Our platform is here to help you find the ideal logistics partner, whether you are a retailer or shipper. With focus on transparency, user ratings and big data, we make this process easy and fast.
For freight forwarders, we represent a leading marketing platform.

Modern, data-driven field guide

ForwardingCompanies.com database features more than 6000 freight forwarding businesses worldwide. We are working hard to collect as much data as possible – membership, services, customer reviews, geolocation coverage (...). All this data is publicly available through a powerful and easy-to-use online platform. This way, we are enabling smart, data-driven search for your ideal freight forwarding partner.

Here at ForwardingCompanies.com, our focus is on transparency, quality and trust.

Top3Club - The very best local freight forwarders

Through our “Top3Club” initiative, we are identifying the very best local freight forwarders – up to 3 per location. Our goal is to make it easy for clients to get connected with the best freight forwarders nearby, while ensuring that best companies are getting as much new business as possible.
To make this a reality, we rely heavily on customer reviews and our own quality audits.

Membership in the „Top3Club“ requires reliability and high quality standards. As a reward, members are experiencing high market visibility: over 60% of all leads goes to the Top3Club companies.

Ideal platform to grow your freight forwarding business

We are generating between 200 and 450 individual, high-quality leads per day – worldwide. From local forwarding firms to international freight companies, businesses are getting much needed exposure, receiving valuable leads and business opportunities.

Over the years, ForwardingCompanies.com has become recognized as a trustworthy source of information for both retailers and shippers which makes us a leading marketing platform in the industry.

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