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Our primary focus is to serve as the moving company of choice for home owners and business owners around Delaware, Washington D.C., and Virginia. We can help you and your family or coworkers with all your moving and storage needs.

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4.4/5100 reviews
  • on 11.07.2022

    We had Basyshore move us from Delaware to Indiana. Kevin and his crew did a fabulous job of packing our things into their truck and making sure they were safe and secure. Could not have asked for a better experience. We were excited when we heard that Kevin would be driving the truck with our things because we knew we were in good hands. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen circumstances, we had to have a different driver. He and his crew were not as careful with our things, but did a decent job. A few weeks later, we received a call from Kevin that he found some of the poles to our storage shelves still on his truck. He made a special stop on his way to another delivery to personally make sure we go them! Thank you, Kevin and your DE crew. 5 stars to you!

  • on 04.06.2022

    Bayshore did a great job with our interstate move. The guys were efficient and careful with the furniture. Everyone in the office was helpful answering questions and providing transparency. There were no hidden costs and the move was successful. Could not have gone more smoothly.

  • on 17.05.2022

  • on 17.05.2022

    Mark Allgaier the Allied salesman told us to Trust Allied they do things the right way.... as you can see he lied! This was our brochure and this SADLY for US was our Moving Truck......we bought good , we bought once and then Allied Destroyed Everything we own including our Home from stem to stern and did not even deliver all of our belongings they called them "Missing" . Our "Moving Crew" of Monsters show up at 1:30 p.m. and then smoked and laughed in front of our home before the load up , they showed up wearing sweats & shower shoes. We didn't stand a chance! Here we are 3 months later and they still have not repaired all of our damage.
    Thank You for taking the time out of what I know is your busy day to respond to the review our HORRIFYING move with your Company, I would like to ask you as the owner if this happened to you what would the acceptable time be for you to conclude this situation? Would it be over 4 months???? I also must ask you, how would you feel if your Family photos we damaged and "missing"? How would you feel about always living in the trauma your Company created? When you get into a car accident you do not stay in the wreckage Sir you go home and feel better, when you get mugged you go home and feel better, thanks to Allied Bayshore we can no longer do that . How would you feel looking at your furniture and belongings broken in every room of your home? How would you respond to having to use room in your new home to create a broken pile that stares back at you daily? How would you feel about Matt & Andrea helping you with your Grandmother's broken Johnson Brothers made in England China? How would you feel about being the person in your Family that made the decision to choose Allied Bayshore Movers that ended the life of your Grandparents heirlooms that were passed down through the Generations?

  • on 08.05.2022

    Furniture damaged , boxes missing and we have other boxes that are not ours . very unorganized, I would not use them for long distance moves

  • on 01.05.2022

    Bayshore movers were very good and would recommend them.

  • on 27.04.2022

    I felt compelled to reach out to you about our move team last week
    4/12-4/13 led by Briar Pomykacz. Accompanying Briar were Kyle Connoly and Tony Barbizzi. We recently moved from Media, PA to Glen Mills, PA. Without going into a lot of details, it was a difficult move. Over the course of two days this team worked incredibly hard and were extremely careful with all of our belongings. Can’t begin to tell you how grateful we were for their efforts as we had had another Delaware mover four years ago who did not take nearly the care that Briar and his team did. This previous mover had damaged our belongings including, breaking a 7 foot piece of custom glass that was part of our dining room table.

    Needless to say, we were quite concerned about how the experience with Bayshore Allied would be. A totally different experience from start to finish. Starting with Bill Haywood who took the time to understand the complexity of the move to Nila Ward’s consistent responsiveness and follow-up throughout to ensure our satisfaction.

    Having been in HR for many years, I know I the importance of quality hire. Briar, Tony and Kyle are keepers!

    I hope that you will share this e-mail with the team and that it goes in their employee file(s). I will be recommending Bayshore Allied to family and friends, as appropriate.

