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Aramex International reviews

1.8/5100 reviews
  • on 30.03.2022

    Very poor service. Didn’t receive the parcel yet. Tons of points to share but doesn’t seem like worth it

  • on 09.03.2022

    Easily the worst experience I've ever had with a shipment. Not only did I have to pay 40$ in fees, but I had to contact the seller only to find out that they lost my package after a month of waiting. This company is a straight up SCAM. They were also unprofessional. I tried contacting them several times and was ignored. I don't even know how this company is still in business to be honest.

  • on 07.03.2022

    Worst service ever

  • on 03.03.2022

    AMAREX as a company SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN! They are habitually "losing" or mishandling customers parcels with ZERO accountability. The "contact us" section on their website does not work, and you cannot leave them a voicemail message either, since it constantly "full". This is SHAM COMPANY and NO ONE should ever use them for ANYTHING again if you or your customers actually want to receive their deliveries. The way that they operate is absolutely fraudulent and disgusting, and the authorities should be involved in closing this place down permanently!

  • on 25.02.2022

    Worst service ever

  • on 24.02.2022

    THIS IS A SCAM (and a very complex one at that!). I’m a seller, and “Barbara Martin” (messaging on Facebook marketplace from an instagram account called “@barbaramartin021111”) is trying to get me to send them a camera lens to 5810 Ambler Drive, #14, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 4J5. If I’m correct, they’re “drop shipping.” I’d be shipping this camera lens to a “buyer,” they want express shipping with tracking. Once I ship and they’ve sent me the fake e-transfer email, they forward the tracking number I sent them to the customer they lured in with my own ad’s info and pictures. It then gets “stuck” at this address, where they actually end up selling it off to someone else for profit. I’m glad I caught this before I fell for it. It’s a very sophisticated scam and has been going on for years (just look up “5810 Ambler Drive #14, Mississauga scam” and see how far back the bad reviews go). I feel for the people who fell for this. It’s very well thought-out and very sneaky. Please don’t beat yourself up if you got scammed by these people, it can happen to anyone especially with how complex this scam is.

  • on 13.02.2022

    Worse customer service ever

  • on 04.02.2022

    I sent some of my important legal documents to India through unfortunately without knowing the fact that they are providing worthless service, after collection it seems not dispatched to India even after 10 days later I come to know that they missed my documents, I am going to file a legal suit against them. Let me know if anyone had faced this same issue with this people.. you can write to me.

    Please understand together we all can do something ..

  • on 19.01.2022

    Never seen such a bad customer service in my entire life, trying to reach them over the phone/Email for over two weeks, no answers and can’t leave messages because mailbox full.

  • on 11.01.2022

  • on 10.01.2022

    Very very bad service. My parcels were being held for 2 weeks now (and still counting) for absolutely no reason. This branch is made of a bunch of lazy people with no interest of doing their work. What a disgrace

  • on 06.01.2022

    Very bad service

  • on 03.01.2022

    Not yet received my parcel

  • on 25.12.2021

    Company of scammers. A company to avoid at all cost.

  • on 10.12.2021

    Worst company ever and customer service, I tried to contact by phone and she hang out I won't use you again ever

  • on 02.12.2021

    My company lost lot of money and clients because of this company

  • on 22.11.2021

  • on 02.11.2021

  • on 24.10.2021

    This place dont have RBC ATM anymore. Need to remove from map also

  • on 15.10.2021

    Too slow

  • on 12.10.2021

    No one is at the office. It runs by itself. Getting a hold of these guys would be like catching a fly!
    Terrible service! First and last time!

  • on 30.09.2021

    Totally out of service location , no one was there to receive my shipment.
    Better avoid it if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on 15.09.2021

    If there less than one star I would have chosen it. although the company has a good service and I have good experiences with all locations I have worked with but Particularly this location is very bad especially the manager is A such moody person deal with customers with double standards and does not follow the company rules.
    He didn’t accept my package even though though I have no thing unacceptable materials
    And the reason my country is not in a good relationship with he country.

  • on 28.08.2021

    Poor will never get your parcel

  • on 13.07.2021


  • on 04.07.2021

  • on 30.06.2021

    Very friendly staff and so accommodating, despite of the pandemic constraints. Keep it up.

