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We provide local and long distance courier service for the pick-up and delivery of your time-sensitive packages. We have a fleet of modern vehicles and drivers to handle any courier requirement.

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B Kerr Courier Service reviews

4.2/513 reviews
  • on 25.07.2022

  • on 13.05.2022

    I been working with the company for two years now and I couldn't be happier. I really love my job. I love how understanding and how they actually listen to us as employees.They treat the employees with respect.We are a family and you really feel appreciated. If you have a problem and they can help they definitely will. My bosses Natalie and Michael are truly amazing, best bosses I ever had.

  • on 30.01.2022

    Great and responsive service - highly recommended!

    Had to send same day package on Saturday from Bluffton, SC to Greenville, SC and it was the only courier service available in the whole Savannah - Hilton Head Metro area.

    Very professional and great communication.

    Thank you Natalie and Bob!

  • on 15.01.2022

    Answered a particular question regarding vehicle dependability I had.

  • on 29.08.2021

    Great company, awesome owners and will deliver anywhere you need something to go.

  • on 18.08.2021

    I would never use this company, they need to monitor their drivers I watched a box truck of theirs cut across 3 lanes of traffic! No blinker at all doing well over 80mph cut in front of a semi truck! Older gentleman with a beard headed out of Brunswick shame family’s and other people on the road trying to make it to their destination safely. MONITOR YOUR DRIVERS

  • on 18.07.2021

  • on 06.11.2020

    Great, prompt service!

  • on 29.02.2020

    Great company

  • on 28.09.2017

    One of the courier vans pulled out right in front of me in Darien, Ga today.They either weren't paying attention or didn't care. Very unsafe, I had to slam on breaks in order to avoid rear ending them. I was not speeding, that's how close I was when they pulled out directly in front of me. Back of the van had a number 2 in the right corner towards the bottom. Sure hope all your driver's aren't this unsafe or careless!!

  • on 25.04.2016

  • on 06.03.2015

    You rarely find a company with customer service as exceptional as that found at B Kerr Courier. Today I arrived late to their location,after the office staff had left. The man working there took time to call several employees who had gone home, trying to ensure that my package arrived at its destination the following morning. However, the morning delivery person had apparently already gone to bed. I was told that they would get it there no matter what. I received a call at 8 pm tonight, two hours after dropping off the package. It was the man from B Kerr ( I regret not getting his name), reporting that my package had already been delivered to its destination. He had driven several miles out from Savannah, in the rain, and delivered it himself.

  • on 17.06.2014

    Great quality work, old school service. These guys just get the job done every time. Period.

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