    Nancy Nessler
    Carlo Ciabattoni

  • on 21.04.2022

    The team that packed my stuff was great...all went into their "climate controlled" storage for 6 weeks. Upon delivery (by a different team) to my final destination they SHOULD HAVE given me the manifest which lists all the sticker numbers that were placed on every box and/or item. HOWEVER, they did not and unfortunately I didn't even think about it as I was frantically directing and unpacking at the same time! THEN once the truck was empty, they presented the manifest to me and I had to sign, virtually stating that I had received everything! At that point I had absolutely no way of knowing if I had, in fact, received everything. UGH Procedure should have been that I had the manifest from the very beginning and they should have called each number off to me as they brought stuff in so I could check it off on the manifest that, in fact, it was received!! Sadly, I realized later that AT LEAST one box and several loose items were not on the truck and when I asked them (via a claim) to do a search of their "climate controlled" facility, I was told my claim had been denied. I have no way of knowing WHICH box was missing, but I did discover quickly a lot of things were missing that I had packed. Nothing very expensive but it did feel like I had been "taken". Funny thing about their "climate controlled" facility...all my furniture was VERY dusty. Guess I should have asked for a tour of their facility.

  • on 02.02.2022

    Bayshore was such an awesome help with our move from the east coast to a high rise apartment in Austin, Texas. It was a crazy time during the holiday season & we hit some severe winter storms along the way - but they kept us up to date with moving status, took great care of our belongings, and were a pleasure to chat with during the entire process. 100% recommend using them for an move that you have!

  • on 12.01.2022

    Best Moving Co. On the East Coast

  • on 06.01.2022

  • on 28.12.2021

    Everything about this move from my first phone call, to the appraisal, to the move itself was great. The movers showed up on time, worked hard and diligently and unloaded with the same care and hard work. Customer service checked in frequently along the way to make sure everything was going smoothly. I would recommend Bayshore highly to anyone.

  • on 11.12.2021

    We had a great experience! Made our moving experience so much easier

  • on 12.11.2021

    We had to move from Arizona to Pennsylvania in a hurry and our representative Joannie Cortina went above and beyond to make sure it happened. The move was smooth and easy for us! I highly recommend using Bayshore for moving!

  • on 05.11.2021

    Great and reliable service.

  • on 27.10.2021

    Moving is usually an exhausting and terrifying experience. I can honestly say that using Bayshore Allied Moving and Storage out of Newark, Delaware was the best decision I ever made. My rep, Bill Haywood said it like it was and delivered exceptional service with his team. He was upfront. He knew the business and if he didn’t have an answer, he followed through within 24 hours. And my move involved transporting my prized possessions to Canada. Since we had to coordinate to clear customs, the crew that repacked were fabulous. Led by Mike, a seasoned and well experienced coordinator, the team of 3 had my 10x20 locker packed and loaded within a day. Everything that was repacked arrived perfectly intact. My shipper, Kevin loaded and cleared customs far sooner than I anticipated. I saw my things within the week when in the past, shipping took 2-3 weeks. And you worry when someone else has your entire household out there. Assisting Bill was Naila who coordinated everyone. She was priceless in making this easy. Like Bill, she was very resourceful and found the answers if they were not readily available. In the office, Karen was wonderful with sincerity and a great sense of humor. Using this company to move was the best decision since there are so many online that may undercut the price but just don’t deliver, in the end. It’s clear that this company is well established and skilled in their field. I hope this receives helps you to filter through the murky waters of movers. You can’t go wrong with this team!

  • on 20.10.2021

    Worst moving experience of my entire life! They came with 3 movers, although they promised 4, and then complained to us the entire time. They lost valuables and didn’t seem to care. They were rude, nasty, and unprofessional. When I spoke to the “salesman,” John, the situation deteriorated. He was clearly afraid of, and intimidated by, the head mover. Don’t ever use this company! In my opinion, they’re the worst company out there.

  • on 15.10.2021

    Very good service.