  • on 23.05.2021

    I don’t like the service

  • on 20.05.2021

    Colleen is super responsive and really thorough with her work. I reached out to her and she immediately addressed my query and even went the extra mile to help my customer with their packages. Used it for the first time and loved the service

  • on 08.05.2021

    Does it really take 2.5 months to release a package that's cleared customs? Absolute disgrace of a company. Doesn't answer the photo, respond to voice-mail or email. This a scam and should be shut down.

  • on 03.05.2021

    They lost my suitcase and did nothing

  • on 22.04.2021

    Unbelievable! I have had my shipment kept at this location for 2weeks now. I have tried contacting aramex but they won't pick up at all... Their website contact page is not helpful at all... None responsive.

  • on 14.04.2021

    Very respectful customer service , affordable shipping price .

  • on 07.04.2021

    If there is subzero, it should be given as rating for this company. Bad customer service, inaccurate information and rude employees.

  • on 06.04.2021

  • on 30.03.2021

  • on 29.03.2021

    Bad people and expensive broker rate. Never deal with them. They are cheating and useless people

  • on 26.03.2021

  • on 19.03.2021

    Not that reviews here really matter but just here to vent with everyone else. Their emails look so unprofessional I thought for sure this was a phishing attempt, luckily i remembered that I did buy something from the UK and clicked the link to pay my duties. I understand these companies need to take a cut to process customs paperwork, everyone does it, Fedex, UPS, etc. but at least tell me what the cut you are taking is! Don't just show an amount with no receipt. Whole experience just leaves a sour taste in your mouth. I hope the package at least shows up...

  • on 18.03.2021

    Aramex is holding my item at the facility even when the customs was cleared on the same day it was requested. they're just holding it for no reason. they don't receive my phone calls, don't reply to my emails, they're just horrible.
    Aramex is not a reliable courier and we should avoid using them when we can. they're just awful. awful, awful, awful.

  • on 16.03.2021

    I like Aramex good customer services
    passionate delivery in time with a reasonable price.

  • on 20.01.2021

    Very bad service in Missauga, ontario , canada location, shipment took more than one month to be delivered and no body answering the phone calls.

  • on 12.01.2021

    Absolutely rubbish service

  • on 31.12.2020

    Apparently it takes more than two weeks to send an invoice for a priority shipment. Can't provide details on how much money they want or when package will be delivered.

  • on 26.12.2020

    Unprofessional Logistics firm. The order never arrived and instead charged me extra for warehouse.

  • on 23.12.2020

    I rely on Aramex for my shipments to the middle east. Great service

  • on 17.12.2020

    They are the worse international transportation I’ve ever deal with, it took me three months to get my package!!! and they charged me 43$ for duties. Nobody picks up my calls after several times the customer service told me to pickup my package from the warehouse!!! that’s the weirdest post office!!!! Don’t deal with them.

  • on 04.12.2020

    Place is sketchy just look at reviews they charged me 50 for duties when my package was 100 dollars worth of clothes. And was really hard to pay for the duties cause they send you a email with a password that is super confusing hope they get ligma

  • on 28.11.2020

    The worst. No one picks up the phone. I had to go to their office where the employee there was very rude. I had to contact Aramex in the states to have an update on my shipment. Not recommended at all.

  • on 24.09.2020

    Poor custom service rude receptionist. Delayed shipping

  • on 23.09.2020

    Zero star is too much for them, I don’t recommend using their service
    Very bad customer service

  • on 11.09.2020

  • on 12.08.2020

    Poor customer service , rude and disappointing

  • on 30.07.2020

  • on 29.06.2020

  • on 24.06.2020

    I recently purchased (from a source in Britain) 2 autographed books, one of which was a 65th birthday present for a friend. The package was to arrive at my door 2 days prior to the birthday celebration. On the day prior to the date indicated by the shippers tracking number I get an email from Amarex Mississauga needing another $20. The passwords (I get one at least once a day from Amarex) do not work. I called Colleen several times (after trying every number in their system - long distance, no 800 #!) and was told their computers are having issues but that she did get my payment for "fees". My parcel is in their warehouse and SHOULD go out soon. That was yesterday June 23rd 2020. I am at wits end with this. Can't seem to get anyone at Amarex to take ownership of this issue. Very disappointed and if I lived closer (I'm on the other end of Canada) to their office.... I'd get my books from them myself. Do NOT do business with any company that supports Amarex, period.

  • on 04.06.2020

    Aramex is one of Freight and Shipping companies that does international freight in and out of Indonesia .
    Many expatriates who have worked abroad for decades like my parents used their service to ship our furnitures when we moved back to our home country.

