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1.6/585 reviews
  • on 25.03.2022

    Moi pas sastifaite j'ai commandé une brassiere 36dd et reçu 34 alors je fait quoi

  • on 07.02.2022

    I order three pairs shoes UGG and i RECEIVEDTHREE pairs of slippers cheap looking....Dontknow hoo to contact no phone number????

  • on 26.01.2022

    The support for this company is atrocious their phone lines, email and all other contact info does not work they should be ashamed of themselves. Consumers are unable to get support for their orders and I would encourage them to get their support together. This is the least competent customs broker I have ever had to deal with! I am just trying to get info on a package which is forwarded by this company however they dont seem to be capable of answering the phone or emails!

  • on 03.12.2021

    I have made 3 attempts to resolve incorrect product that was shipped to me. I ordered a garage mural on November 6th with a 7 to 12 day delivery. Product arrived on Dec 1st. When opened the product is a wall banner and not a garage mural. When phoning this company there is no direction given to direct you to the proper extension. I find this to be the worst customer service experience I have ever encountered in my 70 years of life. Be wary of companies like this,they are eager to make the money but offer no after care.

  • on 30.11.2021

    Buy a wisky calender and not receive it.. they manage many web site. Scam

  • on 29.11.2021

    Cela fait 2 semaines que j'essais de contacter le service à la clientèle et personne ne répond
    Le répondeur demande l'extension et je ne sais pas. Je laisse un message et rien. Cela est très frustrant.

  • on 23.11.2021

    Toay, I recieved a package with 4 Pop-Its in it...had my name, address and phone number on it? Never even heard of this place therefore never even ordered anything! Checked my banking statements, amazon orders you name it.
    I am confused! Nobody ordered it for me either. Anyone else have this problem? How do they have my address, full name and number? Why did this happen?

  • on 23.11.2021

    This is just a logistics company they don’t sell they just ship. If you received a package you didn’t order more than likely you are being used in a brushing scam. Look it up for more information.

  • on 15.11.2021

    Scam logistics company. They steal any cargo you consign to them, and they also run Facebook scams out of this address so stay away from these guys and the parent company

  • on 10.11.2021

    This company is just a front for bogus shipments from China. Order one thing, get another or not at all. They don't answer phones. I have reported this to the media and to the police.

  • on 02.11.2021

  • on 11.10.2021

    Ordered a clearance wooden pallet of supposed Amazon products and got a toy car mailed. It was ordered from we- dominate store advertised on Facebook.

    Edited review 10/10/21. I jumped the gun as the Asian company on the address label, showed this address and thought the scamming Asian company was actually this company. I was wrong. It is strictly a logistic company. First time we got scammed online.

  • on 08.10.2021

    Be careful!!! It's a SCAM!!!

  • on 04.09.2021

    not sure where this item came from but i didnt order this toothbrush that was sent to me . looks like its from china lol

  • on 03.09.2021

    Received a USB port adapter that I never ordered. Very odd to see all the other people that got things sent to them that they never ordered

  • on 01.09.2021

    WARNING. This company is cheating many buyers on Amazon, eBay and many online markets in Canada and USA. They are hijacking profiles on amazon usurping good seller´s profile to sell their own low quality product and then disappear. In my case they sent a copy product packaged in a ziplock bag. An of course this product didn´t meet Canada's safety normatives.

  • on 25.08.2021

    This what I ordered and what I received. Mother fuc….!!!!

  • on 10.08.2021

    I have post order for 2 super Box for $69.95 USA .
    What you send me is small envelop with headphone value $2.99

    This website is misleading people with dishonest deceptive marketing tactics using Paypal name.

  • on 22.07.2021

    I received great service from Manager Charles! He helped me greatly.

  • on 21.07.2021

    I order something simular to the first picture and got the second picture. I am so disappointed and mad. We wanted it to put a year old cats outside in a safe place at our campground.