  • on 06.10.2021

    Excellent company. Very helpful friendly and treated our stuff like it was their own. Came to the house and explained everything to us.

  • on 20.09.2021

    I have moved many times in my life & Bayshore is a top tier team. Their HQ team is incredibly responsive via phone and email and they really do care about ensuring your move goes smoothly. The teams they work with in the DMV are wonderful to work with, as well! They moved my entire 2 bed out within an hour and half and the delivery only took an hour and half, as well. They also provided the best rate for out of state moves. Would recommend to anyone!

  • on 17.08.2021

    Dude WHAT?
    I just called for a quote to move a Spinet piano......... and they said the cost to move it (10 minutes up the road) would be $3,000!!!!!!!!
    That is. INSANE.

    It's weird because she gave me that price without even asking what kind of piano it was

  • on 10.06.2021

    Bayshore was organized and helped us with our 18 hour move out-of-state and had no issues. They wrapped everything for us and unpacked when we got to our new destination.

  • on 07.05.2021

    Terrible experience as part of a corporate move for a new job. Pick up was on April 30 with a clear explanation that no one would be at the new home after May 11 because of travel. That's almost 2 weeks to get a small truckload a couple of hundred miles. Instead, they confirmed just now that the load will be delivered May 12. Completely ignored the dozen or so requests for delivery on or before May 11 - unprofessional, unaccommodating, unbelievable.

  • on 26.04.2021

    Phenomenal. Folks, I've moved more times than I can count. By far the best move and it's all thanks to Bayshore, Fredo and their team.

  • on 25.03.2021

    Bayshore Moving and Storage was a joy to work with. They made our move to the west as painless as possible. The team who we worked with were in constant communication and answered every question that came up along the way. Our driver was wonderful and did an awesome job managing his team on both ends. They made sure when moving out then back in that there was no damage done to our belongings or homes. Anthony Couch was top notch. I would absolutely use Bayshore again. Thank you for making our move so easy.

  • on 16.03.2021

    From the salesperson/coordinator to the moving team it was an overall great experience. We have moved several times and the moving team was the most efficient we have ever had. They made our move stress free! Highly, highly recommend!

  • on 11.03.2021

    Bayshore was professional from the very beginning. Communication of dates and availability was top notch. Packing and boxing was done quickly, and the utmost care was taken to safeguard our possessions. I can't thank the movers enough for what they did for our family!

  • on 22.02.2021

    Great experience with Bayshore! Movers were prompt, efficient and super friendly. John was 10/10.

  • on 05.01.2021

    My experience was great with Bayshore. Honestly the best moving crew I've ever used. They were on time, quick / efficient, polite, friendly all the things you would expect. Our boxes and items were all placed into the correct rooms, and no damage occurred to any of our stuff.

  • on 05.01.2021

    We had a very good experience even though moving out of our long term home was hard for us and stressful. The team at Bayshore from Billy to Greg, the team leader, to John, LaRoy and Greg, our movers and Tonya who coordinated were professional and great to work with. Greg was a wonderful team leader, as he was really professional but also courteous and really nice to work with. The team worked really hard moving and still was able to joke with us and be very personable despite their hard work, COVID, etc. Just a great experience with great people. It was all very organized as well. I was called when they said they would, there were timely, etc. I would highly recommend Bayshore

  • on 05.01.2021

    Bayshore helped us move from the 2nd and 3rd floors of our building into a first floor suite. Their professionalism, hard work and positive attitude were out of this world! I never heard a complaint from anyone on the team, they worked well together and found solutions for the many challenges that came from large furniture being moved without an elevator in a building that was constructed in the late 1700s. I highly recommend them!!

  • on 05.01.2021

  • on 30.11.2020

  • on 20.11.2020

  • on 01.10.2020

    Cannot comment on cost as this was a work relocation, but the quality of the customer service on the front end and the packers/movers was excellent. They took care of our home, the one we were leaving and the new one, as well as our personal belongings.