    Our experience with Aramex is a disappointment and frustrating to say the least. Despite our effort in preparing all the necessary paperwork from both countries, somehow Aramex still manage to ILLEGALLY hold our furnitures hostage WITHOUT ANY justifiable reason.

    For about 3-4 months my parents lived in an empty house simply because Aramex doesn’t want to release our furniture and hold it in their port. They told us to pay a large sum of money as a misc fee (which is not in the contract or agreement), for them to release and let us have our furniture. Basically they extort us for money to claim what’s ours.

    We contacted the freight company who send the shipments, they have done their part and not able to do anything.

    To add to this, Aramex told my parents that if we dont pay these fee, they will charge us interest for having them keeping our items in their warehouse. Police unable to do anything about this. And to being a lawyer will take time and more money. So at the end of the day my parents unwillingly paid a large sum of money to this despicable company to get their furnitures back.

    I am sure many have experienced something similar or worst with this company.

    This company needs to be exposed for what they are!

  • on 26.05.2020

    I spoke to Ms. Colleen from Aramex to schedule a pick up. She was very patient with me and took her time to explain the process to me and got everything done very quickly and efficiently. It shows that she really cares.
    Customer service at its best
    Thank you very much!

  • on 18.05.2020

    خدمة العملاء سيئ جدا

  • on 15.04.2020

    Worst customer service ever!

  • on 15.04.2020

    I would give it zero stars if it were an option. Their fees are absurd and cost me half the price of the package itself, they also don’t deliver. My worst experience by far, not the greatest customer service.

  • on 15.04.2020

    Terrible customer service. Lady at the front was clueless

  • on 04.04.2020

    I made an order from Topshop UK. The order was sent w/ their local parcel delivery service - DPD, than Aramex sent me what looked like an illegitimate "customs duties, taxes and handling fees" email, however it was legitimate, I called Aramex days after to make sure everything was sorted - given the horrendous reviews online... I spoke with Coleen (I recommend calling early morning as they evidently get busy throughout the day), she was extremely pleasant, and pacified my angst because there was a hiccup due to cancelled flights but she got it sorted out, and informed me Purolator would be delivering it to my door, as they did and on time (5 business days), all the companies involved keep you updated via the online tracking system, so I would stay informed that way. Rather than read terrible reviews, I suggest hold the company accountable by their tracking system to stay in the loop.

  • on 07.03.2020

  • on 18.02.2020

  • on 27.01.2020

    Not a good experience, tried several times to call inquire before coming but no response. When I reached at their office Mississauga, I observed that phone is ringing, I asked why you don’t pickup customer calls, front desk officer replied we only entertain walk-in customers.

    Overall my experience was bad will never come again.
    Staff needs training as well.

  • on 14.01.2020

    Liars, Frauds, Cheaters.
    Save yourself from fraud courier service.

  • on 13.01.2020

    They don’t know how to work! I swear

  • on 04.01.2020

    Could Aramex be any more disappointing!
    I was overcharged to receive a package at my door! And yet I was left with a note stuck at my mailbox saying I was not available, while I was totally available. Called Aramex multiple times, they didn't return any of my calls. The tracking number did not work! Eventually, I picked up the package myself from the center.
    P.s I shortened the story, the complete story contains more inconvenience.

  • on 03.01.2020

    All the bad reviews here are 100% correct. I don't understand how they can still be in business with such poor practices and terrible customer service. They have agreed to return my order to the seller almost a month ago and it has yet to be done. Many emails being ignored and multiple acknowledgements despite zero action. Avoid at all cost.

  • on 02.01.2020

    This is indeed a nightmarish courier service.

    My advice is that if you are ordering from the UK or elsewhere in Europe, ask the seller to use an express courier like FedEx, and avoid using Aramex at all costs!!

  • on 27.12.2019

    Had no issues, very good consistent and reliable service

  • on 26.12.2019

    Pathetic company and delivery drivers who lie
    I specifically paid for rush delivery and expected it a certain day. It was out for delivery on friday dec 20 and the driver said package was refused when NOTHING was refused. Now i couldnt even give what was suppose to be a gift for xmas. Pathetic.

  • on 20.12.2019

    Ruined Christmas. Ordered presents from the U.K. These people have been holding them for 20 days and won't answer the phone or return calls. 5 days till Christmas. I begged, nothing.

    With all the people reporting the same thing and these people claiming to not have the packages, I suspect fraud. Peel Region Police would be who you report it to.

