 15.07.2022

    I ordered a grill and it was transferred to this freight company Cross Country. A well known name. I live in rural South Dakota so they only deliver to my area every Thursday. We set a appointment for the first Thursday after the arrival to their terminal. They told me I need to be there because of signature so I waited all day and the grill did not arrive. They were to deliver it the next Thursday same process had to make an appointment stayed there all day waiting for it. The grill didn't arrive. I called them again and they said it was forgotten and did not get on the truck. Called them again the next week to verify that it would be coming on Thursday set up the appointment for Thursday, stayed there all day and it did not arrive. Called the company again they said the driver did not show and that they would get it out the next day, Friday if not for sure on Monday. The grill was ordered to be there by Father's Day. If it would have come on Friday it would have made Father's day. Unfortunately it did not arrive Friday or Monday. So call them again to set it up for the next Thursday and await it's arrival. Once again it did not arrive and then after speaking to them they told me, what they have in the terminal is not a grill and they do not know where my grill is. They notified me they needed to put a search on for it..
    I have never heard again from them on it's whereabouts, so finally just went ahead and ordered another one. Once again transferred to the same terminal in Sioux Falls South Dakota on a Wednesday at 3:00 in the afternoon. It was to be put on the truck that night and delivered on Thursday the next day. As usual it did not arrive. Called them on Monday to check on its whereabouts and found it was still at the terminal. It should have been coming on this Thursday which is today and as usual did not arrive. I drove 110 miles one way to Sioux Falls South Dakota. To pick up my own grill. They told me it was in the terminal but somebody had scheduled it for the following Thursday by accident.
    So to summarize It i ordered two different grills and the same exact thing happened to both shipments. This was a shipment that was ordered through Walmart and shipped by a company called pilot, that then transferred it to cross country.
    By looking at their terminals appearance and how it is kept up. No security, doors open everywhere access to everything it's no wonder it walked away.
    I own a company that sells a product that ships a product worldwide on a daily basis and I have never experienced anything like what I've experienced with this company. No accountability, no answers no follow-through. Please be aware when you're trusting them with your products, take extra precautions and make sure you have insurance!!!
    I in no way shape or form, ever recommend this company, nor will my company use them for their services! Also be aware that they have multiple transportation companies under the same ownership/Management?I suggest you get to know what other companies they own because I can only assume they are operating in the same manner.
    I really hate to leave such a negative post but people need to be aware. When speaking with Cross Country employees on the phone they were all polite and nice, but that alone just doesn't deliver the product.

    Shawn E Peterson

  • on 23.05.2022

    We've had freight delivered to is for 20 years. They have awesome delivery guys all the time.

  • on 23.05.2021

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