  • on 23.09.2020

    This was a BIG move for us. 25 years of accumulated furniture, belongings etc. PLUS a storage unit worth of stuff PLUS furnishings from a separate house. All of that AND a move across several states (Pa. to NY). Additionally, the day the movers came, we had a major plumbing issue so the movers had to work around 20 or so people digging in our front yard. They were totally unfazed by the chaos around us (and the fact that we couldn't turn the water on so no bathrooms). I felt SO confident on both ends of the move and the fact that there is a dedicated crew head/driver who is there documenting all the items at the front end of the move and is there to check everything off at the back end. Our guy was Kevin and he was AMAZING. This was a daunting situation for us and Kevin's calm and steady demeanor kept our heads on straight. I also appreciated the pre and post-checks from Anthony Couch. We used Bayshore's Newark, Delaware office. I would highly recommend.

  • on 23.09.2020

    I Would highly recommend this company. My long distance move of household & vehicle went great. They take good care of your belongings. All staff from estimate and order service, coordinators, agents, load and delivery movers are excellent. Friendly, professional, prompt, keep you informed each step of the way and check up with you.

  • on 27.08.2020

    The assessment, offer, pack, and move were very professional. Everyone involved seemed to be sincerely concerned with real customer service. Communications lines with each person involved were open and friendly. Bayshore is a Quality Company I highly recommend to anyone. Two of our items needed special handling, so Bayshore contracted with MSS--who were superb! Honestly, every single person we interacted with (on the phone, through texts, through emails, and in person) was personable and most professional. Our realtors recommended Bayshore, because they believe they are the best--and my wife and I heartily agree, based on other companies we interviewed and on the experience we had. In particular, Bill Haywood and Debbie Daniels are ideal. Thanks!

  • on 03.08.2020

    We had a very difficult challenge in moving during the pandemic. The Bayshore crew was helpful beyond our expectations. During a time of total chaos, they managed to make us feel that anything could be done and they would be the ones to do it. And they did it with the humor that we needed to see us through a very traumatic time in our lives. Given the heat, the masks, moving big things very carefully through tight spaces... it was amazing. Thanks for the first class service by the packers and the movers.

  • on 30.07.2020

    From start to finish, everyone at Bayshore came through on everything they said they would do. Great, friendly people to work with - they answered all of my questions and followed up throughout my move and after. Highly recommend!

  • on 14.07.2020

    We had a great experience with Bayshore including moving and long-term storage. They were consistently responsive, friendly and professional. Every crew that loaded and unloaded was great to work with. Joannie in he office is proactive and passionate in delivering good service.

  • on 09.07.2020

    They were very nice and moved very fast.

  • on 03.07.2020

    Everything went seamlessly for my cross-country move. Their service and communication were excellent, and everything arrived on-time and in good condition. My driver was especially professional, checking (and in some cases repacking) some of my boxes to minimize the chance of anything breaking. Overall I'm satisfied...they got the job done.

  • on 02.07.2020

    The team that we had was great! They were friendly, professional and they did great work. They accomplished everything on time and they were very careful with all of our items. Everything arrived at our new home just as it left our old one. Very impressed!

  • on 10.06.2020

    Updated review: Overall, if you are considering a big move or a cross country move, I would look into this company. However, you need to make sure you are extra careful to keep track of everything and carefully look through ALL paperwork. They were mostly professional and on time. However, a few items were broken during the move and, even though we purchased insurance, we were only compensated for a fraction of the value of the items because they "could not confirm they were packed by the movers/the value of the items." It seems their system is designed to give them loopholes to get out of things. True, my husband signed off on the inventory list stating everything was correct, but was he really thinking he needed to read through each line on a list 180 items long? It was hard to read and hard to understand. I noticed later that it seemed they had marked damages on our items when they loaded that didn't exist, presumably to protect them IN CASE something was scratched/damaged. I was very disappointed with the claim review process and the lack of thoroughness from the movers. We moved across the country without family when I was 7 months pregnant, so we didn't have another reasonable option. If you choose to go with this company, just be careful and pay attention to all the fine print. I wish we had been a bit more cautious and savvy to how they can get around issues.