  • on 15.07.2021

    De vrais bandits! Je me suis fais arnaquer en achetant sur Facebook une caméra de recul sans fil Litlle Stars qui semblait offrir de très intéressantes caractéristiques. J'ai déchanter rapidement lors de la réception en constatant que la caméra ne fonctionne pas, aucun moyen de la faire fonctionner avec mon cellulaire. En communiquant avec le marchant pour obtenir réparation j'ai constaté que ce marchant/cette compagnie opère sous plusieurs noms dont GOFUNPLANET, Teefurysupply, Yuntu Co. et CALS Logistics Inc., je me suis donc fais référer à quelque part en Chine où les gens se sont foutu de ma gueule. JE NE RECOMMANDE AUCUNEMENT L'ACHAT AVEC UN DE CES MARCHANTS.

  • on 15.07.2021

    ordered 4 18650 batteries and they wont even charge. by the looks of it they sent me some replacement batteries but not the same numbers

  • on 14.07.2021

    Excellent service from agent David. Imported many pallets of goods from Asia. Very good communication. These guys are a LOGISTICS company and not a provider of goods. So all the reviews here complaining about products and their quality is unreliable. This company provides shipping logistics.

  • on 07.07.2021

    Ordered 2 medium skids with products on them. Shows them being wooden. Received a man's 18" necklace and 1 wallet.
    What kind of a scam is this? Came in an envelope 4"x4".

  • on 24.06.2021

  • on 23.06.2021

    Got these straps sent to me for some reason. Might be useful for muting guitar strings I guess.

  • on 15.06.2021

    SCAM!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FROM 'tuzikook.' This person created a web with the name of 'tuzikook' YI TONG. I paid for a mystery box 50$, and I received a wireless charge of 3$ FRAUD!!! How you live with your conscience? Give me back my money!

  • on 11.06.2021

    Fraud service. My parcel phone..but received bracelet bend...Rascal

  • on 10.06.2021

    I today I received my second Bionic Trimmer. I wasn't happy with first one so I decided to order a commercial one and received the identical one. Not happy with theses purchases and want to be reimbursed and would like to return product.

  • on 10.06.2021

  • on 09.06.2021

    Product received was NOT what I ordered

  • on 07.06.2021

    Ordered solar bluetooth car license plate rearview camera and got wired camera. Want what i ordered

  • on 27.05.2021

    Received an item I didn't order.

  • on 26.05.2021

    got a pillowcase which I never ordered. Never heard of this company. Very odd.

  • on 12.05.2021

    J'ai acheté un cell sur facebook j'ai reçu une monstre à 5.00$.il ne réponde plus au courriel.
    Je fais une plaint à facebook, google instsgram pypal, avec le nom e la comoagnie les courriels et tout sur eux. Ils opereent pareil dans tous les cas. Soyez prudent je ne prendrais pas de chance de donner ma visa pas confiance.

  • on 11.05.2021

    J'ai acheté 2 roses lumineuses sur socle en bois. Ce que j'ai reçu est de très loin ce qui était sur la photo. J'aurais eu mieux au magasin du dollar et je n'aurais pas dépenser $$$ pour cette piètre qualité. Très déçu et je vais faire mes droits de façon légal. JE NE RECOMMANDE PAS ce marchand...soyez avisés.

  • on 11.05.2021

    Checked the mail this morning and there was an unexpected package from these clowns with two hair ties in it. It’s known as a “brushing scam”.

  • on 10.05.2021

    Should have verified the many 1 star reviews this place has. But I only found out they are the real company behind my order when 'it' arrived. 'It' travelled around the world for about 1 month following my order. I was dumb enough to order their 100% natural buy 3 and get 2 Beeswax (clean green team project or whatever they call themselves). But when 'it' arrived, surprise surprise, I only receive 1 ONE crushed cheap plastic small container in a yellow envelope. Their phone number is out of service.

    I gave this company the benefit of the doubt despite the fact that I knew I was order from an asian company. I was wrong. I got scammed.

    Save your money. You will not receive what you paid for.

    I would have given them negative stars if I could. Shame on them for scamming ppl, especially now. No common decency, just greed.

  • on 10.05.2021

  • on 07.05.2021

    Spent approx CAD$60.00 for pair of runners.Absolute rubbish,not even worth CAD$6.00..will never buy from this company again…..