  • on 13.12.2019

    Hit with a $23.50 import fee on a pair of swim trunks from the UK I paid 18 euros for... seems legit...

  • on 13.12.2019

    Answered my call immediately, and helped in getting my package delivered next day

  • on 05.12.2019

    My package has been sitting at their facility for a week. The tracking said it was supposed to be delivered 3 days ago, but it still hasn't been out for delivery. They also charged me $100 in duties and fees (mostly fees) for a $300 item. Will be contacting the store to tell them not to deal with this company anymore.

  • on 29.11.2019

    One of the worst companies to deal with, all the process is slow as hell, customer service is a joke all the calls go to voicemail and you have to wait hours for them to get back to you, they charge crazy custom processing fees. One of the worst experiences with a so called delivery service company. I wish I could rate them something even below 1 star.

  • on 22.11.2019

    Beware! This is the address of a Kijiji scammer asking for you to ship electronics/iPhones to them. Report them to police. There is an open case against them.

  • on 22.11.2019

    A Kijiji scammer uses this address to receive parcels. Take a look at the picture. The email is not from interac e transfer but is instead from a gmail account. I suspect someone at this business is doing the scams and have reported them to the authorities. Do not trust this business.

  • on 20.11.2019

    Please never use this company seservices if you wanna save your money and time!
    The company's website states that my package has been delivered to home, " signed for by me". Even though I wasn't at home, how could I sign the order receipt? I did not find any packages shipped by them. Tried to contact the services and found nothing at all, the staffs is so rude.

  • on 18.11.2019

    It takes at least 4 hours to get someone answer customer service call. They charge ridiculous amount fee and custom tax to get your delivery. Never use this garbage company.

  • on 01.11.2019

    Caused me a big problems with customs on my own PERSONAL Items claiming it is a purchase and that I need to provide bill of sale with item details and price! I paid over 600 CAD for this shipment. The items are my own and I was just shipping them from Jordan to Canada. I had to go self-clear it from CBSA. It is really hard to get hold of them over the phone and to understand the procedure. After spending an entire day dealing with the issue over the phone I was able to get the needed paper for self-clearance from CBSA I had to pick the package myself as I was forced into self-clearance.

  • on 26.10.2019

  • on 25.10.2019

    Zero stars for this review. This is absolutely and by far the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. This company should be shut down in Canada. I recently ordered a parcel from the UK, and it was due to be delivered by now. A few days ago, I received an email stating that there were existing duty charges I needed to pay in order to receive my package. The email I received started off with "This email to advise you". Aramex, this so called "international shipping company" cannot even put a sentence together. The email was riddled with errors, and I immediately thought it was a scam. I also received text messages from this company that provided a phone number to call. Upon searching the number, I found out it had been searched over 250 times and was determined to be a scam. I attempted to phone the Aramex number, and was put through to a very rude customer service worker. He did not even say hello and ended up giving me another number to call. I tried calling the new number several times and could not get through to anyone. Because of the ridiculous unproffesionalism of this "company", I refuse to give them financial information and now have to deal with a refund from a company in the UK. This has been an outrageous waste of time and money. Trust me. Save yourself this nightmare - do not ever use this company!!!!!!!

  • on 03.10.2019

    Very disappointed with the service my shipment is delayed for 1 week and no one is answering or picking up the order , no emails not by phone

  • on 25.09.2019

    Would give less than 1 star if possible.

    Took months to get my packages and they ended up putting us down as brokers and expected us to pay the fees.

  • on 05.09.2019

    Ghost land! Good luck reaching them by phone.

  • on 20.08.2019

    Worst courier ever! Please avoid at all cost, better save time now and quickly throw your package into garbage.....

  • on 08.08.2019

    Why the use ( we attempt to deliver it but the address is incorrect) no body called no body came and the address is very clear
    No body answer the phone
    It is shame to thier mangments to notice all of these bad reviews and they do nothing

  • on 15.07.2019

  • on 05.07.2019

    Disgusting service - they send you an email that looks like it was written by a scammer.. it may as well be with hidden charges that are not disclosed when you order products from overseas. Avoid like the plague!! They will hold you to ransom!!!

  • on 19.06.2019

    After a week after receipt of the package they still cannot provide me invoice for customs charges. Called two times, it was promised to email me, but nothing happened.
    Update: I got invoice finally. I changed review from 1 to 3 stars ;)

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