  • on 28.05.2020

  • on 20.04.2020

    made our move from Mantua NJ to Colorado Springs a very great experience , i highly recommend Bayshore for long distance moving and storage !!! thanks again to Debbie , Bill , Kevin and Brandon for their punctuality and professionalism !!!

  • on 03.04.2020

    The team assigned to move me were by far the most professional team that has ever moved me. Not a scratch on anything. I’m very pleased with their services.

  • on 01.04.2020

    Professional service from two fine individuals assigned to my move.
    Real pleasure to do business with. On time careful delivery.

  • on 12.03.2020

    Bayshore sent an estimator who provided a guaranteed maximum price, which was very competitive since they Grouo multiple shipments on the same truck. He told me that any packing we did would be deducted from the final price. I was delighted when the final price was lower than the quoted price. The packers and the movers were very organized, arrived on time and did a great job. All our stuff arrived on the other side in great shape. They reassembled all of our furniture and finished in record time.

  • on 17.02.2020

    The estimater, Bill, GUARANTEED they knew how to handle our many antiques - a big concern since we inherited lots of heirloom antiques from both my grandparents and my wife's family. So we went with them. Not sure it could have gone worse! Dozens of pieces of furniture broken, shattered ... dozens of boxes dropped, smashed! They eventually had some furniture repaired, but anything else they absolved themselves of any & all responsibility. So all the broken Bennington pitchers, statues, etc ... zero compensation!
    Also, day of delivery they said we had a week+ to go through everything. Upon submitting long list of itemized damages, they now said "All damage must be reported same day", like we had the stomach to open all these smashed packing boxes that first night! Lies, lies, and more lies ... and they wouldnt accept ANY responsibility! Even blamed us!
    After months of arguing with them, we probably got ~40% of monetary value back on thousands of dollars worth of heirlooms. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE TRUST ALLIED!

  • on 03.02.2020

    We just used Bayshore to move to a new home, and it was a great experience from quote to final delivery. Bayshore made everything easy, and went the extra mile to ensure all our stuff was moved safely.

    What to expect:
    The quote: Bayshore will send one of their sales folks to your home to inventory all your items, provide a detailed and itemized quote for the move, and estimate how many free boxes you will need. Bayshore does not provide "estimates", what they provide is a firm quote that won't change during your move unless you add or remove items to the move.

    Payment: We paid by credit card through their online system. It was easy and we didn't encounter any issues.

    Box pickup: If you are packing your own stuff, Bayshore will provide boxes. You will need to pick them up at their warehouse in Newark. They will let you pick what sizes and quantities you need. They also provide wardrobe boxes, packing tape, and packing paper

    Moving day: We were told the crew would arrive between 8:00 and 9:00. They were there and ready to work by 7:30. Our move was split into two days. On day 1 they did the whole upstairs and downstairs, then on the second day they did the basement, garage, and patio furniture. They finished by ~3:30 each day

    The actual move: A crew of 3 guys with a lead did the move. Day 1 and Day 2 were the same crew, and they were all professional, friendly, and hard working. When they arrived, they put down floor protection and got to work right away. When we arrived to the new house they did a great job asking where to place items and setting up the furniture.

    Overall Bayshore was a 5 star experience. They may not be the cheapest option, but the quality of their work and their reliability made it well worth the price. Highly recommended.

  • on 11.01.2020

    The Bayshore Team was exceptional in their professionalism, communication skills and the crews they used for our move.
    Really above average all the way around.

  • on 17.12.2019

    Lost, damaged, broken furniture. No apology, no excuses and no claim refunded. Worst move I ever had in years of experience.