  • on 05.05.2021

    Bonjour j'aimerais savoir pourquoi vous faites de la mauvaise présentation de vos produits vendu chez Wish sa fait deux fois que je me fais avoir part vos coffres d'outils 799 pièces et je reçois pas le bon produits s'est vraiment ridicule de vôtre part la j'ai averti Wish de faire plus attention à leurs vendeurs avec de fausses présentation de leurs produits vraiment dessus et je trouve sa déplorable de votre part

  • on 04.05.2021

    I ordered a drill with different heads.. It was suppose to be 6 tools in one... and this is what they sent me!!! This is ridiculous and I have no info to return

    This is Not what I Ordered

  • on 01.05.2021

    Received a package I never ordered, my private information probably has bern revealed. Stop use my information, I already contacted the police to report this issue.

  • on 20.04.2021

    Random. I just received a 2XL super cheap looking bra that I never ordered. It’s addressed to me. I’m checking my banking statements and don’t see any charges yet. Read other reviews about this happening to other people. Anyone find anything out??

  • on 14.04.2021

    I had no choice but to give this place one star if I had a choice, I would have given them none. I ordered an item from this place that turned OUT NOTHING like what I had ordered, AND FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.

  • on 09.04.2021

    Never received right parcel, sent it back to Royalway in Ontario, never received the correct product, followed their return instructions, have called, they have never called back, never sent the correct product. I have emailed a jerk in China, who keeps telling me to send it back to China. I keep telling him I sent it to where it was shipped from, and I don't have the item any longer. Do not Order from this company. Very bad. First time never received the product, second time wrong product. No wonder we have the virus. I would give a fat 0 if I could. They don't deserve 1 star.

  • on 09.04.2021

    was suppose to double my moneys back in products PS I payed twice the price off what these pair of ear buds are worth

  • on 07.04.2021

    Never ordered a parcel!! Received about 20 tiny compasses out of nowhere.... I don’t know how they got my name, address, nor wether or not I paid for this supposed order, but I’m a bit worried.

  • on 31.03.2021

  • on 30.03.2021

    Received an item I did not order

  • on 18.03.2021

    Not true to size need refund. The ugliest jeans I have ever seen.

  • on 17.03.2021

    I just received a package from this company that I did not order. It was a mans wallet and a headphone /earphone set...the type a telemarketer would wear...anyone else get this? I called and left a msg, but don't expect a return call

  • on 09.03.2021

    I got a package in the mail today that I never ordered. It had me freaking out wondering how this has my name on it. I always screenshot everything and I never purchased this or anything from this place. I don't know how I got it and why. Very confused and concerning.

  • on 08.03.2021

    I just received a massive seal pillow that I did not order and is super creepy. See here that others are complaining of the same. What is going on here. Gross

  • on 23.02.2021

    I received a package of Lily of the Valley seeds (which are poisonous) to my name which I never ordered. Would appreciate if some one could contact me from this company as I can't get any one live. Very strange and uncomfortable

  • on 15.02.2021

    Never ordered anything from this, it showed up in my mail box. A key chain

  • on 10.02.2021

    Ordered a package and they put my information over someone else's information and received their make up instead of what I ordered and everytime I call it goes to voicemail and no one returns my messages.

  • on 06.01.2021

    My tracking advised that these items would be here by December 18th... they arrived today, January 5th. Long awaited leggings that were sized completely wrong... small was supposed to be a38” leg, I think they measured from the waist. I always wear a small, but this is like a children’s size small... and the “cashmere” lining is like a felt, not thick... I’ve left a message with RBD to try and get assistance finding the seller. On the plus I went through PayPal, so I’m hoping they can reverse the charges on this fraudulent purchase.
    Ultimately, RBD needs to have the company they are shipping for include an invoice and avoid all this negativity.
    I’m so completely disappointed in both companies, also don’t like the RBD voicemail requesting an extension number or nothing happens. I pressed zero and left a message and really really really hope these people can help me fix this issue

  • on 24.12.2020

    Bonjour, comment fait-on pour retourner les articles pour recevoir les bons, j'ai commandé et reçu avec erreur 5 semaines plus tard que ma commande c'était pour Noel , j'ai commandé À mon fils et reçu À ma fille, ..... j'ai besoin d'aide svp merci

  • on 24.11.2020

    Something not right with this company, I received a package with no invoice or bill of lading. No one is available to take a call and you can't leave messages.