  • on 20.11.2019

    I used Bayshore for a large, interstate move and everyone did an excellent job. Customer service communicated very clearly, and both teams of movers were thoughtful about packing and unpacking. The inventory system worked very well. I highly recommended Bayshore.

  • on 05.11.2019

  • on 14.10.2019

    Throughout the process the communication was excellent and service was as communicated. We were very happy with the overall experience!

  • on 11.10.2019

    Bayshore moved us from Washington, DC to St. Louis last week. Their packing and loading crews were punctual, easy to work with and packed our gear very well. They packed us on a Thursday, loaded us up on Friday and were knocking on our door in St. Louis first thing Monday morning. Everything seems to be here and accounted for. I highly recommend these guys. Request Frank as the crew leader if he's available. He has these moves down to a science.

  • on 10.10.2019

    The actual receptionist look at you like you are beneath them even though you will be the one doing physical work if you get hired there lol.

  • on 25.09.2019

    Excellent service; moving crew was prompt, efficient, and worked hard to ensure successful move from Delaware beach area to PA.

  • on 22.09.2019

    The guys that moved me were the nicest and polite guys. You should be very proud to have them

  • on 10.09.2019

    Bay shore was selected for us a part of a move package for my work, but I would pick them on my own if needed. They were great to deal with, good communication. Everything was packed with care in boxes and we had no missing or broken items. I would recommend and use them again for moving! Thank you bayshore!

  • on 14.08.2019

    These guys were great!! We received a fair price and the service was excellent. I received calls from the office every step of the way to check in and the guys who came out were respectful and helpful. Best of all......they moved all of my family's belongings with no damages!! I highly recommend them.

  • on 06.08.2019

    Worked w/ Tonya Fortier and Jen, both of whom went above and beyond. My moving plans changed radically to more immediate needs. Tonya worked diligently to get back to me and make it happen within two days. Then, when my plans changed again and I asked to rearrange those travel plans, Tonya again was responsive and available, then accommodated my needs perfectly within a one-hour turnaround.

    For as much of a headache as moving can be - especially when coordinating between work travel, lease dates, and pet care - this company has left me genuinely impressed with its level of professionalism.

  • on 10.07.2019

    Bayshore provided great service through all phases of my transition process. They were the packers and unloaders. We have a 4 bedroom house with about 14k lbs worth of furniture. We did have some small issues but they were resolved quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them for your next move.

  • on 07.07.2019

  • on 23.06.2019

  • on 11.06.2019

    We used Bayshore to move from Southern, PA to Central, TX. Day 1 pack crew was good, for the most part. Most items made it in the same condition they were packed in. Day 2 pack and load crew haphazardly packed. We have a few boxes where bleach was packed and busted. Many of the day 2 boxes were packed carelessly. They were improperly labeled, some boxes have 2 and 3 stickers on them. We have a few items that are currently unable to be located, possibly due to misplacement during our 30 day storage or being removed from their original locations and being placed elsewhere, but the claims process has been pretty good so far. Items that were damaged are getting repaired and those that cannot be repaired are being replaced. Moving this type of distance and having so many people involved has been a task for the Bayshore crew, but they are taking it all in stride and working to make sure everything is made right. Thank you, Mark, Laurie, Matt, and the rest of the Bayshore office crew, for making this move, and all that comes with it, as easy as possible for us.

  • on 15.05.2019

    An extraordinary job by Bayshore on my recent move. I have had several professional moves over the past 30 years. I have never worked with a moving company that was more dedicated to customer service. The representative contacted me every step of the way and met every single commitment...even exceeded the plan for shipment and delivery time. A piano was part of the move and I was amazed at how well it was handled. I consider this move one of my most difficult, but it exceeded my expectations. Specifically, David who drove and lead the pickup & delivery crew was awesome to work with. Joannie was my coordinator and she increased my faith that a move could be handled well without any hiccups! Thank you Bayshore!

  • on 14.05.2019

    The staff was very helpful. Made unloading easy peezy.

  • on 06.05.2019

  • on 26.03.2019

    It's been a while since I moved, so I wasn't expecting as much help and customer service as I received from everyone from Bayshore. We had kind of a complicated move with 2 settlements on the same day, unable to move in early and a long gap of time before being able to unload. None of that mattered. Bayshore took care of EVERYTHING! We even came in a little under what was originally quoted.Moving is way too stressful. Let Bayshore relieve some of that stress for you.

  • on 11.03.2019

    Bayshore recently moved us from Wilmington, DE to Lake Kiowa, TX. Everyone associated with the process was extremely customer focused and responsive. We had never packed our belongings ourselves so we appreciated the tips and encouragement offered by our salesman, John Seibert. Our coordinator, Debbie Daniels, answered all kinds of questions as we prepared for moving day and frequently checked in with us to see if we needed any help or had any questions. Our driver, Charlie McQuaige, did a fabulous job with his crews loading us and unloading us. All of the crew members were very friendly, careful, and extremely hard working. We were very well taken care of throughout a stressful process and highly recommend Bayshore!

  • on 07.03.2019

    Recently used Bayshore to empty my mothers house after she passed. Clee, Sean, and Mike were really great. They were really cooperative and did not mind having three different destinations. They were also really helpful putting some furniture together and moving around furniture. Would highly recommend Bayshore. They were very flexible scheduling the move as we did not have a lot of options with a very quick closing.

  • on 01.03.2019

    Estimators/packing crew used more picture/mirror boxes then planned, which cost us an additional $350. A leaky van caused water staining of our antique dining room furniture and wet moving boxes. While the movers Jeff & Debbie were pleasant, I am very disappointed with the post-move claim service.

  • on 11.02.2019

    I couldn’t say enough how pleased we were with Bayshore. From A to Z every step was done professionally. . Not a single breakage. Becky, Karen and David did a fantastic job wrapping everything. The boxes were very well labeled . Thank you Bayshore

  • on 08.12.2018

  • on 17.11.2018

    Worst move ever! The crew did so much damage, even broke a window. Seven months later and I am still fighting to have my claim settled. The head of the claims department is so condescending. I just want my furniture repaired and Bayshore out of my life!

  • on 27.10.2018

    We used Allied/Bayshore out of Delaware and could not have asked for better service from start to finish. We received emails at every step of the process. We did our packing and they arrived on time to load the van. The crew of three was great. They were careful, professional, personable and knew what they were doing. Everything was wrapped in movers blankets and /or shrink wrap. Upon arrival, some things had extra layers of protection (cardboard for example and more plastic and tape) added before the van was loaded for the drive to us.

    Our things were in storage for just over 2 months and arrived in perfect condition. We had one large painting crated (they built the crate ) and they did a great job on both ends. The delivery crew was also exceptional and very professional. They had to unload in the rain and we were the only ones complaining about the rain! They never even mentioned it.

    We seriously don't have one complaint. We had high expectations based upon the upfront 'pitch' and promises made and they far exceeded in every category.

    Thanks to all of the guys involved.

  • on 12.10.2018

    We used Bayshore to move our daughter’s stuff from Pa to Fl. From beginning to end we had a great experience. Customer service I would give an A rating. Hard to find good service today and they were great. The movers arrived on time and ready to work never missing a beat. If you have a local move or long distance this is the company to use... I would use them again and recommend them .. Thanks

  • on 25.09.2018

    Bayshore Moving and Storage was EXCELLENT! The entire crew--from Bill with the estimate--to Bob, the Coordinator--to the packers, movers, drivers, and unloaders--all were professional, courteous, and easy to work with. Bayshore exceeded our already high expectations!

  • on 08.09.2018

    Bobby is great. Very thorough and brings a great energy.

  • on 09.08.2018

    Received a price quote, booked an in-home appointment to discuss options, a couple days later they called and said "sorry we're booked". This probably means they booked someone else over me. The timing of this move was really important due to taking a new job and waiting another 2 weeks was just not an option.