  • on 17.11.2020

    This was suppose to be a computerized mask (lol) Total scammers from China.

  • on 13.11.2020

    You, Yw Co Ltd -purchase, ship and mail for ZZ Rays CO LTD! I checked after not receiving what I ordered and there isn't a single good rating to be found! All I find are Zero, Below Zero ratings for you! I'm not the only one you've swindled and not sent out what was ordered! Crooks and Swindlers you are!

  • on 04.11.2020

    Received three 32gb micro SD cards in the mail from 'RBD' at this address and did not order any SD cards from anyone. Checking the reviews here, it's obvious that numerous Chinese sellers are operating out of this address and are scamming people and lying about it. The BBB and police have been informed. Might be hacking software on these SD cards, like CCP intel from Chinese spies!!!

  • on 15.10.2020

  • on 15.10.2020

    Received a weird stuff that we never ordered under my little baby’s name from this company. Feeling completely weird and uncomfortable......not sure why it happened or what action is needed

  • on 21.08.2020

    Great company, but the customer service rep took a little bit long to help me for tracking my parcel and solve the issue.

  • on 19.08.2020

    Thanks for the help, was lucky to find somebody to talk about my issue at least

  • on 19.08.2020

    Good logistics company
    CS rep very nice and patient

  • on 19.08.2020

    Great customer service rep helped find the correct seller to get my money back even though I acted so entitled. Don't buy off Facebook ads people!!

  • on 19.08.2020

    Great company, great customer service !

  • on 19.08.2020

    Helped me find the seller that scammed me even though I was rude to the customer service. I tried to blame someone else for my own brainless actions. I won't be buying things from Facebook ads like a 12IQ potato with no thinking power in the future. If you read this please think before you buy from unreputable sources. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is someone trying to take advantage of dummies.

  • on 18.08.2020

    Ordered solar lights that do not work. When I call I always reach an answering machine and no calls back. The items are defective and not worth it.

  • on 23.07.2020

    Ordered the blades that are guaranteed to fit on any grass cutting machine but they DO NOT. NEED to return these but to whom? Not impressed at all

  • on 16.07.2020

    Company needs to express who they are shipping items for, we were confused on what the package inside was. Looked like it could possibly be anthrax.

  • on 11.07.2020

    So if you won't take responsibility for the fraudulent company you are dealing with the least you can do is provide the proper information to the customers that have all been ripped off by the. Reporting you to the Canadian Better Business Bureau to shut you down.
    During this pandemic people who are trusting in making purchases that they will receive what they pay good money for with trust they will receive the product shown that they are purchasing should not be fraudulently treated, and as a business you wouldn't want to be any part of that, therefore you are just as bad as they are.
    If you were a reputable you would give the business information that you are supplying for, to the customers so they could get there money back by the thieves. It appears you are working with them and are very dishonest snd do not deserve to operate any business in Canada!!
    Shame on you and I trust you will forward this to them in the hopes I can either get the product they showed I was ordering or my money returned. I will ensure they are not allowed to advertise on facebook and will not be able to ship or sell in this country. Canada has much higher standards than having crooks like you two working here. Our fraud departments will for hard to locate and shut you down!,

  • on 11.07.2020


  • on 11.07.2020

    Fast shipping and low price

  • on 11.07.2020

    Great company, the guy helped me find my seller, and also able track my parcel, very helpful and very polite

  • on 08.07.2020

    J’ai fait venir une montre,je n’ai pas reçu la bonne montre et celle que j’ai reçu ne fonctionne pas. Très déçu. Attention c’est une arnaque.

  • on 03.07.2020

    FRAUD!! this company is selling junk under false context. Many ads on Facebook promising Birkenstock sandals for a discount price, each ad under different company name. Cheap poorly made copies, and the wrong sizes....FRAUD

  • on 30.04.2020

    The ripped me off. The products I received is not what was ordered.

  • on 19.12.2019

    This company are forwarders for some fraudulent products like the drone 720 that I got ripped off on. They should be more selective on who they do business with.

  • on 13.06.2019


  • on 13.01.2019

    They ripped me off!!!!

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