    I then asked nicely for a referral to another mover and they refused.

    Nothing worse then a mover you can't rely on.

  • on 30.05.2018

    Nightmare, dishonest, avoid at all cost or it might cost you....
    Bayshore recently moved my family from one state to the next. Our goods were put into storage for 3 months before delivering to our new residence. There was really only one thing that absolutely could not be damaged. That was a 110 year old piano that was a wedding gift from my wife's great grandfather to her great grandmother. It is the piano my daughter learned to play on and would pass down to her children. We asked Bayshore during the pre-move survey if they needed to do any special handling or subcontract it out to a specialized moving company. They said they did not and move pianos all the time. Turns out when we received the piano it was destroyed. It was dropped, pieces were falling off, and the delivery truck couldn't even find a large piece which was somewhere else in the truck. To make matters worse, Bayshore tried to crudely cover up the damage by trying to nail and screw some of the broken exterior pieces together while it was in storage.
    We hoped that Bayshore would make it right when we filed a claim for repair. Bayshore wanted to send a furniture repairman to fix the piano, a musical instrument. We hired our own piano repair and restoration company in the interim. All we ever asked for is the piano to be returned to us in the same condition we gave it to them. After Bayshore's furniture repair company came out and took pictures, we heard nothing from Bayshore for 6 weeks. We tried to follow up up but got brushed off several times. Finally, Bayshore offered us $350 to settle the claim. Insulting! Piano restoration estimate was $19,000. So, basically they destroyed our most valued possession and sent us away.
    Bayshore was kind and helpful when things were going well, but as soon as they screwed up, everything changed and they stopped contacting us and not only destroyed our family heirloom, refused to take responsibility. Quite shameful.

  • on 19.05.2018

    Jeff & Debbie & the Atlanta team were on-time and did a phenomenal job delivering our belongings, which were an entire truck. They were very pleasant and respectful to work with. Not a single item was broken! Our move coordinator Laurie was very responsive to our questions. She even checked in during the move. I highly recommend Bayshore for storage and long-distance moves!

  • on 25.04.2018

    We’ve moved state to state twice now. Used another company the first move. Used Bayshore this recent 2nd move. They had 3 guys moving our stuff into our new home, half the amount of people we had with another company and they finished in half the time. They were prompt, courteous, friendly and careful with our items. Ron was amazing! Highly recommend!

  • on 03.04.2018

    My Wife & I are totally satisfied with each member of the Bayshore Team. The moving crew was a great team of 3 requiring 2 days, and they had great attitudes and work ethics! We enjoyed working with them.
    Thanks for a great job Bayshore!

  • on 16.03.2018

    I recently moved out of state and we used Bayshore, competitive price and overall the experience was great. The whole team was very professional. My move coordinator Bob was fantastic, he kept informed of every step and stayed in constant contact. The load crew was super friendly and treated my belongings like they were there own. The showed up when they said they would and did a great job. I would certainly recommend Bayshore to anyone planning a out of state move.

  • on 07.03.2018

    Bayshore is a great choice for a moving company. Their process from inception to final delivery is professional, friendly, courteous and exhaustive. They started on touch along the way, great communication.

  • on 01.03.2018

    great crew. no messing around for them. just get busy and do an excellent job of taking care cj of our things.

  • on 21.02.2018

    Best movers around!!.. Most affordable and has the best customer service, drivers & help. Outstanding!!

  • on 20.02.2018

    The movers couldn't have done a better job. I would highly recommend Bayshore to anyone that needed professional, quality movers!

  • on 05.01.2018

    The best move experience I’ve had in my 68 years. On time, no damage what so ever, friendly and quick. Cost was very reasonable and we got a credit because the weight was less than the estimate. Who does that? Our next move will be Bayshore!

  • on 17.11.2017

    Mike in the office is kind, and so helpful.

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